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DOWNLOAD Boys of Brayshaw High 107 Ö Girls like you aren't exactly welcomed at a place like this so keep your head down and look the other way Those were the exact words of my social worker when she dropped me in my newest hellhole a place for troubled teens I didn't listen and now I'm on their radar They expect me to play along in their games of hierarchyPlace for troubled teens I didn't listen and now I'm on their radar They expect me to play along in their games of hierarchy to fall in line in the social order they've deemed me fit Too bad for. Slut shaming MFM scenes teenagers speaking like adults students acting like mafiaetc Nope not appealing to me at allAnd when I read in a review about the following scene I LMAO There is a ménage scene that happens with the heroine and 3 guys While they are stuck in an enclosed space in the dark Raven the heroine has a panic attack And the boys including the hero find the most appropriate solution to it One of them gives her an oral while the other plays with her tits and the third one kisses her I had 3 years' therapy for my panic attacks and the solution was that easy Huh I never knewHere are details

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Them I don't follow rules Too bad for me they're determined to make sure I do Inconceivably attractive and treated like kingsthese are the boys of Brayshaw HighAnd I'm the girl who got in their wa. First time reading this authorI honestly went in blind I wanted something edgy yet not overly complicated LOL and I ended up reading a book that made me relish every word on this journey and damn the fact that this is YA makes me wonder have I lowered the expectations bar LOLBUT really I won't get into the plot cause well it's intertwined and complexly intense and I don't wanna spoil anything for those who decide to enter the world of Brayshaw High the important references I will state here are these1 a badass heroine she fights and stand up for herself considering the utterly shitful and dysfunctional family she grew up in Raven Carver who ends up in a place that she needs to endure but this place is run by different set of rules and by a different set of young power I may have a vagina but I'm no pussyAll I want is a life away from anyone who has ever heard my name fucked my mom or read my file 2 the Brayshaw boys Maddoc Captain Royce my my mywhat a fine specimen of complex nature we have here these three could be summed up with this one line alone family is than blood and they stick to that like glue loyal to the core strong united and suddenly this black hairedgrey eyed feisty and strong beautiful creature struts in with a fuck off attitude and the troubles just keep pouring inand not only the trouble they want to settle straight3 It has edgy intense steamy action filled with deep characterisation and these young people are complete witin the course of complexity yet refined layer of realism witin their age and pushing boundaries4 If you loved Tijan's Fallen Crest High series and Penelope Douglas's Corrupt Devil's night #1 you will most definitely enjoy this readSnow out

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Boys of Brayshaw HighGirls like you aren't exactly welcomed at a place like this so keep your head down and look the other way Those were the exact words of my social worker when she dropped me in my newest hellhole a. 15 StarsSo this was me after finishing this bookIn other wordseveryone around me is roaring with applause and I be over here like wuuuut What did I missCause this performance Was a total train wreck And yet pretty much almost everyone I know decorated this thing with gold stars like a General getting ready for a fucking military ball In fact there were so many glaring issues with this book I don't even think I have the time or the energy to get to them all But fear not friends I will endeavor to do my best Issue #1 The Boys of BrayshawDudeSo the premise behind this story is that these idiots guys run the entire school In fact they apparently run the town forsome reason Yeah my brain actually hurt after trying to make sense of their ridiculously convoluted back story It made no sense None at all Something about two families founding the town and then one family wanting to be gangsta yo so they brought in three other families and these current Brayshaw Boys are descendants of those wannabe mafioso families Or something Even if it DID make senseit would still not justify why these supposed teenagers have so much power that even the school principal does what they say Now before we go any further I should say this I am VERY talented at suspending my disbelief for the sake of a good story And the whole high school bully trope is one that I truly love to get behind I love reading about powerful alphas and romantic pushpull And the trap of high school and being under 18 and thus unable to willingly escape said trap is a natural setting for this kind of story to truly flourish My favorite bully trope story of all time is aptly named Bully by Penelope Douglas And while reading Boys of Brayshaw BoB from here on outI couldn't help but think BoB's author was a fan too MADDOC Royce and Captain read like caricatured copies of Jared MADOC and Jaxon even to the point that their roles in the group are the same Maddoc and Jared are the enigmatic spearhead of the group Royce and Maddoc the smooth talking sidekick and Captain and Jaxon the silent third leg with a mysterious side story Except in this book MADDOC I mean really is one of the most wooden characters I've ever come across His sunglasses and trusty black SUV have personality than he did And Madoc and Jaxon Royce and Captain While better in that department than Maddoc the one from THIS story; yes I realize that is VERY obvious confusing they still read like parodies Add to all that the fact that these guys are supposed to be badasseswho really weren't all that badass in my opinion Unless you call always miraculously showing up just in time to glare at someone a super power But really aside from getting into random fights at high school parties groping Raven in the cafeteria and playing basketball on an omg crappy public gasp basketball court they somehow called their territory NOTHING these dudes did was badass on any level Nowspeaking of RavenIssue #2 RavenGod save me from this idiot In a valiant effort to make Raven the top contender in the Not Like Other Girls Games Brandy basically made her a cross between Lara Croft Tomb Raider and Eminem's character in 8 Milebut with an apparently detailed background in adult psychology 101 instead of mad musical wordsmith skills Even though she bashed any other characters when they erroneously got judgmental she of course had crazy ghetto life skills Because trailer park Meaning she could totally sum up the totality of anyone she met within the first few seconds of meeting them But don't you dare call her the daughter of a whore And while the almost threesome scene was hot why do you think I gave this 15 stars instead of 1 star after all it just didn't align with character actions and behavior up to that point namely on the part of Maddocnot that he had much of any characterization at all mind you; but what was present on that front didn't make me think he would so easily go along with his brothers not brothers brothers from another mother practically tag teaming her in a dark room as a group You know to distract her From her fear of the dark And don't even get me started on her supposed side hustle aswait for itan underground match fighter That's not any believable than Angelina Jolie being a leather wearing weapon wielding Indiana Jones And since Raven's appearance is basically based on Angelina Jolie but only wearing jeans hoodies and no makeup you know to make her uglier I just can't even begin to visualize this girl throwing down in between endless tokes on her joint And books don't provide stunt doubles people This brings me to perhaps the most ridiculous issue of allIssue #3 The Lack of ANY Adult Presence WhatsoeverNow I realize the dead parentdrunk parentabsentee parent shtick is a mainstay in the high school novel world I mean after all how else would we reach 90210 Gossip Girl levels of pseudo adulting with any actual adults present When needed I can usually accept this as par for the course But this book Took that shit to a whole other level I think the only adults mentioned in the entirety of this book and we are talking throughout numerous schools days evenings at home planned house parties with last minute secret locations snort a weekend long cabin vacation in the mountains the aforementioned illegal fight scene crap and so many other situations where adult presence would be completely unavoidable were Raven's mother the uintessential white trash prostitute with a cocaine problem who lives in a single wide the principal who doubles as our white cardboard child molester who skulks around school hallway corners the social worker who reads like Raven's older sister with no actual social working skills or knowledge and the last resort juvenile house manager Maybell who is basically an insult to all token black female characters everywhere Truly though it was like this book took place in an alternative universe where teenagers ran the world and adults were like majestic unicorns who were talked about but aren't actually real Issue #4 Repetitive Words Choices and PhrasesIf I had to read the words she popped her eyebrow like a brat or she popped her shoulder one timeI might have popped my kindle across the room And don't even get me started on how much the characters licked their lips I mean Jesus someone gets these kids some chapstick FFS Now yes I realize that^ was petty But we were surpassing Anastasia Steele lip biting levels with all this constant lip licking here people Now there are definitely issues I could list here eg the mysterious absence of any court proceedings preceding all this re homing of underage juveniles or at least a half assed off page reference to anything like that taking place but I just can't be bothered to articulate myself any further I had put off reading this book because I had seen a couple 1 star reviews on it definitely the minority from people I trust but it was just rated so damn high and free via KU that I wanted to see what all the fuss was about And all I can say is I truly have no idea Onward