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Read & download ã Born, Madly (Darkly, Madly Duet Book 2) í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Duet a performance by two But who is acting and who is devolving A buried past is unearthed and Grayson Sullivan—AKA The Angel of Maine—retaliates against the system who made him deploying psychSt the system who made him deploying psychological warfare on the woman who initially set him free Dr London Noble probes deep into the mind of the kill. “You’re mine London We can dance this violent dance until we bleed each other dry or we can surrender Your choice But I will have you” Dark twisted exciting and highly intelligent This is not a romance; this is a highly messed up and grim love story under extremely deadly circumstances Gritty raw ugly and psychologically thrilling; we were riveted This duet is one where your thoughts and morals will be provoked where at times you have to suspend belief and roll with the proverbial punches It’s manic yet so good It’s not for the faint of heart‘I’m tethered so tightly to him I can feel him in my veins He’s poison in my blood I’m drunk on him’London and Grayson were two very complex characters Both haunted by their respective horrific past which has resulted in deadly and significant damage on who they are as people It was so upsetting and disturbing and so bloody tragic London is a renowned criminal psychologist with a fascination into the brain of the seriously depraved looking for answers and in some ways almost trying to find herself‘you feast on their horror stories in the name of psychology You feed off them satiating your own twisted curiosities And then you publish your papers on the poor damned souls that never had a chance You reap glory off the murderers and from the victims themselves’Whilst she’s living and carrying on she’s not truly understanding who she is after a childhood that was every bit as terrifying as her clients are Clients she evaluates diagnoses and testifies for in the court of law The day Grayson Sullivan the notorious vigilante serial killer is brought into her office paths are changed Everything changes Everything‘How much can the mind endure Even when you know the disaster is coming you can’t look away We’re a little sick like that’The Angel of Maine; a man who satisfies his wickedness by killing those who in turn hurt others Some would support him in getting rid of the dregs of society others don’t believe in an eye for an eye It’s a very interesting debate What shapes us into the adults we become How much emotional and traumatic pain can a human being withstand How do we justify our actions and understand why we make them‘Love is pain Real love – the one not spewed in poetry – is agony It tears at your soul strips you bare drives you mad and demands the veracity of our existence Love is madness’We don’t do spoiler reviews so we have purposely not said too much about the story other than you’ll not want to put it down Do heed the trigger warnings though as there’s so many subject matters covered that may upset you Trisha Wolfe’s writing is superb and extremely evocative The words causing a disturbing explosion onto the pages This duet was riveting‘We were not born the day we took our first breath We were born the moment we stole it’Born Darkly #1 US UKBorn Madly Book #2 US UKCome visit and follow us at✲ TotallybookedBlog✲ TB on Facebook✲ TB on Twitter✲ TB on Pinterest

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Er she’s fallen for searching for answers as a copycat killer threatens their unity Are they partners lovers or enemies One final trap will reveal all. Brilliant cunning sophisticated and hauntingly beautifulIf words create magic then Trisha Wolfe is a motherfcking magician a master illusionist that tantalizes with gorgeous prose slays with emotion depth and detail leaving me in awe struck at the power she wields with mere words Not many authors have the capability the talent or the grit to garner such a reaction from me but this woman this sorceress does it every time Her dark matches my dark and her words own my soul Good things don’t emerge from basements and cellars Dark things do Grayson Born Madly and the Darkly Madly Duet is an epic masterpiece that follows the relationship of two souls born of impossible circumstances thrust into a world they can’t possibly survive shouldn’t survive but damn if they don’t try And what a breathtaking twisted experience it is‘We’re a fucked up kind of inevitability Not fated Doomed” GraysonA finality with a standing ovationGrayson I’m so very sad to see this duet come to an end but I am excited to see what other magic this author has up her sleeve

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Born Madly Darkly Madly Duet Book 2Duet a performance by two But who is acting and who is devolving A buried past is unearthed and Grayson Sullivan AKA The Angel of Maine retaliates again. MY REVIEW can also be found on my blog KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS BORN MADLY Is the second book in Trisha Wolfes ‘Darkly Madly Duet’ series it is best to read these in seuence this is not a standalone novel ‘Spoken in dual Perspectives’Finally this stunning captivating much anticipated ending to the Darkly Madly duet is finally here and it does not disappoint us readers one bit A dark gritty disturbing tale of an unconventional twisted love that had me biting my nails in anticipation wondering what the outcome would be for these two lovers This was one of my most highly anticipated books of February and like everyone else I was lining up on that wants wagon stalking updates on when this would be released I knew going into this and what the author threw at us in the previous book in this series that we were in for one crazy assed ride and boy was I not wrongSix weeks have gone by since Grayson's been on the run from the law but they won’t recognise the man he is today brown contacts hide his striking blue eyes his hair is longer than it was and he makes sure he hides his tattoos which could easily identify him whilst he sets up little false leads to keep the FBI on their toes A game of cat and mouse ensues when it is discovered that there is a copycat killer A fast paced storyline that pulls all the punches had me reeling as my mind raced to put the puzzle pieces together We're a shadow of each other fused to one another through pain and pleasure and hedonistic illness that rivals even the greatest serial killer teams We're a duet we belong together One cannot exist without the other This was definitely one crazy assed ride coming off contemporary romances back to back and then jumping on this book took me a while to get used to this author's text book writing style her use of words as we delve into the intricate mind of a physiological serial killer left me completely enthralled the way this authors mind works was brilliant as she weaved us on this complex journey with its unpredictable twists and turns the suspense thinking she’s going one way only to go off in another direction left me entirely breathless Teasers used are off the Authors facebook page