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The Storm Keeper's Island Download Í 107 Ø When Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arran Island it begins to stir beneath his feet Once in a generation Arran Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies The time has come for Fionn's grandfather a secretive and eccentric old man to step down Soon a new KeepWhen Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arran Island it begins to stir beneath his feet Once in a generation Arran Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and k. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review What a wonderful story The Storm Keeper’s Island follows Fionn sent to the island of Arran with his sister Tara when his mother becomes too ill to care for him into the care of his grandfather Fionn’s grandfather is the Storm Keeper of Arran The maker of storms and wielder of elemental magic that protects against the darkness of ancient sorcery With Fionn’s arrival this darkness starts to awaken leading Fionn to face his fears and protect the people he loves the most The characters are so full of life and vigour and really help to propel the story forward by making you care about them Fionn and Tara have a typical sibling relationship full of bickering and fighting that’s only heightened by Tara’s teenage love for Fionn’s island enemy Bartley It’s obvious they love each other however and the sibling bond comes into full effect as the story progresses I would have liked to have seen of Tara She’s uite the enigmatic teenager who spends most of her time either in her room or roaming the island with Bartley and I felt she had a lot of potential that wasn’t fully explored as she comes across as uite a resilient and tough character It was the relationship between Fionn and his grandfather that really stood out for me It’s a relationship full of joy and a love for each other that’s also tinged with sadness and sentimentality as it develops It’s a passing of knowledge and stories about the island and their family from a master to the apprentice told with a sprinkling of magic and mystery Add to this Fionn’s desperate longing to hear stories about his father a man who died a hero before he was born and you get a real sense of love between these characters Fionn’s desire to see his father Cormac is built upon to create a wonderful bittersweet moment that is both subtle and elegantly done to such an extent that it took me by surprise yet was also so obviously meant to happen The writing really is outstanding The secondary characters we meet throughout the story help support and encourage a feeling of community spirit amongst the islanders You get the feeling that everyone of the island has a strong familial connection to the area and will do anything to protect it and their ancient traditions Any outsider would have a hard time integrating into the island life without a host of eyes casting suspicious glances The island itself could also be said to be a character in its own right Descriptions are vivid and really big to mind a feral and wild environment that’s filled with hidden beauty It has a personality all of its own that welcomes and calls to Fionn and his desire to be free from his familial responsibilities The descriptions of the weather also add to this overall atmospheric feel and allow the reader to become deeply involved in the island I was desperate to smell the sea air and feel the gusty wind on my back as I stood at the port with Fionn It’s also so distinctly and passionately Irish and I love that The plot is full of mystery and magic It’s well paced and the world building is well explored and explained properly It’s simple to the point yet also compelling and believable while retaining a uniueness about it The writing carries you through the story as if told by an old friend or relative with a hint of folktale about it You could almost imagine it being told over a fire like tales of the past My only niggle was the ending There’s a certain degree of unfinished business that sets the story up for a follow up however I can forgive this given the wonderful story I’m excited for the next novel and would honestly encourage anyone who loves a story steeped in magic and familial love to read this

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Round someone has been waiting for Fionn As the battle to become the island's next champion rages a sinister magic is waking up intent on rekindling an ancient war. I knew immediately that I'd love this book but Doyle's writing enchanted me and pulled me right into the story and Fionn's mind in a way I didn't expect It's beautifully written and engaging in a voice that feels confident and fresh weaving humour with whimsical magic and the enchanting exploration of a family's emotional pastFionn and his annoying older sister Tara have been sent to stay with their grandfather on Arran Island by their mother in the city It doesn't take Fionn long to realise this place is magical with the plants and tides behaving strangely the island shifting below his feet and that Tara has been hiding things from him about this place Not to mention the hundreds of candles filling his grandfather's house dreams of ravens a hunt for a sea cave and a magical wish and talk of the Storm Keeper As Fionn battles his fear of the sea and learns about the island's mythical history and his grandfather's role in keeping it safe he's pulled into an adventure of his own and the uestion of which of the island children will be the next Storm KeeperRich storytelling seeps into all the corners of this story The setting is vividly described evoking a strong sense of the wild natural beauty of the island as well as its temperament and penchant for magic The writing transports the reader there easily I could feel the wind and the chill of sea spray the thrum of old magic under the ground The plot has good pacing and I loved how Doyle subverts the expectations of traditional adventure stories Instead of joining the other children in exploring the island Fionn's journey is grounded at home in his dynamic relationship with his grandfather and his growing understanding of the island between the layers of its past present and future It's a story about the deep bonds of family and grief and there were moments in this book I had to pause and collect myselfFionn is a wonderful protagonist The story delves effortlessly into his emotions and world view his nervousness of being away from home and meeting his grandfather for the first time his loneliness after being rejected from the other children who go off exploring without him the mixed emotions he has about being in the dark about secrets his grief and guilt about his parents I felt his frustration at Tara like a tangible thing so easy to relate to in such a real way I've read a lot of books that deal with sibling rivalry and strained sibling relationships but the relationship between Tara and Fionn felt so much like the relationship I had with my brother as a child it was astonishing to read Her effortlessly sharp and funny banter between the children and Fionn's grandfather was brilliant I've not read such on pointe sniping in a middle grade book in a long time Doyle writes fantastically fun dialogue There's no caricatures here Doyle can write really complex relationship arcs and emotions with great depth and realism She shows us a family who have suffered and uses magic in a way that allows the characters to interact with the past layering it over the present It's full of rich and vibrant relationships that I'm excited to see continue developing in the next installments I'm curious to find out about Fionn's grandfather and parents in the next books especially his mother who was largely absent in this oneThe magic is beautifully thought through and multi layered with captivating originality in its concept I loved imagining the candles I don't think I've read a book that uses memory magic in uite this way before and it'll be exciting to see what else it can do But the strength of the magic for me was in the conseuences on the plot and characters how there's an element of risk and loss as well as wonder with every use I loved how storms and memories blend and secrets can be hidden within them Overall it's hard to say what I loved most about this book It's a short novel but I was so in love with it I didn't want it to end and savoured every page It's a beautifully written story and I'm dying to see where it goes next and follow Fionn on his next adventure

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The Storm Keeper's IslandEep its magic safe from enemies The time has come for Fionn's grandfather a secretive and eccentric old man to step down Soon a new Keeper will riseBut deep underg. ‘Magic and myth combine to make The Storm Keeper’s Island a novel like no other With a different kind of magic this is a contemporary classic that will move its readers to feel like they’ve discovered and rediscovered their love for reading all over again’ Inspired by Cat’s very own childhood connections to the island of Arran – off the west coast of Ireland – and intertwined with the ripe richness and rurality of Irish mythology The Storm Keeper’s Island is a novel like no otherOriginally I had started to write this review after receiving an advance proof copy of this story back in May before it had been chosen as Waterstones’ Children’s Book of the Month for July It is safe to say that it is no surprise to me that it has proudly earned this accolade because it blows everything out of the water and far away across the seaStarting off in the school holidays Ffion and his sister Tara are sent away across the sea by their mother who later on we find is still riddled with shock after the death of their father to a lonely island to stay with their grandfather From the very first page Fionn becomes the kind of almost hidden hero you can really start to root for as the angsty brotherly sisterly dynamic between him and his sibling starts to seep throughBut the island and his grandfather are not uite what Ffion first expected in fact they too are like no other The island of Arran is a larger than life land surrounded from within by magic ancient folklore and legend An island steeped in a strong sense of history and with a beating heart all of its own Inhaling gasping waking up and with a voice that seemingly speaks to Ffion in his deepest dreams this is an island that breathes and begins to come to life before your very own eyes through Cat’s choice of beautiful and almost lyrical language that lilts and sings itself off the pageAs candles memories including a grandfather living with Alzheimer’s and ancient wars meander and merge Ffion finds himself in the middle of a changing of the guard as the island seeks out to select its next Storm Keeper but than magic mystery and myth stand before himWith a feel of a contemporary classic like a blend of Funke with Millwood Hargrave and Rundell this is an all together different kind of magic and fantasy that’s on offer One that’s very much multi layered; it felt like there were so many stories within stories just waiting to be awoken to be told And it is this that I cannot wait to see progress in Catherine’s future storiesThis is a stunning secretly enchanting story imbued with a strong original and inherent sense of ancestral self from Catherine that makes it shine so brightly and will embrace its readers and move them to feel like they’ve rediscovered their love for reading all over againJust as once in a generation the island of Arran chooses a new Storm Keeper; once in a while a book as special as this comes aroundIf I could mould this book in to its very own candle calling it The Storm Keeper – 1st July 2018 it would continue to burn to be relived and reread For this is a book that I hope never goes out and one that I will be waxing lyrical about for years to come