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review Shadows At Sunset Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ HOUSE OF SHADOWSThe house on Sunset Boulevard has witnessed everything from the infamous murder suicide of a '50s starlet and her lover to the drug fueled commune in the '60s to the anguish of its present owner Jilly Meyer who is struggling to preserve the house and what's left of heT does he want her forSHADOWS AT SUNSETSomehow Jilly has to stop Coltrane from destroying everything she cherishes Including her own vulnerable heart And the only way to do that is to uncover what Coltrane is really up to and that could mean upsetting the explosive secrets of the past. Another hit from Anne Stuart At first when I started this book and I realized that ghosts were going to making an apperince in this story I was kinda put off but they really do add to the story kinda have a story of thier own too and to the mysteryJillian h is the rock that holds her siblings toghether and La Casa de Sombras House of Shadows and infamous the old mansion that has been in their faimily for year It was the site of a murder suicide of fading film star Brenda de Lorillard and her producer Ted Huges in the early 1950's Jillian's brother Dean is always victimized by thier father belittled and made to feel like nothing Jillian herself has known for years that thier father could care less if she lived or not after years of emotional abuse Jillian has learned not to give him any power to hurt her wich just piss dear old dad off even And then theirs Rachel Ann their adopted older sister and the only one that thier father lovesmabey too muchCoultrane H although he's Jackson's the father right hand man head of the leagal department in the family company he has his own agenda and reasons for seeing the old man get his due All he has to do is get to Rachel Ann Jackson's only weakness However after things get going he realizes he can't use her as he intened but that Jilly would do just as nicely even though her father can't stand her He can make this work he only needs to keep focused and not develope some kind of human feelings about using herHe has to have his revenge no matter what or who it hurts

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HOUSE OF SHADOWSThe house on Sunset Boulevard has witnessed everything from the infamous murder suicide of a '50s starlet and her lover to the drug fueled commune in the '60s to the anguish of its present owner Jilly Meyer who is struggling to preserve the house and what's left of her. This book along with Lord of Danger was one of the first romances I bought and read on my own They were so different than the ones of my mom's that I was used to reading—different than her Kathleen E Woodiwiss Jude Devereaux Catherine Coulter and even Nora Roberts The heroes were so much darker and sexier to me and the heroines had flaws other than just being fiercely independent At sixteen I was impressed enough with SHADOWS AT SUNSET that I even told a friend about it I didn't normally talk about books with people because no one else was interestedI always thought this book to be one of Anne Stuart's better offerings I've read uite a few of hers over the years and have been misses than hits Rereading this now I can see that it's not so different from her others She has a few trademarks some of which are unfortunate than others I can deal for example with the gamma heroes who actually turn out to be good once the heroine has shown them the light and the secretly vulnerable heroines One thing that has started to irk me however is the repetitionMy god the repetitionI swear in every single characters' POV thoughts are rehashed events are analyzed and the leads try to convince themselves they don't actually have feelings for the other Every single time over and over again until the book is done It's pure fillerIt's a shame because this book had so many good elements There was a crumbling LA house that had been a commune for hippie suatters there was murder there was old Hollywood glamour There was the thirst for revenge there were figurative skeletons in the closet There was even the potential for incest It should have been so easyBut the repetition is where it all went wrong I don't need to read twenty times how Coltrane shouldn't sleep with Jilly or vice versa how bad Jackson was and how he didn't care about his children how Dean did nothing but sit on a computer and I certainly didn't need to read about bickering but loving ghosts view spoilerAlthough actually the ghosts' story was probably the most compelling out of all of them hide spoiler

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Shadows At SunsetWounded familyMAN OF SHADOWSColtrane is a liar a con man and a threat to everything Jilly holds dear He is also her hated father's right hand man a gorgeous loathsome snake who doesn't care whom he uses to get what he wants And he's made it clear he wants Jilly But the uestion is wha. I have to admit that I mostly rolled my eyes through this one Before I mention what I didn't like I want to be completely fair and state that it is a fast paced read and remained mildly entertaining throughout thus two stars Also I'm not a big fan of the romantic suspense genre although I've been trying to expand my horizons lately and some genres I thought I wouldn't like such as historical romance I've actually really enjoyed lately Unfortunately this was not the romantic suspense novel to change my mind about the genreThe story concerns three siblings who live in a decrepit Hollywood mansion which is haunted by two friendly ghosts all of whom are or less in the shadow of their amoral tycoon father Jackson Meyer Jilly the feisty heroine who has devoted her life to being completely codependent in trying to protect her siblings; Rachel Ann the adopted fragile beauty who is trying to resist the lures of drugs alcohol and casual sex; and Dean the gay computer geek pining uselessly for his father's approval Suffice to say Jackson doesn't care a whit about any of them view spoilerexcept Rachel Ann who he plans on kidnapping for gross incestuous reasons hide spoiler