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Characters ¿ Handmade 102 Ù Amazing Kindle, Handmade Author Gary Rogowski This is the best favorite book isbn 9781610353144 format Paperback and others 183 pagesThis is the best favorite book isbn 9781610. This book is for all artisans The book happens to contain some details of woodworking but it is not at all focused on that Rather it is about the creative process It is about the philosophy and method of approach in artisanship which happens to be articulated through Gray’s experiences with woodworking and hiking Most chapters contain two or three segments that alternate between pondering artisanship and reflecting the same through stories of his hiking tripsAs a woodworking hobbyist I found this book throughly engaging and insightful The examples he gives using fine furniture design were easy for me to understand but I don’t think any background in woodworking is necessary for anyone to enjoy the book In fact if you have a background in mass produced cabinetry prepare to be puzzled if not offendedI do not ascribe to the zen philosophy that Gary sometimes touts but there is a deep contemplation of artisan work that I wholeheartedly agree withThere are a few places where I would be uncomfortable letting my little children read it but any adult should be able to read through easily It is mostly well written and flows well I am a slow reader but I was able to fly through this book There are places I’d say maybe 5 paragraphs in the entire book where it seems the editor did not pay attention and the sentences are very awkward But if you learn anything from this book it is that you need to let those small flaws go

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Amazing Kindle Handmade Author Gary Rogowski. Gary’s wisdom and zen shines through here and I really enjoyed reading what this master has to say on the subject of patience uality and hard work My rating has to do with the uality of the writing This book would easily be 5 stars and valuable to the readerstudent with the aid of a top notch editor and a rerelease

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Handmade353144 format Paperback and others 183 pages. It was hard to understand what point exactly did the writer want to make as the content was all over the place woodworking biography minimalism and hikingrock climbing stories Still I'd listen to him rambling for hours easily The man is a genius If you see this Gary perhaps it is time to start a podcast