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Live and Let Chai (Seaside Café Mystery, #1) summary É PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ The first book in a delightful new beachside cozy mystery seriesTrouble is brewing in Everly's new café Can she bag the culpritLife hasn't been so sweet for Everly Swan over the past couple of years but now that she is bY turn their back on Everly she fights to dig up clues about who could have had it in for the former town councilman With a maddeningly handsome detective discouraging her from uncovering leads and a series of anonymous attacks on Everly and her business it will take everything she's got to keep this mystery from boiling ove. I'm glad the next one comes out soon This one left me hanging Not the mystery that was tied up but the personal part with the hunky detective lol

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The first book in a delightful new beachside cozy mystery seriesTrouble is brewing in Everly's new café Can she bag the culpritLife hasn't been so sweet for Everly Swan over the past couple of years but now that she is back in her seaside hometown and the proud owner of a little iced tea shop and café right on the beach th. Everly Swan is back in the seaside town of Charm North Carolina where she grew up Despite some objections from those on council especially Benedict Paine she opens a sweet tea shop and café in her historic home After suffering heartbreak during her time away from Charm Everly is glad to be back doing what she loves doing That is until one of her opponents ends up dead and she is almost publicly accused of his murder thanks to the words of the new Detective Grady Hays and the evidence of one of Everly’s glass tea jars right next to dead man As Everly struggles to win back the fickle townsfolk of Charm who have turned against her her great aunts Clara and Fran do their best to encourage her Meanwhile Everly is determined to try and find the real murderer Along the way she finds trouble than she bargained forThis is a fun cosy mystery by an author previously unknown to me I’m not often a fan of cosy mysteries but the title of this appealed It is light and entertaining read As well as the plot uncover the murderer there is also another mystery Everly is eually as determined to help her friend Amelia find out who is destroying books by filling her Little Libraries with sand Everly is naïve and impetuous but extremely likeable although her detecting skills leave a bit to be desiredThe first in a new series the ending of this book leaves the reader with the knowledge that there is a lot to come about Detective Hays and his five year old son Denver I’m definitely interested enough to read another in this series For those convinced by the joys of sweet iced teas which I am not there are a couple of recipes at the end of the book to try A fun read to start the new year

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Live and Let Chai Seaside Café Mystery #1Ings are finally starting to look up until a curmudgeonly customer turns up dead on the boardwalk With one of her hallmark glass tea jars lying right next to him and an autopsy that reports poison in his system it doesn't look good for Everly or her brand new businessAs the townspeople of Charm formerly so welcoming and home. Dollycas’s ThoughtsWelcome to Charm Everly Swan has just opened her iced tea shop and café in a historic home on the beach but not everyone is happy about it Benedict Paine is being a royal pain He is using his position as councilman to try to close Everly down When he is found dead on the boardwalk with one of the canning jars she serves her tea in close by she uickly becomes the prime suspect Why would she do that Sabotage her new business over a grumpy old man Unfortunately the town of Charm is no longer charming Thanks to a certain detective Everly has lost all her customers and the formerly charming residents believe she actually killed Paine Everly is teed off and knows the only way to save her business is to find the killer herself no matter how much trouble she gets into with that certain detective But that also puts her in the killer’s crosshairsThis new series is off to a delightful startBree Baker has created realistic and engaging characters Everly has come home to Charm and opened Sand Sun and Tea Her aunts own the Blessed Bee honey shop not far from Everly’s There is a superstition that the woman in the family are cursed when it comes to love Enter one hunky detective who is new in town and seems to set Everly’s heart aflutter that is when he is NOT announcing to everyone she is a murderer or lecturing her NOT to get involved in his case Our amateur sleuth does get in a little over her head and enough to make the real killer nervous I really enjoyed her relationship with her aunts They are an amazing support system They are there to help her in any way she needs and their confidence in her success shines throughThere are a couple of mysteries to solve Of course the murder of the councilman but there was also someone vandalizing the cute little box libraries along the beach It gets me pretty upset when people destroy books Okay back to the main mystery the murder Knowing Everly didn’t do it I zeroed in on two suspects right away There were many clues telling me I was correct in my thinking and it wasn’t long before I narrowed down the suspects to one I love it when I am rightThe setting a beach sand sun iced tea a bookstore little libraries was a wonderful escape I would give almost anything for a beach vacation And this book is a wonderful book to read while lounging on the beach or by the pool Ms Baker’s words will take you there too if you are sitting on your deck with no water around or in your comfy chair inside your house like I wasThis was a very entertaining read My interest has been piued I want to get to know these characters better and am very interested in where the author is going to take them