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What the Night SingsY alone Without her Papa her music or even her true identity she must move past the task of surviving and onto living her life In the displaced persons camp where she is staying Gerta meets Lev a fellow teen survivor who she. Stamper opens her Young Adult novel about survivors of the Holocaust with the liberation of Bergen Belsen Sixteen year old Gerta is skeletal and ill with typhus She has survived the Camp by being a member of the Camp orchestra playing her father’s viola Taught to play by her father the viola allows her to feel close to him—and it gives her comfort However her true love is singing Unfortunately the horrific conditions of her incarceration have damaged her vocal chords—perhaps foreverIronically Gerta was not even aware that she was Jewish when she and her father were picked up by the Germans in Koln Her father had purchased forged identification papers and lived his life in a way to avoid notice by the authorities It didn’t work Eventually he was discovered and ended up in the ovens of the concentration campSo with liberation Gerta is free at last Well actually only sort of free She is living in a guarded British camp She has no family No home No sense of who she is—a musician yes but not a great one Slowly she opens herself up to friendship—particularly with Lev Lev knows exactly who he is—an Orthodox Jew from Poland and a journalist Just as music has sustained Gerta religion has sustained Lev But Gerta knows nothing about Judaism And a relationship beyond mere friendship is just too much too soonThis historical fiction novel helps the reader to understand what happened to teenagers AFTER their rescue It was tough They were orphaned refugees still shunned in their home countries and facing an uncertain future How can one not feel enormous compassion for their situation Highly recommend

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A teen Holocaust survivor must come to terms with who she is and how to rebuild her lifeAfter losing her family and everything she knew in the Nazi concentration camps Gerta is finally liberated only to find herself completel. Eually a love letter to the power of music as well as a Holocaust remembrance Lyrical evocative language is the real strength of this book though the story itself is engaging too though horrific because of what happened to the Jews which it does not shy away from discussing It's almost poignant because the heartbreaking details are reported so matter of factory while the hopes and dreams if there are any left to have are presented so magically that that juxtaposition makes the harsh reality all the clearer For fans of NUMBER THE STARS LETTERS FROM RIFKA and other WWII middle gradetween reads this provides a new perspective telling two Holocaust stories we don't often hear a secular Jew's confusion over both her treatment and afterward her religion and the significance of music Exceedingly powerful with the illustrations acting like a garnish for the writing

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What the Night Sings Download í PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free × A teen Holocaust survivor must come to terms with who she is and how to rebuild her lifeAfter losing her family and everything she knew in the Nazi concentration camps Gerta is finally liberated only to find herself completely alone WiJust might be falling for despite her feelings for someone else With a newfound Jewish identity she never knew she had and a return to the life of music she thought she lost forever Gerta must choose how to build a new future. This is a WWII Jewish survival story that uniuely begins when our heroine Gerta is “freed” from Auschwitz What happens to the survivors of the concentration camps and how they are treated by the allies after the end of the war is fresh information Author Stamper does a remarkable job recreating the struggles health issues and residual bigotry the refugees faced Decisions must be made about where to live who to live with and what to do with a faith that seemingly causes incredible grief and persecution This is a powerful work of historical fiction that adds perspective to current events in the United States Would highly recommend