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Anchored by Death (Jo Oliver #3) Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB à A Dead Body A Cryptic Clue Will Jo Oliver Solve the Riddle In TimePolice Chief Jo Oliver needed a little time to herself But when her escape to Wisconsin turns deadly she teams up with FBI agent Nick Vitarello hoping to catch the Bow Tie KilPlicated present leads them into unchartered territory as they match wits with a psychopath bent on destroying everything they hold dear. I received a copy of this book free from NetGalley JKS Communications in exchange for my honest review All opinions expressed are 100% my ownI really wanted to read this book I really wanted to like this book But after getting a third of the way through the book and still finding that it just didn't capture or keep my interest I knew This book was destined for the abandoned books shelfI don't know if the problem was that I came in on the 3rd book of a series or if the book simply is as dry and boring as I think it is To be honest I reached Chapter 11 and felt that the book was just moving at a snail's pace Usually the books I read are a touch fast paced than this or at least they're interesting enough to keep me going But several chapters alone were dedicated to Josie and her friends having dinner and talking about the case and that for me was just too much time being taken to get things movingI did appreciate the fact that even as a new believer Josie is able to send up heartfelt prayers at pretty much any time she chooses something I myself still struggle to do But other than that I have to say I just wasn't into itThis one gets 2 stars I may try to read it again but it's unlikely

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Cape to Wisconsin turns deadly she teams up with FBI agent Nick Vitarello hoping to catch the Bow Tie Killer Their romantic past and com. This book the first of the series I have read captivated me as soon as I read the prologue The main character Jo Oliver goes through a lot both emotionally and physically There is mystery adventure romance and faith Many of the characters appear to have each others' back When you read the story keep in mind her visiting a store looking for Fritos; my take away was the owner was trying to keep her in a safe placeBased on a five star rating I give it five stars1 Buy from the author in the future Yes2 Did it keep me intrigued Yes3 Story line adventurous mysterious and believable Yes4 Would I recommend to a family memberfriend Yes 5 Did my idea of the book based on the cover remain the same after I read the book Yes The imagery tells you right away there is a mystery involved A dark forest the map and a silhouette of a figure

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Anchored by Death Jo Oliver #3A Dead Body A Cryptic Clue Will Jo Oliver Solve the Riddle In TimePolice Chief Jo Oliver needed a little time to herself But when her es. 35 stars I’m a sucker for police procedurals and suspensethriller novels so I was excited to read Anchored by Death This book is an intriguing blend of the above elements as well as a large dose of both romance Jo Oliver’s spiritual growth Lots of high stake suspense will keep you engaged in the story and the adoption subplot adds an extra layer of heart to the mixJo Oliver is overall a great character and very complex She’s feisty and smart but also has a softer vulnerable side that helps make her human She also has some weaknesses and insecurities especially when it comes to relationships that keep her from being unrealistically perfect and may even make her frustrating to readers sometimes Her fairly new relationship with God plays a large role in Anchored by Death and I appreciated the nudges to pray that Jo received – and listened to – when insecurities or fears or danger loomed She also has men in love with her at the same time than anyone I’ve ever met lol That part got a bit old after a while admittedly I also didn’t sense much chemistry between Jo and Nick – even though we’re told they have a lot and they can’t keep their hands or lips off each other It just seemed flat to me with no emotional depth – even though we’re led to believe that emotions are always high between themThe suspense side of things is the book’s definite strength with readers allowed along for the ride with Jo Nick and the rest of the team Danger at every turn some of it almost unbelievable and intriguing clues left like bread crumbs throughout the story keep you invested in the outcome Serial killer stories are always fascinating because the stakes are so high the clues are so odd and the villains are so twisted – and the author has crafted these elements well in Anchored by DeathUsually when I review a book that’s in the middle of a series I’m able to tell you that it will work just fine as a standalone However with this series – at least with this particular book – that is not the case Anchored by Death references the previous book right from the beginning and it will leave you pretty confused if you haven’t read Shattered by Death yet It will at the same time spoil the events of Shattered by Death for you – something that greatly disappointed me since I’d only read the first book in this series before starting book 3 Having read book 1 did give me a basic understanding of who the characters were – and their dynamics – but I think that people jumping in here on book 3 will just be super confused at first All that to say lol – read these books in orderBottom Line Anchored by Death is a good read in many ways Breath stealing suspense great characters and a heartwarming fosteradoption subplot take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and keep you turning the pages Readers will love the hunt for a twisted serial killer and trying to figure out if or how it connects to Nick or Jo There are a few elements that could benefit from a tighter developmental edit but overall this is a great choice for suspense fansI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower