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Free download The Line Tender 105 ï The Line Tender is the story of Lucy the daughter of a marine biologist and a rescue diver and the summer that changes her life If she ever wants to lift the cloud of grief over her family and community she must complete the research her late mother began She must follow the sharksWherever the sharks led Lucy Everhart’s??meaningful” but no one can tell Lucy what it all meant To survive the fresh wave of grief Lucy must grab the line that connects her depressed father a stubborn fisherman and a curious old widower to her mother’s unfinished research If Lucy can find a way to help this unlikely uartet follow the sharks her mother loved she’ll finally be able to look beyond what she’s lost and toward what’s left to be discovered. Synopsis Lucy loses her marine biologist mom when she's young The summer she's 12 her best friend who happens to be a boy dies Which is pretty predictable And then there's sharks PLENTY OF SPOILERS AHEADThere was a lot that just didn't mesh up in this book for me First off the time period is very hazy At first I thought it was modern day and it's 100 pages in before we realize that it's all taking place in the mid '90s There's this weird this is what a real woman looks like conversation between Lucy and a friend that comes out of nowhere seriously they're just in a comic book store looking at comics and the friend tells Lucy Real women don't look like that Which first off I've always had issue with the REAL women discussion We're all REAL Anyway later on it's shown that this friend has kind of been an older sister figure to Lucy so this conversation makes sense but we don't have that info at the time of the convo at all and it feels very random Then there are callbacks to it throughout the book again even though it didn't seem very important or like the characters were dealing with some deep seated issues there Of course the big crux of the story was obviously going to be Fred dying Saw it coming from page 1 But it was a weird situation and I didn't get how it happened He jumped into the uarry came back up was fine and thengot trapped by a tree How did that happen And I also saw that they were going to end up together if he hadn't died except Lucy didn't So she's spending all this time trying to figure out what's happening and were they going to be than just friends and I'm like um duh girl Everyone knew that was going to happen Pretty dang obvious there Let's get back to the story Which isyou somehow need to find your mom's old study because of closure or something And everyone is treating the study as though it's this huge mystery to be solved whencouldn't you just READ it to figure out what she was proposing And then talk to the local other marine biologists to see if they'd heard of it because um they probably did and huh turns out that they've actually been working with it for years and it truly isn't a mystery and you took half the book to find out what they'd known all alongAnd you're weirdly terrified of sharks even though your mom obviously taught you plenty about how noble and magnificent they are and your mom didn't even die from being eaten by a shark so where'd this fear come fromMy copy was an ARC and maybe some of these concerns will be fixed in the final edition but here goes Some of the writing felt very disjointed like the writing didn't match up with what the author was intending to have happen or describe There's a scene where Lucy's having a conversation with Fred's mom; everything seems perfectly normal and then suddenly Lucy's sobbing Then the writing makes it seem like everything's back to normal And then she's crying Like the words and descriptions on the page didn't convey the entire scene the way it was playing out in the author's head I understand that grief manifests differently from person to person but this wasn't a grief thing It was a writing thing Also another scene she's looking for her dad who hollers that he's down in the basement She goes down into the basement And he's startled to see her there A lot of really bizarre similes it made a noise like a tub of Vaseline falling into the toilet the way strangers hang around useless like when someone has had a seizure in a grocery store The smell was pungent like opening a fridge that contained a rotting animal Very descriptive but these are coming from our 12 year old narrator How many 12 year olds have seen multiple people have seizures in a grocery store Or opened fridges with rotting animals insideIt had a very sweet ending but the whole rest of the book just felt very awkward to me

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The Line Tender is the story of Lucy the daughter of a marine biologist and a rescue diver and the summer that changes her life If she ever wants to lift the cloud of grief over her family and community she must complete the research her late mother began She must follow the sharksWherever the sharks led Lucy Everhart’s marine biologist mother was sure to follow In fact she was on a boat far off the coast of Massachuse. Having been a children's librarian for over 20 years it's very rare for me to say that there's a new book unlike any I've read so far but in this case it's absolutely true Kids are crazy about sharks I'm crazy about sharks So when this galley landed on my desk with it's stunning shark filled cover and even shark illustrations within I was already in But then the story and the characters took over and I couldn't help but fall in love with all of them the heartbreaking Lucy who you just want to wrap up in a hug and tell that everything's going to be okay Fred who has an unuenchable thirst to know everything about the world and how it works Mr Patterson on his porch with his police scanner and doling out words of wisdom at just the right moments and even Sookie the rough edged fisherman who is really just a softie deep down It's a book about loss and how we cope with it as individuals and as a community and how we are each important parts of our own local ecosystems I loved this book and it's very early but it's going on my list for Newbery consideration for 2020 Well done Ms Allen I can't wait to see what you write next Review from galley

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The Line TenderTts preparing to swim with a Great White when she died suddenly Lucy was eight Since then Lucy and her father have done OK thanks in large part to her best friend Fred and a few close friends and neighbors But June of her twelfth summer brings than the end of school and a heat wave to sleepy Rockport On one steamy day the tide brings a Great White and then another tragedy cutting short a friendship everyone insists was ?. Sometimes you read about a book and it is so precisely your kind of book that you know without even reading it you'll love it Such was the case with THE LINE TENDER a debut middle grade coming from Dutton next spring This book combines so many of my favorite things a small seaside town ocean life grizzled fishermen sweet preteen friendships coming of age and griefKate Allen writes in a sparsely lyrical straightforward voice; Lucy's discomfort in her own new feeling body her frustrated attempts to make sense of the things happening in her world are infinitely relatable Although the main events of the story are devastating and horrific Allen manages to keep a light touch infusing the book with wonder and hope alongside the sorrow The story unfolds deliberately—not a breakneck read but also hard to put down in a way that reminded me of a Rebecca Stead novel If you love the kind of heartfelt thoughtful middle grade stories that balance heartbreak and hope keep an eye out for this one next springDo be aware that this is definitely upper middle grade suitable for 10—there's a little bit of language as well as some preteen drinking