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Now from the Matakas and the Matakas are the most pressing concern because the insectoid aliens have the drop on them The Resistance has a big reward out for Araskar and the human children he and Jai are protecting But Araskar has something to offer the mercenary aliens He knows how to. Imagine a heist story where the majority of the action happens on the Celestial station Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy Now instead of a severed head it's an entire giant bug that's being mined for its oxygen reserves while also previously being a prison and now a pit fighting gambling arena Add in some fluid based lifeforms staffing the place and a huge Necro guard Death protecting the boss Near the end there's a hilarious shout out to Do you feel lucky punk which was worth reading the book all on its own Book 2 of 3 so you know the drill regarding plot hanging

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Shadow Sun Seven Starfire #2Get to a huge supply of pure oxygen cells something in short supply in the formerly human Empire and that might be enough to buy their freedom Araskar knows where it is and Jai can take them there With the Matakas as troops they break into Shadow Sun Seven on the edge of the Dark Zone. I received a copy of Shadow Sun Seven from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review Shadow Sun Seven is Spencer Ellsworth’s second book in the Starfire trilogy This series is perfect for anyone looking for a science fiction read with just a little bit of fantasy thrown into the mix; the cover description calls it a space opera and while that term didn’t immediately come to mind I certainly can’t argue with it either Like the last novel I absolutely loved the cover Thank goodness for those bright covers – it caught my attention right away Fans that enjoyed A Red Peace will appreciate the follow up meanwhile those that haven’t read it will probably be at least a little bit lost so please don’t jump right to this oneview spoiler Shadow Sun Seven feels very much like the middle of a trilogy – it starts off with the assumption that we’ve read the first novel seriously don’t skip it and concludes knowing we’ll read the third one to find out what happens next The ending isn’t a cliff hanger in the “I’m going to go crazy if I don’t see what happens next” sense but it still laid the groundwork to keep you coming back Ellsworth spends a lot of time with character development in this novel Like the last one most of the focus is directed towards Jai and Araskar There’s a handful of other characters included as well the children and Z being the predominant ones from the last book but they don’t get as much attention or development Jai has so much on her head right now As if running a resistance against the Resistance wasn’t enough many of her followers think she’s a new saint or deity Talk about pressure It’s understandable that she’s having a lack of faith crisis here She’s never had to have anyone rely on her in any way that actually matters and suddenly there are all these people who are literally willing to die for her That’d be scary for anyone anyone that isn’t a sociopath at least I feel like her lack of immediate belief in her supernatural powers makes her relatable and human I know I know she isn’t actually human but you know what I mean Despite her reservations about herself and her abilities Jai is one of the best people in the group she’s running She’s determined to do what is right even if that makes their job so much difficult that it becomes next to impossible and so far she’s always stepped up to the job when it was needed of her I really enjoyed Araskar’s character arc for this novel As with the last book he’s got a lot of ground to improve upon Last time we saw him as a drug addict trying to make the hard choice between following his leader or doing what is right This time he’s a recovering addict during the roughest part of the transition no less he’s made the choice to do the right thing and yet he’s suffering He’s haunted by his past by his actions and actions of his now ex comrades Despite all this he’s loyal to a fault to Jai – in a way I almost feel like she’s become his replacement drug an easy connection to spot – both induce music in his mind While I’m concerned about what this will ultimately mean for Araskar he’s a walking tragic hero so I can easily see him giving up his life to save her I do appreciate the work that’s gone into his character him to this point I’m anxious to see how the reunion between Araskar and John Starfire goes I feel like it’s a safe assumption that this will happen at some point – after all John is aware the Araskar survived and betrayed him not to mention the whole killing his daughter thing Between the actions Araskar is taking and the bounty by John on his headwell it’s inevitable Likely this will happen at the end of the trilogybut hey you never know Z also got a little bit of character development though it’s hidden well behind all of his bluster and ranting about blood and honor get used to that saying Two major turn of events are thrown at him both causing his honor and his beliefs to be uestions The first is a choice; complete the mission which Jai a woman he considers to be sacred and needs completed or kill the man that slaughtered his people I’ll admit I don’t really envy his position here; morally he’s in the wrong no matter which option he chooses at least in theory After his choice was made and while accepting the conseuences of his actions Z is forced to learn that something has changed specifically something about him This change may or may not make him a pariah of his people removing his honor and taking away his ability to go home It’s no surprise after this double whammy that Z needs to take some time and think I never got the impression that he was a uick thinker to begin withso You’ve probably noticed that I’ve spent time talking about the characters than I have about the actual plot There’s a reason for that This novel while absolutely fantastic is clearly setting up for the third novel where the heavy impacts will occur Part of that setup includes insuring that the characters are at a place where they’ll make sense So it’s only naturally that they’re a major part of this book in many ways so than the plot but don’t worry there actually is a plot for this book I promise I absolutely cannot wait for the third novel to be released It’s so difficult to find a series that fits perfectly into the genre and mood you’re in at that moment but this series has been perfectly for me lately Naturally that’s making me a little bit anxious to get my hands on the next one hide spoiler

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Shadow Sun Seven (Starfire, #2) summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Shadow Sun Seven continues Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire trilogy an action packed space opera in which the oppressed half Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanityJai Araskar and Z are on the run from everyone the Resistance the remnantsShadow Sun Seven continues Spencer Ellsworth's Starfire trilogy an action packed space opera in which the oppressed half Jorian crosses have risen up to supplant humanityJai Araskar and Z are on the run from everyone the Resistance the remnants of the Empire the cyborg Suits and right. Middle book in this space opera trilogy I had the same problems with this book as I did with the first one for large portions of the book there seems to be absolutely no point to any of it it's like you're just turning pages and reading words Nothing seems to move the story forward because there doesn't seem to really be a storyThe last book I rounded up because the last 20% of the book was amazingThis book I'm rounding down because there just isn't enough story to warrant anything else and this is a SHORT bookWe still have our Empire and Resistance and Reckoning you take your pick we have our heroes and villains we have fights and battles But what we really have is a great story outline that didn't really get written all that wellGood enough for a three star rating but just barelyWe'll see if Ellsworth can bring it together in Book 3