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Lacci by Domenico Starnone free read ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ò Ties is the story of a marriage Like many marriages this one has been subject to strain to attrition to the burden of routine Yet it has survived intact Or so things appear The rupture in Vanda and Aldo's marriage lies years in the past but if one looks cloTies is the story of a marriage Like many marriages this one has been subject to strain to attrition to the burden of routine Yet it has survived intact O. Ties by Domenico Starnone is well told and uite engaging story that reads like reversed version of Elena Ferrante’s The days of abandonment When the latter was written from perspective of abandoned wife and is a meticulous description of her anguish and struggles first to save the marriage later just to maintain sanity this novel gives us a picture of deserted wife through lens of her unfaithful husband Ferrante’s novel feels emotional raw and visceral hysterical even Domenico Starnone offers the reader mitigated and restrained version that to me felt less powerful Vanda and Aldo are couple for some decades now She is rather apodictic though devoted and very logic woman Aldo seems to be rather hen pecked husband He’s acuiescent and submissive at home though has his secrects and acts now and then behind her back Many years earlier he abandoned Vanda for younger woman We are told about that through letters of Vanda in which she tries to remind Aldo his responsibilities In case it’s slipped your mind Dear Sir let me remind you I am your wife are the first words we read These letters create first part of the story In the second part we get portrait of Vanda and their children and marriage and his infatuation with Lidia told by Aldo himself And here lies my biggest issue with the novel I didn’t buy entirely Aldo's story nor justifications of his deeds I couldn’t understand his acts sometimes Yes I know in real life people who feeling bored with life and current spouse are pursuing their happiness elswhere Yes I can even understand them Well mostly But not leaving own children And the last short part of the novel gives just their perspective of what happened forty years back and how it coloured their subseuent lifeAll in all rather good read though to tell the true nothing revelatory here It has some good moments the title ties for instance in its literal and metaphorical meaning or story with the name of the cat As a wholeness however it's rather another I don't want to say banal classic story about marital crisis both its causes and effects Husband that feels he got married too young his love affair suffering of the wife and children left on their own weaving between loyalty towards mother and love to father The novel feels interesting outside its literary value Domenico Starnone is married to Anita Raja who was outed some times ago as Elena Ferrante I like to think how Ties correspond with The days of abandonment And I liked that Starnone took one step further and gave us perspective of children Because when marriage fails it's them who pay the biggest price what is so easily overlooked or just dissmised by adults 355

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R so things appear The rupture in Vanda and Aldo's marriage lies years in the past but if one looks closely enough the fissures and fault lines are eviden. My reviews of I giorni dell'abbandono and this book are interconnected The beginning of each are the sameElena Ferrante published her work in 2002 while Domenico Starnone husband of Anita Raja the person behind the Ferrante pen name published his twelve years later in 2014 I read them in the wrong order because I did not know what I have written above Lacci came into my view in the GR feed and I picked it up because I was looking for short works in Italian Ferrante I had been holding off until I felt a bit comfortable with my Italian and chose it over the Neapolitan tetralogy just in case Lacci ought to be read after Days of Abandonment It is almost a reply to the former which again raises uestions about the relationship and identities of a man and a woman and them as a couple This novel was interesting from a literary point of view and may be less appealing for female readers for whom Ferrante's exploration of the psyche of a woman is very alluringStarnone has resorted to a construction that always engages me view spoiler Amongst my favourite books I place An Instance of the Fingerpostand Wandlungen einer Ehe hide spoiler

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Lacci by Domenico StarnoT Their marriage is a cracked vase that may shatter at the slightest touch Or perhaps it has already shattered and nobody is willing to acknowledge the fa. Ties is brief and bracing a portrait of a marriage falling apart after too many years of being held together by the finest threadsIt opens with a series of letters from a woman Vanda to her estranged husband Aldo We know from her phrasing that he is writing back at least sometimes but we don't see his replies so we're left with a one sided chronicle of broken ferocious rage Aldo has left Vanda for a younger woman offering little explanation and even less consideration of the couple's two children Sandro and Anna At the time of her final letter four years after their initial separation Aldo has finally expressed an interest in establishing a relationship with his son and daughterIn the second part of the book we get Aldo's point of view – decades later He and Vanda are now elderly; they also live together as husband and wife so we know the estrangement must have been temporary The two of them have returned from holiday to find their flat ransacked and their possessions strewn about As Aldo tidies up the mess he finds Vanda's letters along with some old photographs and his thoughts are pulled back to memories of their separation his affair his secrets how the years have weighed on both of themFinally we hear from Aldo and Vanda's daughter Anna In adulthood she's as broken and bitter as Vanda was in the first part of the book In fact it becomes apparent that she and Sandro have both been twisted beyond repair by their parents' mutual resentment The only ties that counted for our parents were the ones they've tortured each other with their whole lives A simple story from their childhood – about Aldo teaching Sandro to tie his shoelaces – becomes a shape shifting motif illustrating how the family's memories clash and diverge how they have each painted a different picture of their mutual historyTies is a very different animal from First Execution the first and so far only other Starnone novel to be translated into English Where that book was metafictional and provocative with the author inserting a version of himself into a plot driven by political and philosophical ideas Ties takes a traditional narrative approach and ruminates on themes common in literary fiction romantic and familial relationships the nature of truth and the damage wrought by uietly destructive behaviour It is however similarly elegant and intelligent in tone and style and despite having a different translator it feels as though it has exactly the same voice – recognisably Starnone'sStarnone is married to Anita Raja who was 'outed' as Elena Ferrante in Claudio Gatti's infamous NYRB piece last year Starnone was even suspected of being Ferrante himself at one point A thorough interesting review by Lili Loofbourow in The Week compares Ties to Ferrante's The Days of Abandonment suggesting that the books are in dialogue with each other; that Ties is the counterpoint to Days I can't comment too much on this I started Days a while back but never finished reading it; I haven't read anything else by Ferrante But it's certainly a compelling vantage point from which to analyse the novel though I would disagree with Loofbourow's assertion that the reader is pushed towards sympathising with Aldo and that Vanda's fury is offputting In fact I 'sided' with Vanda throughout the book and found Aldo totally unsympathetic – his inability to understand how abandoning his family might impact his children is so complete it's almost comical It's not that Starnone tries to make his protagonist's awful behaviour palatable that Aldo is deeply fascinating in spite of itI've noticed lots of talk about Ties in book orientated media no doubt due to the Ferrante connection Let's hope this hastens the translation of Starnone's other novels into English because after two five star reads I want to get my hands on every single oneI received an advance review copy of Ties from the publisher Many thanks to Daniela Petracco and Europa Editions UKTinyLetter | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr