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Free download Prelude to a Certain Midnight æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free µ In London under the fog of war a 10 year old Jewish girl is murdered The police have no clues and little interest so crusader Asta Thundesley takes up the challenge sifting through clues and gathering up suspects for a dinner pOf dead ends Fascinating example of life's perils by author Kersh Night and the City who reminds for every winner there can be a ton of losers First published 1947. In A Desolate Corner of LondonGerald Kersh takes a story of a child murder complete with a drawing room expose of the killer and turns it into something far different than a regular crime story In fact what he does is in some ways provide a satire of the genre Don't read this for action packed chase scenes Rather open this up and savor Kersh's descriptions of the most odd eccentric group of neighbors you ever met A keen observer of human nature Kersh has created characters like you wouldn't believe trapped in their own worlds of pain despair grief loneliness and alcoholism

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Sifting through clues and gathering up suspects for a dinner party where nothing is learned Detective Turpin goes by the book and finds himself with a stunning set. Back in 1953 Prelude to a Certain Midnight must have unsettled the regular readers of “Mystery and Crime” Penguins since although there is a murder a detective and a murderer it is not a whodunnit the real mystery being why Asta Thundersley slapped Catchy which is ultimately resolved in a uite unexpected and thought provoking way The novel is mainly set in the London of 1935 or thereabouts and Kersh has fun caricaturing the regulars of the Bar Bacchus One faded beauty has eyes that look like “a couple of cockroaches desperately swimming in two saucers of boiled rhubarb” Another regular an earnest Christian has a project to modernize and dramatize the whole Bible his rendition of Peter’s denial of Christ including “This bastard with the beard was with that God damn Radical agitator” – “Who me Honest to God de dame’s screwy I was not” – “Why you lying son of a bitch you were so” etc Not all humour however There is some uite unsettling even uncanny prose particularly in the description of the derelict house in which the rape and murder of a young Jewish girl – a far nastier crime than one might expect – took placePrelude to a Certain Midnight is not as realistic a slice of London life as – say – Patrick Hamilton’s Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky – Kersh is too fond of caricature for that – and structurally it is a little loose at the seams But it is nonetheless an original and distinctive work from a sadly underrated writer

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Prelude to a Certain MidnightIn London under the fog of war a 10 year old Jewish girl is murdered The police have no clues and little interest so crusader Asta Thundesley takes up the challenge. There's something about you that invites violenceAnother example of brash honest and wickedly smart writing from Kersh It's obvious that the man had a voracious appetite for life and really saw the world and all the types of people cluttering it up for what it was and this is what separates him from many many other and well known authors the bookish retiring types whittling away at novels filled with literary style but devoid of real human substance Which Kersh filled his books with filled them with stinking and ingenious humanity till they were bursting with it And why not he'd probably ask Sit down and have a read of this mate wrap your mind around this it'll sober you up right uick make you forget all those silly little notions you had about brotherly love and do unto others You ought to pack all that thinking in just look where its got youKersh went out and got amongst it And he's seen all types and had his innate appreciation for his fellow man blunted by the cowardly craven gutless masses of criminals and scheisters and all their ilk but his love for life his bold love for life remained just as keen; his wit and powers of observation and description stayed sharp even grew sharper over the years A dead hot proper piece of writing this Kersh must have been damn satisfied to sit back and reflect on writing something like this I can only imagine his sense of satisfaction at having turned this belter in at the publisher's office and strode out of the building like he owned the place This is how you do it