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Seven Days of You Review Ó 2 Ä Sophia has seven days left in Tokyo before she moves back to the States Seven days to say good bye to the electric city her wild best friend and the boy she’s harbored a semi secret crush on for years Seven perfect daysuntil Jamie Foster Collins moves back to Japan and ruins everything Jamie and Sophia have a history ofS she thought were stable begin to explode around her And Jamie is the one who helps her pick up the pieces Sophia is forced to admit she may have misjudged Jamie but can their seven short days of Tokyo adventures end in anything but good bye. About Seven Days of You is a fiction novel written by Cecilia Vinesse It was published on 3717 by Little Brown Books for Young Readers 336 pages The genres are young adult contemporary romance Japan etc This book is intended for ages 15 and up grades high school sopho to college level This novel is the author’s debut My Experience I started reading Seven Days of You on 3517 and finished it on 31917 This book shouldn’t take me that long to read but there are so many books I want to read that the decision to stick one is really tough Anyway this book is an interesting read In this book readers will follow the point of view of Sophia aka Sofa Wachowski a junior at T Cad an English speaking international school in Tokyo Japan She is one of among many classmates at the school where they often relocate to different countries due to their parent’s career Sofa has lived in United States Japan and France but was born in Japan It’s definitely interesting to read about people living in different places“I think you choose where you belong and those places will always be there to remind you of who you are You just have to choose them” 55%Seven Days of You revolves around Sofa having only 7 days left in Japan before having to move back to USA because of her mother’s job She has 3 best friends to have fun with Mika Caroline and David She crushes on David for many years Then Jamie who used to hang out with the group leave Japan to attend boarding school in USA announces his return Sofa has some ugly history with Jamie before he left so she’s not too happy to know that he’s back One of the ugly history was Jamie’s crush on Sofa got jealous witnessing Sofa flirting with David and sent a hurtful text about Sofa meant for Mika but Sofa received it instead Ouch I know But when Jamie comes back he’s less geeky and noticeably attractive In the meantime Sofa also has other issues to deal with besides her overwhelm crushing life she has to come to terms with her long distance father leaving Japan for good and the drama with her friends This book is packed with emotions and drama and figuring out where home is“And now that I’d noticed it I couldn’t un notice it I couldn’t imagine paying attention to anyone else if he was in the room” 64%I enjoy reading this book I like how all the different characters from many different countries come together due to their parent’s job It’s interesting when Sofa couldn’t say she’s Japanese even though she’s born in Japan but how her dad was born in France and her mom was born in Poland but her mom moved to New Jersey when she was a baby so that makes her American and Sofa has relocated to America for a number of years as well This technicality is actually interesting to me I like that the author brings out the experiences of Tokyo in this book I was born in Vietnam and Karaoke is huge there too I have been to Karaoke rooms in Vietnam so reading this part of the book brings back memories for me I like that the author have a mixture of relationships in this book many of it might be broken than happy but it’s what many teens deal with This book might be too much drama and moody for me but I still highly recommend the read because this realistic contemporary is closely resemble to real lifePro Karaoke friendship romance language barriers international school diverse easy to read fa

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Sophia has seven days left in Tokyo before she moves back to the States Seven days to say good bye to the electric city her wild best friend and the boy she’s harbored a semi secret crush on for years Seven perfect daysuntil Jamie Foster Co. For Sophia Tokyo is the place that's come closest to feeling like home She doesn't feel like she belongs when she's in France where her father now lives with his second family or in New Jersey where they're moving back to in just a week She is dreading the move and leaving behind the best friends she's made at the International school One of whom she's had a crush on since forever And as if moving weren't stressful enough her last week in Tokyo is her estranged ex friend Jamie's first week back Years ago Sophia and Jamie had a fight that destroyed their relationship and she's not at all eager for a reunion She just wants to enjoy her last couple of days in Japan with her best friends like old times But things never go how you expect As the countdown on her watch ticks down the minutes and hours until her plane leaves Sophia's world starts to unravel It's Jamie who's there to help her deal with the piecesThis book definitely had shades of Anna and the French Kiss right down to the idea that home is a person not a place although Sophia and Jamie are no Anna and Etienne Sophia can be selfish and short minded and Jamie just didn't do it for me on the whole One thing I really did enjoy was the relationship between Sophia and her older sister and how that evolved through the book I wish were extended to her mother who served mostly as background noise I appreciated that it wasn't instalove between Sophia and Jamie and the fighting among the friend group seemed realistic to me This book doesn't have a HAE ending which I found fitting Overall this is good YA contemporary that will appeal to fans of similar booksI received a copy of this book courtesy of the publisher and Netgalley

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Seven Days of YouLlins moves back to Japan and ruins everything Jamie and Sophia have a history of heartbreak and the last thing Sophia wants is for him to steal her leaving thunder with his stupid arriving thunder Yet as the week counts down the relationship. Full Review on The Candid CoverSeven Days of You is a cute contemporary about moving away I loved the Japanese setting and all the culture in the book I did find the main character to be annoying but I still really enjoyed the book and would recommend itThis book has a really intriguing concept Basically it tells the story of a girl who has seven days left before she leaves Tokyo When an old friend moves to Japan just as she is about to leave their relationship develops at the most inconvenient time I found this idea to be so sweet as Jamie and Sophia try to spend as much time as possible together before Sophia has to go Her departure is so much harder because she is moving to a different continent so there is to lose There is so much drama and fluff in Seven Days of You which created a nice balance and made this book so enjoyableI absolutely adored the Japanese setting in Seven Days of You Japan has always been somewhere I want to visit and I feel like Cecilia Vinesse did a nice job transporting the reader there The descriptions of the attractions and the food seemed so real and made me want to go to Tokyo even I haven’t read too many books set in Japan and I would definitely like to see of themOne of my only issues with this book was the main character Sophia is not the ideal main character as she is selfish and doesn’t treat her friends with very much respect She is also annoyingly clueless and struggles with choosing between the boy who is actually nice to her and the boy who lied to her She does have some redeeming ualities but her immaturity and rudeness sort of overpowers themSeven Days of You is a cute contemporary about a girl with seven days left before she moves away I loved the setting and the concept but the main character didn’t do it for me However the book is remains enjoyable and I would still recommend it