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Heat How to Stop the Planet From Burning Download ò 6 ✓ Heat How to Stop the Planet From Burning marks an important moment in our civilization’s thinking about global warming The uestion is no longer Is climate change actually happening but What do we do about it George Monbiot offers an ambitious and far reaching program t030 In other words our response will have to be immediate and it will have to be decisive In every case he supports his proposals with a rigorous investigation into what works what doesn’t how much it costs and what the problems might be He wages war on bad ideas as energetically as he promotes good ones And he is not afraid to attack anyone friend or foe whose claims are false or whose figures have been fudgedAfter all there is no time to waste As Monbiot has said himself we are the last generation that can make this happen and this is the last possible moment at which we can make i. Monbiot gives out very little sugar with his pronouncements He considers the notion that the only way to reduce carbon emissions by 90% is to live in what is described as a third world country Thinking that modernity is mostly uite nice Monbiot sets out in this book to see if he can design a way to reduce carbon emissions by 90% without reducing uality of life A 90% reduction in emissions If this sounds alarmist Monbiot starts from the position that most government documents twist science to sound less dire because if they adopted the position determined by science rather than the position determined by politics no one would take them seriously Having said that because people are not going to sacrifice the many fossil fuelled comforts of modernity he favors regulation Even here Monbiot is less than enthusiasticBut the thought that worries me most is this As people in the rich countries even the professional classes begin to wake up to what the science is saying climate change denial will look as stupid as Holocaust denial or the insistence that AIDS can be cured with beetroot But our response will be to demand that the government acts while hoping it doesn't We will wish our governments to pretend to act We get the moral satisfaction of saying what we know to be right without the discomfort of doing itThe notion that a majority of people will just become some form vegans vegetarians flexitarians or pescatarians for example is in other words unrealistic But what is the difference between this expectation and placing hope in mass movements or grassroots movements or punching up movements that would lead to the election of leaders who would endorse the sort of massive regulation Monbiot calls for here I note a similar phrasing of this argument from Klein David Roberts and Bill McKibben but if people won't reduce their consumption why should we predict that they'll vote for itBy the way I don't ask this uestion in order to imply market based solutions will save us When it comes to buildings for example Monbiot points to efficient designs that could be adopted but that aren't because there is little market incentive to pay for them But what about efficiency Monbiot cites the Khazzoom Brookes Postulate which if I understand it correctly suggests that as we increase energy efficiency people use energy The money saved is spent elsewhere maybe in consuming energy This was both the first time I'd encountered this theory as well as the first time I've encountered 'postulate' used as a nounFor the most part he reaches his 90% goals except when it comes to aviation In the end Monbiot concludes that people will have to mostly give up long distance travel Given that I travel the world and have been to every continent has become a sort of lifestyle declaration I worry that this will be a tough nut to crack Heat was published in 2007 Much of its commentary on denialism is backed up in Merchants of Doubt 2010 I'd love to see an update on these chapters The Tesla batteries seem unexpected by this writing as does battery development in general Natural gas has increased relative to coal though Naomi Klein notes that its production releases methane so perhaps we're not as far ahead as we might have hoped Methane is being released from the tundra so his worries about positive feedback loops have begun Nevertheless there is a willingness to get into the weeds in this book that I admire and that I'd welcome in of these climate change books

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Heat How to Stop the Planet From Burning marks an important moment in our civilization’s thinking about global warming The uestion is no longer Is climate change actually happening but What do we do about it George Monbiot offers an ambitious and far reaching program to cut our carbon dioxide emissions to the point where the environmental scales start tipping back away from catastrophe Though writing with a spirit of optimism Monbiot does not pretend it will be easy The only way to avoid further devastation he argues is a 90% cut in CO2 emissions in the rich nations of the world by 2. A well written well informed and crucially well sourced book Hardly a point is made without a footnote and this is essential as Monbiot has to convince his reader that everything he is saying is founded in reality To my knowledge he is one of very few who has made the assertion that it is not too late to tackle Climate Change AND demonstrate how it can be done It drives him to an unpalatable conclusion that government has to take control and force change upon society something few politicians have the guts to do There are some shocking revelations here too such as the changing of energy efficiency ratings at the behest of white goods manufacturers which amounts to deceiving the public of all European nations

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Heat How to Stop the Planet From BurningT happen George Monbiot is the best selling author of The Age of Consent and Captive State as well as the investigative travel books Poisoned Arrows Watershed and No Man’s Land In 1995 Nelson Mandela presented him with a United Nations Global 500 Award for outstanding environmental achievement He has held visiting fellowships or professorships at the universities of Oxford environmental policy Bristol philosophy Keele politics and East London environmental science Currently visiting professor of planning at Oxford Brookes University he writes a weekly column for the Guardian newspape. An extremely well written book where Monbiot offers a plan to drastically cut our current carbon footprint by examining our transportation systems cars airplanes boats houses and construction infrastructure energy and distribution of goods In all parts of the book the author offers a fair and balanced review of the current technology on hand and the political and economical structures available Unfortunately many of the solutions Monbiot offers is not currently being implemented likely as he admits they will cause many disruptions in our everyday life that we have come to cherishThis book left me feeling pessimistic about society especially considering that this book is now dated Regarding Monbiot's plan here one thing he did not take into consideration was the displacement of workers in his plans He suggests shutting down airfare travel uite drastically as airlines are highly detrimental to the planet and we currently have no real alternative shutting down superstoreslarge grocery stores and instead having some mix of delivery services and local shops and finding ways to keep cars off the roads many people depend on truck drivingcars for their jobs While I agree that all of these things NEED to happen Monbiot makes no mention of the elephant in the room here The elephant I speak of is capitalism Capitalism in its current form will not allow us to live the type of world Monbiot envisions I think deep down he knows this too In any case this is a fantastic read and you WILL learn something by reading this book It's just a tad bit dated now and unfortunately gave me a very pessimistic look on climate change note I had a pessimistic view going into this read