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REVIEW The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe 107 º Denna volym innehåller samtliga noveller av Edgar Allan Poe från de mest välkända såsom Den svarta katten och Morden på Rue Morgue till de aldrig tidigare översatta och obskyrt experimentella novellerna Tillsammans ger dessa noveller ett panorama över ett egenartatTt panorama över ett egenartat och varierande författarskap Edgar Allan Poe är inte endast den psykologiska skräckstämningens mästare utan dessutom humorist satiriker naturromantiker och en föregångare till både science fiction och d. I'm going for a 35 stars I must be the only person in the known world that hasn't 5 starred Poe I figured I would be a 5 star Either way I'm just going to list the stories and poems I did enjoy Although I can't read my handwriting so now I have to go through the book Well I guess I could just look at the Contents at the front Duh if I can still read my handwriting I don't know why I wrote it on freaking post its Stories1 The Murders In The Rue Morgue2 The Mystery of Marie Roget3 Ligeia4 The Tell Tale Heart5 MS Found in a Bottle6 Berenice7 The Fall of the House of Usher8 The Pit and the Pendulum 9 Morella10 The Oblong Box11 The Premature Burial12 The Imp of the Perverse 13 The Facts of the Case of M Valdemar14 Hop FrogI basically liked all of the Tales of Mystery and Horror as you can see Not all of them though I didn't really like much else but some Poems The Poems1 Annabel Lee2 The City in the Sea 3 The Sleeper 4 Lenore5 The Raven 6 Ulalume7 To Helen8 For Annie9 The Bells 10 The Valley of Unrest 11 Bridal Ballad to12 Evening Star13 The Haunted PalaceUggg those are not in order I had a hard time reading my writing and finding them on the contents pages Who cares if they are in order it's my OCD I'm glad to all of those that love all of his stuff

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Etektivgenrerna De 66 novellerna presenteras i kompletta och reviderade nyöversättningar i kronologisk ordning efter första publiceringstillfället Erik Carluist står för översättningen medan fil dr Maria Löfgren står för efterordet. I really enjoyed these creepy gothic and thrilling short stories Edgar Allan Poe really was original and ahead of his time in writing The storytelling and his ability to paint a picture with words is fantastic These stories are tales of tragedy woe despair and typically do not end well All the stories are creative and enjoyable Some that stood out to me were the'The Masue of the Red Death' were time and death are inevitable for allThe Gothic masterpiece of with a supernatural horror feel 'The Fall of the House of Usher'There are many other short stories including a treasure hunting story along costal South Carolina The Gold Bug detective stories The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Mystery of Marie Roget and a selection of poems including the supernatural classic 'The Raven'Overall I really almost all of these short stories and poems I would definitely recommend this or any other edition of 'The Complete Tales and Poems' Thanks

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The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan PoeDenna volym innehåller samtliga noveller av Edgar Allan Poe från de mest välkända såsom Den svarta katten och Morden på Rue Morgue till de aldrig tidigare översatta och obskyrt experimentella novellerna Tillsammans ger dessa noveller e. I’ve been reading this book for almost three years and it feels so good to finally have finished it I was surprised by what I found in here Poe was slightly different to what I thought He is very much shrouded in shadow and the macabre at least his successful stories and poems were But there were also some very basic stories in here some that felt like they weren’t even written by the same person For every great piece of literature there were two mediocre ones I disliked the crime stories in particular The best ones for me were the ones where the narrator laments a lost love on the cusp of insanity these stories were simply beautiful Here’s my top two the only two I consider to be literary perfection The Raven Shall we descend into madness Shall we be haunted by our own desires Shall we be consumed by that terrible facet of life known only as death Shall we cling to what cannot be reanimated Shall we wish for a return of something that has long been in darkness Shall we become obliterated by the brutal finality of such a statement as “never” Lenore has gone She has departed from this life and is permanently out of the reach of the man The raven represents the solidarity of this Despite how much he longs for the impossible despite how much he hopes for something that could never occur he still has that inclination that the fantastical could happen he has to believe that she could come back And the raven represents the voice of reason the voice of actuality And it kills him It is pain despair melancholy and a spiritual death all rolled into one haunting feathery package He rebels against this voice of rationality He knows the voice speaks the truth but he cannot simply accept it He has lost something vital; he has lost part of himself that will never grace his presence again And he clings to hope a false hope such as it is The raven smashes this to oblivion; it destroys any last semblance of the miraculous occurring It makes the man realise that this is life not some whimsical world where nothing bad ever happens People die People we love die Nothing can change that Lenore will never walk through his chamber door again and the reality drives him into madness It shatters his life ”And the Raven never flitting still is sitting still is sitting On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door; And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming And the lamp light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor; And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor Shall be lifted never” His soul will never lift any; hope shall never be lifted any By the end of the poem he has full realised the reality of the situation The raven the dark bird of harsh truth the harbinger of the words he simply doesn’t want to hear has become demonised It has become the very object he did not want to face; he created a sense of longing to protect himself from the emotional loss of Lenore and this bubble of falsehood has been burst Reality sets in and it is a fate worse than death It is one of persecution and mental chaos as the bird is simply unable to supply the man with all his answers He is driven mad by the unknown The man in the poem has lost “Lenore” But what is this Lenore Is she a woman Is she this man’s lost love Or is she something much much I think on the surface level of the poem she is his dead wife But the archaic references speak of something else Lenore could perhaps be a universal suggestion of a lost sense of self or even humanity We are no longer what we once were It is also rather significant that the man is persecuted only by the natural world Very much in the Romanticism vein man stands aside from nature He has become something different with his modernisation and industrialisation He walks outside his nature And Poe being an anti transcendentalism thinker a dark romantic demonstrates that life isn’t all sunshine and roses and nor could it ever be It is pessimism in full force and although I strongly disagree with the outlook on life and appreciate the idealistic utopia offered in the poetry of Percy Shelley and other Romantics much I do love the dark beauty of this poem The finality of the phrase “never” is nothing short of maddening reality for our lost man It is the end of hope Ligeia If a mind has found the most true and profound bliss what happens when it’s taken away Well the simple answer is it doesn’t work any at least not very well The narrator of this marvellous short story experiences a whole host of emotions and mental states after his loss Firstly he is hit with the expected wave of melancholy fuelled by his understandable grief; secondly he feels the slow calm breeze of acceptance; thirdly and finaly he is savaged by an unrealised state of delusion and fantasy In this Edgar Allan Poe demonstrates his true mastery of writing a character in different states of mental stability Needless to say he’s a remarkable writer In beauty of face no maiden ever eualed her It was the radiance of an opium dream and airy and spirit lifting vision wildly divine than the phantasies which hovered about the slumbering souls of the daughters of Delos Yet her features were not of that regular mould which we have been falsely taught to worship in the classical labors of the heathen”The narrator cannot be blamed for his fragility He has lost his world he has lost his beloved Ligeia She was everything to him and they both knew it Nothing could lessen the blow of her death; nothing could take the pain away of her upcoming demise nothing could save his mind in a world without her They were living in harmony; their souls had achieved happiness and love; they were two lesser beings of one greater soul they were at peace in their own transcendental plane until she died So the narrator’s sense of self awareness and actuality has been destroyed He is left with the tatters of a wonderful experience and his own delusion I recommend looking at the following uote and considering exactly who is speaking and why he would conjure up such an image Perhaps he didn’t fantasise this Maybe this is paranormal I do love the multiplicity of its interpretation This short story is a marvel It appears confusing and contradictory but if you stop and consider who is actually speaking then its true nature is revealed Admittedly on my first read I was a little lost though after a second read I began to see it for what it was This is not as approachable as some of Poe’s other works and it really isn’t an advisable starting point for the author But the short story is wonderful truly wonderful It highlights the working of the mind in a state of sheer depravity; it is disturbing and brilliant PostscriptIt seems to me that the popular stories were the effective ones The only one with little renown that was brilliant was Ligeia I’m glad I read the entire thing but some of the works were entirely forgettable There two though will be works I certainly will be reading again in the future