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All Systems RedE and refers to itself though never out loud as “Murderbot” Scornful of humans all it really wants is to be left alone long enough to figure out who it isBut when a neighboring mission goes dark it's up to the scientists and their Murderbot to get to the truth. “I could have become a mass murderer after I hacked my governor module but then I realized I could access the combined feed of entertainment channels carried on the company satellites It had been well over 35000 hours or so since then with still not much murdering but probably I don't know a little under 3500 hours of movies serials books plays and music consumed As a heartless killing machine I was a terrible failure” These novellas are a story of what it means to be human and a story of the human tendency to create a group that is less than human Featuring a sarcastic and antisocial protagonist an intriguing world and all the morality issues I needed This review will function as a full review for the seriesThis novella seriess dabbles really explicitly with the idea of being human and trying not to be human Murderbot lives in a world where it cannot be considered fully human and as a result it shuts itself off from other humans and tries to avoid group dynamics altogether And as a result I love the character of Murderbot so much and I’m going to rant about this Something I like about this series is that Murderbot is written as a powerful killing machine and actually is Murderbot is really competent at what they do but not in an unrealistic way I feel like a lot of lies I read in fiction are so obviously lies that anyone could guess it but Murderbot just genuinely is talented at making lies sound real and knowing when to drop info and when to stay uiet I love realistic badassery But Murderbot also has this compulsory need to be above human attachment and act as if it does not have feeings It totally doesThe worldbuilding of this series is really fantastic especially as the series goes on I talked about this in my review for book two But this series does definitely have very interesting worldbuilding with a wide scope and heavy lens of environmentalismBlog | Goodreads | Twitter | Youtube

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review All Systems Red 103 ↠ As a heartless killing machine I was a complete failureIn a corporate dominated spacefaring future planetary missions must be approved and supplied by the Company Exploratory teams are accompanied by Company supplied security androids for their own safetyBut in a society where contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder safety isn’t As a heartless killing machine I was a complete failureIn a corporate dominated spacefaring future planetary missions must be approved and supplied by the Company Exploratory teams are accompanied by Company supplied security androids for their own safetyBut in a. 425 I related to Murderbot a bit too muchMurderbot is a half robot half human construct who’s job is to be a security guard to protect some humans while they do their research on a planetThing is Murderbot doesn’t really like humans and would rather watch entertainment videos all dayFun novella I just want moooore

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Society where contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder safety isn’t a primary concernOn a distant planet a team of scientists are conducting surface tests shadowed by their Company supplied ‘droid a self aware SecUnit that has hacked its own governor modul. Feb 2019 reread just for fun And to see if my rating would change now that I've read the full set of MURDERBOT DIARIES novellas spoiler alert it didn't but I did enjoy this reread a little than my initial read All Systems Red won both the Hugo and Nebula awards for best novella not to mention several other awards There are so far three seuels and I loved them all even than this first book truth be told though maybe it just took me a while to really warm up to Murderbot It's definitely a series that's worth reading and this first book is just 399 for the Kindle versionReview posted on Fantasy LiteratureThe narrator of All Systems Red is a once nameless cyborg security unit or SecUnit that has given itself the name Murderbot for reasons disclosed midway through the story Using its own unprecedented and highly unauthorized initiative Murderbot has hacked the governor module software that controls its actions and obligates it to be obedient But instead of going on a killing spree as one might expect given the name it adopted Murderbot elects to spend its spare hours watching countless hours of video entertainment and trying not to interact than is necessary with the group of eight humans that it’s responsible for protecting a survey group of eight scientists called PreservationAux that is exploring the natural resources on an uninhabited planetMurderbot’s self isolation and studied lack of caring starts to break down however when potentially deadly accidents start to occur with suspicious regularity Dr Bharadwaj is almost killed by an alien creature that explodes out of the bottom of one of the many craters along the coast and the group finds that data has been deleted from the warnings and fauna sections of their planetary survey package The autopilot of their “hopper” aircraft cuts out without warning which could have led to a fatal crash And then there are the automated data updates that Murderbot is supposed to be uploading and would have if it hadn’t disabled its governor moduleMatters only get worse when the group decides to visit the only other survey group on the planet Murderbot is painfully shy and vastly reluctant to get too close to the humans and even to share their secrets But it becomes clear that the group won’t survive without Murderbot’s help and active involvement All Systems Red is a breezy fast paced science fiction adventure wrapped in a light mystery There’s not nearly as much murder and mayhem as the title and Murderbot’s name might lead one to believe Instead All Systems Red has something serious to say about the ideas of free will and autonomy and about the difficulties faced by introverts in day to day life Murderbot tells itself that it just doesn’t care about the humans but its excruciating shyness soon becomes clear to the other characters and to the reader Murderbot hides its human face behind helmet with an opaue faceplate and awkwardly withdraws from conversations that become too personal choosing to stand facing the wall insteadMurderbot comments that it has no gender or sex related parts; claiming that only sexbots in brothels have those Understandably it has an asexual personality another uniue aspect to this main character Murderbot fast forwards through all of the sex scenes in the serials it watches finding them boring “I think that even if I did have sex related parts I would find them boring” Murderbot also narrates this novella with a large dose of snarkThey had talked it over and all agreed not to “push me any further than I wanted to go” and they were all so nice and it was just excruciating I was never taking off the helmet again I can’t do even the half assed version of this stupid job if I have to talk to humans At least Mensah and Arada had overruled the ones who wanted to talk to me about it Yes talk to Murderbot about its feelings The idea was so painful that I dropped to 97% efficiencyMurderbot is a uniue well developed character but other than the leader of the survey group Dr Mensah and one other person who is somewhat antagonistic to Murderbot the members of PreservationAux aren’t particularly distinguishable personalities We learn that Overse and Arada are in a lesbian relationship and that Volescu is in a four way marriage back on their home planet but Wells never really attempts to make them or any of the others fully fleshed out characters It’s possible that that is a deliberate approach a feature rather than a flaw meant to evidence Murderbot’s unwillingness to engage with members of the group on a personal level All Systems Red is an enjoyable uick read and a good introduction to the new MURDERBOT DIARIES series It’s a credit to Wells that the last chapter is such a solid conclusion to the story I appreciated how Murderbot’s increased confidence is reflected in its ability to show its human face in public It’s strong enough that it could have been a stand alone novella even though the ending leaves the door wide open for Murderbot’s further adventures The following three novellas are really great and I strongly recommend not stopping with this oneContent note violence and a couple of F bombs