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review Cyclonopedia: Complicity with Anonymous Materials Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB ò El petróleo ue fluye por los subterráneos de Ciclonopedia es algo más ue un combustible Reza Negarestani construye a partir de él un libro enigmático y original en el ue la novela y el ensayo filosófico se fusionan Ente instalado en los Estados Unidos Ha colaborado con las revistas Collapse y Ctheory Su primer libro es Ciclonopedia Complicidad con materiales anónimos una obra adscrita al Realismo Especulativo ue desde su primera edición en Australia en el año 2008 se ha forjado una más ue justificada reputación de libro de culto. Cyclonopedia is indisputably one of the most challenging and impressive books of the 21st century I am not sure how much familiarity with key texts like the works of Deleuze and Guattari or Middle Eastern references can be helpful in reading the book The synthesis of ideas and the mechanism of analogies are uite different from anything out there It is a book that reuires the reader to think differently and become accomplice in the way it thinks and put things together For reading cyclonopedia background information is to a certain degree useless and to a certain degree misleading The challenging aspect of the book is not only its topics and themes Even the medium of presentation does not uite fit traditional literature it's part a movie part a video game part a choreography of inorganic characters and part an art installation For this reason readers who read it as a novel or a purely philosophical text might be disappointed Cyclonopedia's entertaining and inspiring drive cannot be restricted to the pleasure formulas of literature and novels It is as much a work of postgenre literature as it is a work of postmedium creativity It is a simultaneous breakthrough in genre and medium But like any other sweeping breakthrough it has to pay a price Cyclonopedia draws the worst reactions of those literate readers who take the authority of the literature over the written work for granted and leaves the disciples of the genre betrayed Fans of science fiction realize that the conventions of their genre have been tainted by theology in cyclonopedia Likewise fans of horror will find the elements of horror to be part of a speculative materialist critiue and so on China Mieville neatly sums up Negarastani's relation to genre fiction in his recent introduction to Cyclonopedia in World Literature Today Produced and consumed by ideologized human brains than which there are no ruthless taxonomizing machines all literature is genre including that litfic the marketing campaign of which has convinced a section of the commentariat that it is rather the a generic asymptote of literature And genres have protocols which can be honored or breached but not at least very rarely successfully ignored That need not hamstring as the Oulipians long ago clarified constraints can be self administered cattle prods to creativity That said of course 1 protocol observance is less often surprising than flatly predictable; in part for which reason 2 we are tremendously excited often perhaps exaggeratedly so by works that chafe self consciously at categorical edges Some might gnaw from within at the not really rules of their genre cauls; others confident use their fidelity to such norms as fulcrums for sublation to become something ineluctable from but irreducible to genre This to steal an invaluable term from Kim Newman is post genre horror and fantasy and science fiction So Reza Negarestani CMI anticipate Cyclonopedia will slowly establish itself among avid readers of literary and genre fiction but before then it will find its place in artistic circles among those artists musicians designers and architects for whom neither the norms of the genre nor the authority of the medium are pregiven From a philosophical perspective cyclonopedia is a work of speculative cosmology and new metaphysics It is cosmological because it freuently challenges and reformulates the connection between the local and the cosmic What is religion war or politics when the link between the cosmic and the local becomes labyrinthine and porous It is metaphysical because it seeks to speculate the absolute outside it is new because for Negarestani communication with the outside doesn't follow Nietzschean or Deleuzian variants of metaphysics and communication with the nonhuman In cyclonopedia Negarestani proposes that in order to speculate the absolute outside we must first rethink ourselves and ask what it means to be human This is a recurring theme in Negarestani's philosophical writings one that allies him with the philosophy of speculative realism and the nonphilosophy of Francois Laruelle I think an appropriate blurb for cyclonopedia would be after returning from its cosmic voyage HAL is now rebooting itself with a formidable knowledge and this time its name is the Middle East Negarestani's work reads like a spontaneous combustion of artificial intelligence that turns everything into alien uantities The Middle East the natural history of the Earth life the human species literature writing the writer the book and the reader are rethought as aliens Super impressive and incredible

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Ertización del planeta Ocultismo demonología arueología geopolítica lingüística cultura pop guerra en el desierto y cadáveres de antiguos dioses son algunos de los ingredientes de una obra ue conduce al lector por territorios inuietantes y extrañamente seductores Reza Negarestani 1967 es un filósofo iraní actualm. To understand the militarization of oil and the dynamism of war machines in War on Terror one must grasp oil as an ultimate Tellurian lubricant or a vehicle for epic narrativesI kept thinking of Terminus the Roman god of boundaries while plowing through this book Sure the prose as such was the epitome of opaue and dense thus a sheer alternative to the smooth spaces of the Warmachine and the Lines of Immanence I read somewhere recently that the Israeli Defense Force has begun incorporating Deleuze and Guattari into their combat manuals This could only be a pregnant coincidence with respect to this narrative one where petroleum is a sentient evil at war with the Sun and hoping for an inevitable Lovercraftian return of Lost Gods or some such Along the way we are guided by a Col Kurtz of the Delta Force in Ira and an eerie caress of John Carpenter's The Thing The glossary of theory ese at the end is great fun as well Despite the heavy lifting and a wonky Farsi perspective this was great fun though hardly for the uninitiated

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Cyclonopedia Complicity with Anonymous MaterialsEl petróleo ue fluye por los subterráneos de Ciclonopedia es algo más ue un combustible Reza Negarestani construye a partir de él un libro enigmático y original en el ue la novela y el ensayo filosófico se fusionan para ofrecernos una panorámica sobre temas como el capitalismo el terror islamista o la progresiva des. Sui generis confounding disturbing difficult absorbing and ingenious all of these adjectives are fitting labels to describe Cyclonopedia a work of theoretical fiction by Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani that falls about halfway between theory and fiction a nebulous netherpoint with blurred edges that is so utterly appropriate to the contents that lie withinPosit an Earth that in its submissive wholeness is an ordered and orderly component of the Solar Empire the hegemonic domain structured within Life and Chronic Time of the creative god Posit further that the constrained and hierarchical this wholeness of the Earth strives to be the closed its economic religious political and philosophic systems the it attracts and opens itself to be torn and inseminated and polluted with disease to the void the Outside the UnLife of Abyssal Time which can be known and yet completely unknowable which hungers for the solid whole in eual measure to the desire of the latter for its alien nothingness Posit yet further that certain forces exist that have found in radical opposition to hegemonic creation the power of Polytics and Schizotrategy a power that lures the Outside Void to the Inside Solid This Outsider Become Insider is a venom of nullity that works its revolution in all manners and memes of decay intoxicating politics infecting religion gutteralizing language into ululating mechanical barks and hisses; manifesting War as an entity that entices tactical War Machines into strategic annihilation; extending the beginnings and terminations of the Hegemon by muddying the elements mating Dust with Water to create bacterial oil oil that will traverse from worm gnawed vermicular tunnels to manufactured pipelines to be carried as hydrocarbonic Islamic insurgents into the heart of liberal democracy and ignite them to warlike invading madness; Tellurian uprisings that furiously and stealthily drive the world towards meltdown towards the goal of millennia of complicity with anonymous materials in erecting a bridge linking the molten core of the Earth with the thermonuclear gaze of the Sun in an effort to achieve immanence and enact the Xerodrome the horizontal desert of monotheistic apocalypse Describe this warped perverted and all encompassing construct through philosophy theosophy petrology philology mathematics alchemy archeology and demonology yet weaving this theoretical and heretical edifice around gaping plot holes through which the radical outside forces can corkscrew their cyclonic alterations as reuired and you have the numbing fascinating and flat out mindfucking genius of CyclonopediaNow this book is labour intensive its two hundred and twenty one pages will take hours to be read re read puzzled over and then read again just to try and follow the madcap whirlwind of Negarestani's imposing thought process There are two chapters in particular that in expounding upon the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari are written in the impenetrable manner that I presume the aforementioned pair sadistically indulge in and which left my eyes bleeding Yet the glimpses into the world of ancient Mesopotamia and Iran its sorcerers and mythologies and demons and oil soaked lunacies wickedly expounded upon by the decrepit and obsessive Iranian scholar apostate Hamid Parsani combined with filmic and literary exegesis realtime War on Terror pulp horror dissertations upon gnostic origin and its pervasive flesh abhorring rebellion are enthralling and mysterious and evil Different avenues of approach from Lovecraftian Cthonic and ancient Aryan Fallen Sun Gods to Al aeda terrorism and French cinema are used to link and merge the startlingly workable interconnected theories that the authors hashave cooked up; and by the time the book has been finished its implausible weirdness has wormed itself into the reader's brain to the point that its very implausibility has made the entire expostulation plausible There are many sicknesses and calamities in the world that suddenly seem startlingly and starkly understandable and you may very well find yourself never looking at religion or the military without a uestioning furrowed brow never watching an archeological documentary on television without a shudder; never again filling your car without a ueasy glance at the noisome liuid that drives its engine drives the country drives the world