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In the Shadow of the SunTed from South Korea as a baby and the trip raises tough uestions about where she really belongs Then her dad is arrested for spying just as forbidden photographs of North Korean slave labor camps fall into Mia's hands The only way to save Dad get the pictures out of the country Thus Mia and Simon set off on a harro. E ARC from Edlweiss Above the TreelineMia and Simon are traveling in North Korea with their father who works with various entities in that country to provide humanitarian food relief While Mia who was adopted from South Korea is enjoying being in a country where everyone looks like her and so doesn't look AT her Seth is being difficult in the wake of a breakup and bad choices back home When Mia sees her father sneak out of the room late at night she's a little concerned since security is so rigid in the country and when she opens up a gift and finds a cell phone with incriminating pictures of conditions in South Korea she is even worried When they are visiting one site their father is taken away in handcuffs and Mia and Seth make the snap decision that their only option is to run and try to make it to China on their own Not surprisingly this doesn't go smoothly even with Mia's well stocked back pack There are injuries people chasing them and a very difficult road to get to China Once there how will they begin to get their father releasedStrengths Not only was this extremely information about North Korea but it was a great adventure The sibling relationship was also nicely done It reminded me a bit of Senzei's A Ticket to India with just as many perils to be faced The notes from the author about the time she spent in the country with her family and the research that she did to plot the escape were very interesting This was a little on the long side but kept me turning the pages A great companion to Nine Days or Ryan uinn Weaknesses As much as I would like my students to want to know about countries in the world they don't Still I think the action and adventure will sell this What I really think Still bothered by the children's decision to run instead of seeking help still really want to stock up on pain reliever protein bars and thermal blankets and carry them everywhere with me but really liked this one Great cover and great adventure with a nice multicultural aspect

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North Korea is known as the most repressive country on Earth with a dictatorial leader a starving population and harsh punishment for rebellionNot the best place for a family vacationYet that's exactly where Mia Andrews finds herself on a tour with her aid worker father and fractious older brother Simon Mia was adop. In the Shadow of the Sun isn't much than a typical middle grade novel but it's a tightly plotted action thriller with a good main character I almost felt the need to suspend my disbelief about the plotting here But in the end I don't know how necessary that was While the plot has a few conveniences in general it was believable than most middle grade action thrillers Part of the humanity of this story comes from the great main characters Mia is brave and likable and she plays well off her older brother I was really worried this would dive into the “North Korea including its citizens is just crazy” wavelength and end up as a published mess of racism But it didn't go in that direction O'Brien integrates short chapters from many North Korean citizens and doesn't stereotype She also chose to write this from the point of view of a Korean girl which I appreciated It's not a perfect novel It stays solidly in the middle grade genre and never tries to step outside It also suffers from flat side characters But in general I was fairly impressed

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Free download In the Shadow of the Sun è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » North Korea is known as the most repressive country on Earth with a dictatorial leader a starving population and harsh punishment for rebellionNot the best place for a family vacationYet that's exactly where Mia Andrews finds herself on Wing journey to the border without food money or shelter in a land where anyone who sees them might turn them in and getting caught could mean prison or worseAn exciting adventure that offers a rare glimpse into a compelling complicated nation In the Shadow of the Sun is an unforgettable novel of courage and surviva. This story is on the surface the actionadventure survival tale of American teen Simon and his younger adopted Korean American sister Mia as they attempt to escape from North Korea after their dad is captured accused of wrongdoings That in itself is a strong story and the pace is often heart pounding as the two try to determine who to trust and how to make it out alive with information on North Korean Death Camps which aren't supposed to exist; information which could get them killed if they are discovered with it Yet there is so much to this story; not least of which is the depth of nuance in Simon and Mia's relationship the discussions of adoption and family and the way it all serves to leave the reader with a larger understanding and empathy for the North Korean people There's also really good list of resources at the back for further reading on North Korea as well as a really great few pages at the start that can even get you to read or sound out at least Korean textAnything you didn’t like about it The story is as far fetched as any middle grade YA adventure and at some points the angst gets a bit repetitive but the characters are enjoyable and the setting is really well done; particularly with the short chapters from the POV of North Koreans who interact with Simon and Mia along the way To whom would you recommend this book Read alikes if you can think of them The runningsurviving aspects will appeal to fans of living rough dystopian stories Hunger Games Life as We Knew It etc It will also be enjoyed by readers who are drawn to tales of the suffering others can feel at the hands of their country Somewhere There Is Still a SunWho should buy this book Middle Schools High Schools Public Libraries Don't be surprised if this appears on summer reading lists next yearShould we librariansreaders put this on the top of our “to read” piles YESFTC Disclosure The Publisher provided me with a copy of this book to provide an honest review No goody bags sponsorship “material connections” or bribes were exchanged for my review