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O return home to the hive Outside lurks a robber bear and it's up to the little bee to save the day and the hive This brigh. I have a number of book uests that I am attempting to complete in 2020 and one of them is to read as many of the books of one of the best Children's authors around Eric CarleKnown for his Caterpillar with a big appetite this one is a tale of a honey bee and someone trying to steal the honeyTold in his usual simple style and with great illustrations this is a nice gentle read for the youngsterMission Eric Carle 1880

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The Honeybee the RobberT appealing book features paper collage illustrations and six full color spreads with moving pictures pop ups and pull tabs. The Honeybee the Robber is about the adventure of a honeybee as she goes about her busy day When a bear comes looking for honey all the bees scatter to defend their homes Commentsobservations This book is really interactive with its pictures that include pull out tabs The reading level for this book is kindergarten through second grade and the theme include animals bears insects and manners My emotional readers response to this book was that I thought it was put together nicely and I would use it in my classroom library How I would use this book in a classroom There is a page in the book where the bee dances to show where the flowers are and I would use this book to teach that bees actually do dance show direction As a class I would teach students the dance and how it works and then split the class in half and each half will preform the dance and the other half will have to figure out where they are talking about Another activity I could do is to teach students about honeybees and bears Bees collect pollen and so I would use this book to teach about the main characters lives Carle E 1981 The honeybee and the robber Santa Monica CA Intervisual Books

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Download ´ The Honeybee the Robber Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Bzzzz goes the honeybee as it leaves the hive sipping nectar from flowers and frolicking with a butterfly until it's time to return home to the hive Outside lurks a robber bear and it's up to the little bee to saveBzzzz goes the honeybee as it leaves the hive sipping nectar from flowers and frolicking with a butterfly until it's time t. Title The Honeybee and the Robber Author Eric Carle Illustrator Eric Carle Genre Movable Book Themes Animals outdoor nature Opening LineSentence In a hive inside an old hollow tree there lived a honeybee Brief Book Summary The book describes a honeybee fetching nectar and returning back to its nest Along the way the honeybee encounters other animals who attempt to eat it Then once the honeybee returned back to the hive a “robber” appears trying to eat and steal the bees’ honey Finally the honeybee flies out of the hive to sting the bear on its nose Professional RecommendationReview #1 Marilyn Courtot Children’s Literature Eric Carle's collages are a treat In this interactive book kids can pull a tab to make the honeybee’s wings move and help her collect nectar from a bright red flower The also help her evade a bird a hungry fish and a very hungry frog But she does join with her friends to play with a beautiful butterfly who leaps off the page Once back at the hive she directs other to the rich nectar but not before they attack a big brown bear trying to steal honey from the hive The story is solid and the added attraction of moving parts makes this a winner for little onesProfessional RecommendationReview #2 Children's Literature Follow an adventurous honeybee as she goes about her busy day sipping nectar from flowers avoiding hungry birds and playing with butterflies But when a robber bear comes looking for honey all the bees must rush out to defend their home This classic Eric Carle story is brought to life by movable pull tabs that children can use to animate the action as well as a beautiful pop up butterfly Honeybee and the robber is a story about a honeybee who is doing her daily activities which include collecting nectar scurrying away from birds and making friends with butterflies At the end of the day honeybee heads back to her nest But then a bear portrayed as the robber comes to the honeybees nest The bear tries scratching at the bee nest to get honey Very scared from the bear all of the bees fly out of the nest very uickly to protect their home from the robber bear Honeybee and the robber uses the five senses sight hearing touch smell and taste For example the honeybee sees the birds flying and knows to avoid them the honeybees hear the bear approaching the nest the honeybees touch and taste the flowers as they are collecting nectar and the bear can smell the honey which is why it tries getting in the nest I would use this book in my classroom to introduce the concept of the five senses to my students The book could be read once and then read again twice The second time around students could pick out events in the book that go along with the five senses The book provides all sorts of opportunities for the students to see all five senses Response to Two Professional ReviewsAlthough both professional reviews were in favor of the book I did not care for it very much Eric Carle is a classic children’s author and a personal favorite however this book was simply boring I did not like how the bear was considered the robber and it just felt like there was barely a plot or point to the story Evaluation of Literacy Elements As always Eric Carle has incredible illustrations A few of the stanzas have rhyming within them The moving aspects of the book are a great incorporation The book also has children explore their five senses Consideration of Instructional ApplicationI most likely would not use this book in my future classroom However I would use it to show examples of the different senses I would bring in a sample of various items to have children touch feel smell taste and see