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Eliza and Her MonstersHer shell she begins to wonder if a life offline might be worthwhileBut when Eliza’s secret is accidentally shared with the world everything she’s built her story her relationship with Wallace and even her sanity begins to fall apar. I just binge read this in a day No regrets 45 stars As someone who isn't the biggest fan of contemporary THIS is the kind of contemporary for me It's a celebration of fandom and online life It's like Fangirl on steroids It deals with mental health and negativity online beautifully AND one of the fandoms the protagonist was a part of is actually a real serial novel the author puts up on Wattpad and Tumblr So cool This is a love letter to fandom and I ADORED it

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Eliza and Her Monsters Free download ☆ 105 ¼ Her story is a phenomenon Her life is a disasterIn the real world Eliza Mirk is shy weird and friendless Online she’s LadyConstellation the anonymous creator of the wildly popular webcomic Monstrous Sea Eliza can’t imagine enjoying the real world as much as she loves the online one and shHer story is a phenomenon Her life is a disasterIn the real world Eliza Mirk is shy weird and friendless Online she’s LadyConstellation the anonymous creator of the wildly popular webcomic Monstrous Sea Eliza can’t imagine enjoying. I finished a book for the first time in than a month Yay This was such a good read It was so much than I was expecting and just gripped me right from the beginning Loved it

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The real world as much as she loves the online one and she has no desire to tryThen Wallace Warland Monstrous Sea’s biggest fanfiction writer transfers to her school Wallace thinks Eliza is just another fan and as he draws her out of. in a friendly reminder that i've sht on all your faves i posted this review find it here preferably before unfollowing me out of righteous fury is 2020I now understand having read this book what I did not grasp previously that maybe I shouldn’t have expected to like this For one thing I full on hate Francesca Zappia’s other book with everything that I am which in retrospect is seeming like a important factor than it did at the timeI also really really hate my big secret was revealed and now everyone in high school knows and my life is ruined in a very uintessentially high school way plotlines They are so stressfulBut I like contemporaries And I like the Internet And I like illustrations And I like mental illness rep And I like books people like That first and last one are blatantly false but stillI had hope is what I’m sayingThis book crushed every last BIT of thatAs I just ranted about except not actually because it’ll probably take me a million years to post this even after it took me a million years to write it even after it took me a million years to read the book in my review of Everything All at Once I am sick to death of the shtty family tropeBut I didn’t realize just how sick of it I could be just how hard that trope could scrape against the bottom of the entertainment barrel just how low we could get until I read this bookTHIS BOOK HAS PERHAPS THE WORST FAMILY DYNAMIC OF ANY BOOK I’VE EVER READ Because not only is it grueling and dramatic and boring and done it’s also completely nonsensicalEliza has two little brothers who are so flat and annoying they actually go well past the bounds of the very definitions of the words “flat” and “annoying” She does not get along well with said brothers and is in fact uite mean to them despite being many years older and one would suppose incorrectly mature So that’s awesomeBut we don’t get to the very limits of terrible until we talk about Eliza’s parents That statement along with every single statement made in this book may lead you to assume that Eliza’s parents are the problem However every single cell in my entire body vehemently disagrees with that assumptionEliza’s parents are just two people trying their best Their daughter never talks to them and spends her whole life in her room on the Internet and they don’t know what to do about it which is not exactly shocking considering Eliza never talks to them They’re just trying to parentI think this book may have been designed to appeal to the children of technology Here is a girl who has it all in terms of what the online world can offer she has anxiety but she’s unbelievably famous has swarms of online friends creates amazing art gets a boyfriend What goes along with that is the inevitable disapproving parental figure is actually gasp wrong Maybe that’s another reason I was destined not to like this book I firmly believe you can’t be on the internet all the time Not even if your friends are on there not even if your job is on there not even if like a goddamn opportunity to hook up with Zac Efron is on there Which I guess it is technically speaking REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES the real world matters too is what I’m sayingI firmly believe that Eliza should have apologized to her parents She doesn’t talk to them unless she’s spewing vitriol she ignores her family she stays in her room all the time she refuses to even offer an explanation as to why all of this would be okay Once she does sorry once her brothers do for her good ol’ mom and dad are than understandingI gave this book the benefit of the doubt for SO LONG because I thought character development would change the way she treats her family but nOOO HER PARENTS WERE ACTUALLY IN THE WRONG ALL ALONG AND IN TURN SO WAS I MOTHER AND FATHER AND I ARE JUST THREE MORE FOOLS INHABITING THIS WORLD OF FURY AND NONSENSENot even the fun Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland kindIn the abundant free time Eliza doesn’t spend creating an inexplicably famous and successful web comic or ruining the lives of her family members she’s living it up sexual tension wise with a kid named WallaceI support this relationship but only because Eliza and Wallace both suck so eually that they were probably made for each other They treat each other like sht and Wallace is so boring Like seriously Guys This is your MCMEliza stupidly hides the fact that she writes that massively successful web comic from Wallace even though Wallace is a huge fan of it and talks to her about it all the time and revealed his secret online identity to her But whatever of course that is what would happen in a book this trope yHOWEVER Here’s the thing Eliza and Wallace write notes to each other all the time like straight up instead of talking Eliza also handwrites the speech bubbles for her comic which Wallace is obsessed with Like photographic memory level of knowledge obsessed Can Wallace not recognize handwriting There’s a moment when Eliza recognizes Wallace’s after seeing it ONE TIMEThis book is dumb and I hate itGood mental illness rep though If only everything else didn’t suck so hardBottom line This book is designed to speak to its audience and that high as hell average rating tells me it worked BUT NOT FOR ME SORRY FOLKS PRE REVIEWGuysI meancome onLikewhat the ever living hellGodReview to come