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FREE READ ¸ Bad Boy (Valetti Crime Family #5) ´ They thought I would do my jobThey thoug. Bad boyValetti Crime Family #5By Willow WintersWillow really knocks it out of the ballpark with the story of Catherine Anthony story Catherine I guess you can say after Catherine mother pass away she need to sow her wild oats Here walk in the ass Lorenzo from the Cassanos Familia – At 1st he gave her everything she needed or so she though Lorenzo started to became very abusive Catherine decided to leave but all she did is run right into a crime scene Now the she considered “Rat “to the Familia’s since the police put her in witness protection –Catherine thinks she safe She’ll soon find out how wrong she is when Anthony kidnaps herHe gave me a choice “Die or be his”Now my life death is in the hands of a my new captor who happens to be the same man that who now seem to hold something much important “My Heart”AnthonyI live by a code The Valetti code In this Cassanos world I am a Hitman I am feared by everyone –Even my own menCatherine is on his hit list but Anthony has other plans for her So Anthony makes a deal with the Cassanos to buy her they agree He has dark fantasy she going help me bring them to lifeIn the end all that matter is that Catherine Anthony can show each other a side that only they understandARC generously provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewI didn't think it was as dark as some people think but that’s only my opinion But I very much enjoyed every aspect of this book I would Recommended you starting from the Benning1 Dirty Dom Dominic2 His Hostage Vince3 Good Girl Kane4 Bad Girl Tommy 5 Bad Boy Anthony

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Ht I would. 5 dark and kinky starsI have no words Thank you Willow WintersI haven't been in the mood for romance lately its just not a genre I've been reading but wow this book reminds me why I freaking love romanceBad Boy was a little dark a lot kinky and oddly very sweet It just worked and it hit all my buttons definitely one of my favourite mafia romances to date While the comparisons to Comfort Food were obvious I really enjoyed the references as it's another of my all time favouritesThe ending was super super perfect and I want

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Bad Boy Valetti Crime Family #5Do my job. This is smut if I ever read smut before Yummy This is the darkest Valetti book I believe So prepare yourself for the sexiest Dom you will ever meetAnthony is the Valetti hitman Tommy's brotherI feel like I had an Italian accent saying that Ha He makes a living taking out guys in the list But this name on the list is a sexy female and after he looks into said female he decides she is his to keep He has a kinky side and all he wants is a submissive He knows that's not her nature but after all the smut books she reads he knows she secretly wants this So yes he is going to kidnap her but the only torture is going to be for her benefit But the Cassano family didn't pay him to sex her up but to kill her for being a rat Can he keep her aliveCatherine is in witness protection for ratting on the mob Her ex is a POS and yea she found the bad boy she wanted but she did not want to be beat and almost gang raped So she ran and the only place she knew to go was the police And now she had to look over her shoulder everyday Until the day a monster shows up and takes hershe knows the have found her except this monster plays by different rules She knows whatever it takes she will pretend to do until she can make a run for it again I love this story I thought it was going to be too dark for me but no I actually liked it way then I thought I would Anthony had a really jacked up childhood and I think really he just wants control over something And that is what he gets I love the story and how they developed It was realistic not just instant you can't help how your body responds but your mind you can I love the Valetti family you don't mess with the Valetti's and the last couple pages made me smile so big I think Catherine's piece in this whole series being the writer she is is just perfect I think I want to be kidnapped nowAnd Anthony is like a broken child and I think it took Catherine to heal him This author always has a great dialogue between characters and bringing in past characters to make this feel like on big running book But these are also excellent stand alone books This feels like a kick ass tv series maybe that is next I received this book as an ARC from the author and in return gave my honest review