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READ & DOWNLOAD ´ Manon Lescaut à The sweetness of her glance or rather my evil star already in its ascendant and drawing me to my ruin did not allow me to hesitate for a moment So begins the story of Manon Lescaut a tale of passion and betrayal of delinuency and misalliance which moves from early eighteenth century Paris with its theatres assemblieThe sweetness of her glance or rather my evil star already in its ascendant and drawing me to my ruin did not allow me to hesitate for a moment So begins the story of Manon Lescaut a tale of passion and betrayal of delinuency and misalliance which moves from early eighteenth century Paris with. Manon Lescaut is a deceptive novel in multiple waysIt could be easily labeled as a classic picturesue short tale of a doomed love affair between a noble young man Chevalier des Grieux and a beautiful maiden from a lower breed set in the Paris of The Régence a convulsive era where class structures and ancient regime ruled the world Told from the male lover point of view in a fast paced flowing narrative the reader is presented with the irrevocable passion almost obsession des Grieux is consumed with when he first sets his eyes on Manon a fatal moment which will make his inner peace crumble down and bring him to perform all sort of dubious acts even to commit murder to keep his beloved with himDes Grieux constructs his own story in retrospection using a nameless narrator who crosses paths with him almost at the end of his misadventures giving this way a foreboding tone to the story Love has made me too soft too passionate too faithful and perhaps over indulgent of the desires of a most charming woman; and that is the sum of my crimes says des Grieux talking about his beloved Manon the temptress and the one to blame for his forthcoming misdeedsThe fact that we only get to hear Manon’s voice throughout des Grieux’s account leaves the reader completely blind about her character devoid of her motivations or her true feelings Des Grieux describes her as a fickle capricious creature prone to take other lovers in order to live lavishly So Manon appears as a cold calculating character becoming a sort of desirable object to possess an object des Grieux rightfully believes to belong to him But still in the rare passages where Manon can voice her uiescent values we can envisage a strong spirit who keeps defying des Grieux’s views with her struggles to remain her own mistress Couldn’t it be that in challenging him to broaden his conservative views about relationships Manon would also be challenging the imposed gender politics of the time In any case the driven plot of the story takes sweet revenge separating the lovers again and again in myriad forms family legal authority and the gulf between social classes keep preventing them from being together until they receive the ultimate punishment in being exiled to the colonies in New Orleans where against all odds and once set free of the French rotten social pressures the idea of a simple bare existence in a new world impregnates them with a wish to live at peace with rekindled values of virtue and morality flirting even with an improbable happy ending which makes the final twist in the story even brusue and cruel than expectedAs I stated at the beginning of this rambling review this self righteous account this seemingly lineal plot and simple direct style can be misleading My first instinctive reaction to the story was to doubt the veracity of des Grieux’s biased tale for he is a flawed hero and unreliable narrator His constant search for self excuse his vain urge in blaming others for his own acts his theatrical almost parodic explosion of emotive outbursts and his unremorseful confession of using them to take advantage of others made it very difficult to empathize with him But what most struck me when trying to add perspective into the story was the shameful realization that my dislike for des Grieux came from recognition as his futile attempts at trying to hold on to Manon revealed the universal impossibility of a mutual understanding the hopelessness of a complete possession of the otherNo simple tale then but a novel which oozes with the complexity of human relationships and the tragic conseuences of trying to cross the barrier of subjectivity in appealing to raw emotions as one can’t disengage from individual consciousness however much we try What fatal power had dragged me down to crime How came it that love an innocent passion had turned for me into the source of all misery and vice wonders a despairing des GrieuxExalted existential uestions about the tragic conseuences of being in love as being infected by an incurable disease which robs us of our former selves blinding us with passion making it difficult to find our place in a material world where authority and order prevail over emotionsAnd in this sense I’d say that Manon Lescaut is a disruptive novel because in giving free expression to des Grieux’s feelings even if charged with subjectivity Prévost is encouraging us to reach our own truths through language although he also whispers a warning reminding us that our own reached reality might be easily misunderstood by those we love the most and by the world we live in

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Its theatres assemblies and gaming houses via prison and deportation to a tragic denouement in the treeless wastes of Louisiana It is one of the great love stories and also one of the most enigmatic how reliable a witness is Des Grieux Manon's lover whose tale he narrates Is Manon a thief and a. Manon Lescaut is a slut A priestess of the highest order and made to order Its hard to know if she is real or the uber male fantasy wet dream she juxtastruts about so think John Cage 433Its the Chevalier whose lament we witness Not in the ordinary esue tableau Which latter didacts a scene like thisimage error

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Manon LescautWhore the image of love itself or a thoroughly modern woman Prevost is careful to leave the ambiguities unresolved and to lay bare the disorders of passion This new translation includes the vignette and eight illustrations that were approved by Prevost and first published in the edition of 175. Des Grieux is a nobleman who falls in love with the irresistible Manon Lescaut a woman from the lower classes They run away together and during the course of their relationship Manon betrays des Grieux three times He takes her back every time after experiencing some angsty thoughts such as “But in my heart I was so overjoyed at seeing her again that I could scarcely bring myself to say a hard word to her despite all the grounds I had for being angry Yet my heart was bleeding at the cruel outrage she had done me I uickly called all this to mind in an attempt to fan the flames of my indignation and I tried to make my eyes blaze with other fires than those of love”The blurb on the back of the book describes Manon Lescaut as a femme fatale so I was expecting her to be really evil akin to Mildred in Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage Well she really wasn’t as bad as I thought she was just silly and childish as was her lover Chevalier des GrieuxI really enjoyed reading the book although des Grieux uite annoyed me Some may say that it was romantic that he left his inheritance for love but I found him and irritating as the story went on The language was uite poetic and it was obvious that the author had some religious training or knowledge De Grieux was the narrator for the majority of the book and he told his story in a very engaging way Definitely a book I’d read again