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Free read ☆ No Questions Asked: The Secret Life of Women in the Mob à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Carmela Soprano has set the gold standard for our image of the American mob woman a loyal materfamilias devoted to her family and her church not to mention her exuisite Italian cookinTocco to save her own son from a life of crimes she conspired with the Feds to send her mob boss of a husband to jail for two hundred yearsLongrigg profiles this fascinating cast of characters and their sacrifices as well as their own uses and abuses of power Looking at the women born into the Family and those who are inexplicably attracted to it Longrigg portrays their struggles with identity self confidence and conscience Based on her uniue access to those women behind the Mafia Clare Longrigg offers the first unprecedented glimpse into a fiercely private lethally complicated worl. A very interesting look at the lives of women involved with andor married to the mob

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E Mafia patriarchy From New Jersey to Chicago Miami to LA she interviewed the wives mothers daughters and mistresses of made men to find out how they functioned in this deadly underworld Some are irresistible attracted to dangerous menlike Camille Serpico who married her first husband's killer and Lana Zanicchio daughter of the reputed Bonanno family consigliere who calls her terrifying father a real man Others like Brenda Colletti take part in criminal activities alongside their men covering up for them with the police and plotting mob hits And there are those who rebel like Betty. Las mujeres de la mafia Historias de varias mujeres de diferentes familias mafiosas Son los relatos de las entrevistas ue realizó la autora a sus protagonistas Cuanto menos interesante ya ue de normal oslemos conocer la vida de ellos no de ellas

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No Questions Asked The Secret Life of Women in the MobCarmela Soprano has set the gold standard for our image of the American mob woman a loyal materfamilias devoted to her family and her church not to mention her exuisite Italian cooking But beyond the teased out hair and frosted nails she is smart savvy and at times morally conflicted about her role in her husband's world Clare Longrigg gets to the heart of this complex existence in No uestions Asked an investigation of the real women in today's American MafiaLongrigg delved into the hidden depths of America mob society and discovered a subculture of powerful women in the midst of th. Since I dip into non fiction books so very rarely one every few years when I do decide to pick one up it’s probably something that has intrigued me This book is right in my wheelhouse with my deep fascination with the American Mafia and my recent determination to read books by and about women The lives recounted in this book are expertly told detailed when interesting and lean when necessary to keep the story moving The characters are colourful and lively the research has been thorough and is used to great effect the clichés are acknowledged and are presented when true to life We investigate mobsters’ wives daughters and mistresses and how their association with these violent men whether innocent or wilful can elevate and destroy their lives Some daughters take after their fathers growing headstrong and determined but are shut out of the family business due to traditional Italian ideas about the role of women in the family Some women are drawn to powerful and interesting men to sweep them off their feet and out of their humdrum lives Some stick by their Mafia men some seek shelter from the turbulent and dangerous lives they have entered in to All share a single commonality trouble with the law I suppose this is how they are drawn out of their illegitimate hiding holes and into the light for our perusal Whilst all of the cases detailed in this book are interesting three in particular stood out to me The first is corrupt Cicero mayor Betty Loren Maltese who was ushered into politics and into bed with the mob by her late husband but soon blossomed into a power hungry and greedy tyrant The sheer level of corruption detailed in these chapters is staggering and reveals just how much can be tolerated in the sphere of politics The second is of mob enforcer and violent thug John Branco and his devoted wife Caroline She enters into their relationship fully aware of his line of work stays faithful to him while he languors in jail she serves time as well sticks with him while he tries and fails to go legitimate and disappears with him after he turns states evidence She is either completely morally destitute herself or has managed a Herculean task of mental compartmentalisation and false rationalising that must make her head ring with cognitive dissonance Thirdly and lastly the book closes with the tale of Betty Tocco wife to Chicago Heights boss Albert Tocco who feared for her life and the future of her son and testified against him in court the first mob wife to do so She comes off very well it is clear that Longrigg is sympathetic to her and little is said of her knowledge of his crimes before they got married By the end of her story I felt very sympathetic too as she seems to have very bravely faced her husband in court to testify when she had no legal compulsion to do so She forms a strong bond with the chief FBI agent on the case and something of a love story emerges His duties and her vulnerable position forbid it though and she is sadly ushered into the witness protection program never again to see her family or friends It’s a moving story and her resilience and determination to remove her husband from her son’s life is very compellingI picked this up in a storage container in a campsite in Freemantle Perth while I was naughtily fly tipping some junk