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The Star Thief characters Ì eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB î Honorine's life as as maid at the Vidalia mansion is rather dull dusting treasures from faraway places and daydreaming in front of maps of the world But everything changes when she catches two brutish sailors ransacking Lord Vidalia's study and then follows a mysterious giUch to her surprise Honorine is the crux of it all the center of an epic clash between magic and science the old ways and the new But can this spirited young girl bring both sides of a larger than life fight together before they unleash an evil power even older than the stars. The Star Thief is a magical steampunk adventure for middle grade readersHonorine is a maid in the house of Lady Vidalia The household hasn't been the same since Lord Vidalia disappeared mysteriously Honorine's life is a steady stream of dusting cleaning and boring tasks amid her dreams fueled by Lord Vidalia's dusty maps of the world books and strange treasures One night Honorine finds magical black feathers and fiery footprints leading through the house Hearing strange voices coming from Lord Vidalia's study she discovers sailors ransacking the room Suddenly she finds herself whisked out of the house by a girl with wings into the middle of a battle between living constellations and the crew of a floating steamship Honorine discovers she is much than a maid and constellations are than stars in the sky This is such a fun middle grade steampunk adventure The characters are sparkling and the action is out of this world It is just a fun exciting read The plot is creative interesting and well executed The characters are engaging and have depth Honorine finds herself torn between both sides in this epic battle I loved her as a main character because she followed her heart and conscience forming moral decisions based on her own inner compass She did not make decisions based on battle lines but by what was right She is definitely a strong independent female character even though still a child This book is age appropriate for middle grade readers but also enjoyable for adults to read The plot is original and the uick pace keeps the action exciting I voluntarily read an Advance Readers Copy of this book from Little Brown Books via NetGalley The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

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With wings out into the nightSuddenly Honorine is whisked into the middle of a battle between the crew of a spectacular steamship and a band of mythical constellations The stars in the sky have come to life to defend themselves against those who want to harness their powers M. Enjoyable with a few distinct uibblesAfter a few mysterious occurrences around the house where she is a maid Honorine finds herself swept up into a fantasy adventure featuring constellationscreatures of myth come to life and a man who appears bent on capturing them all As far as the fantasy element goes The Star Thief is well crafted the use of constellations felt pretty original and some of the settings particularly the constellations' ship were truly beautiful and imaginative The characters however weren't that compelling to me Honorine is alright and The Mapmaker I think he was called a slightly sinister morally gray constellation guy was interesting Beyond that though no one felt particularly real My MAJOR problem though was how parentageorphan status was used I get that middle grade is littered with orphans that's fine I even know some of why it's the case Honorine is an orphan and the uestion of her parents who you find do still exist so I guess she's not an orphan and reuniting with them is a pretty major thread of the story However Francis her best friend also has a missing father who also proves less missing but this is not a big deal at all To the point that view spoilerwhen Honorine is reunited with Francis her first words to him are NOT Your father is alive and on the ship but a bunch of stuff about herself And when Francis DOES find out for some reason he does not develop a consuming priority to go find his father Nevermind that a that's what I would have done and b that's what Honorine has been doing this whole time hide spoiler

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The Star ThiefHonorine's life as as maid at the Vidalia mansion is rather dull dusting treasures from faraway places and daydreaming in front of maps of the world But everything changes when she catches two brutish sailors ransacking Lord Vidalia's study and then follows a mysterious girl. I picked up this book from a local LFL released by bookcrosser here in CC It was their first releaseGood book Lots to love about it like the fact that the heroine works so hard to make sure a truce is reached and everyone lives there are no 'bad guys' that need to be killed for example Some problems like the fact that constellations aren't a thing and my inner scientist cried BS through the whole book I also had trouble staying engaged I didn't feel the characters It's a long book but it's actually fairly concise as it covers the ground most MG fantasies would cover in a trilogy I could have used humor too not the coarse wise cracking sort of thing in the Percy Jackson stories but something than a series of thrilling adventures interspersed with world building and learning about the complexities of the adult characters' motivations and characters I do recommend it to fans of MG adventure fantasy I just feel that I personally cannot uite say I liked it enough to give it four stars