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Summary æ Sinful Scottish Laird ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB é A young widow puts her sexy suitors to the test in New York Times bestselling author Julia London's scintillating return to the idyllic Scottish HighlandsWidowed and forced to remarry in three years' time or forfeit her son's inheritance Daisy BristolSe for any Sassenach in his glen But Daisy's brazen flirtatious nature and alluring beauty intrigue him When her first love appears unexpectedly at her estate Cailean knows that a passionate woman like Daisy cannot marry this man And to prevent the union Cailean must put his own life at risk to win her hea. Originally posted at SmexyBooks uote “Had she been any other place Daisy might have fanned herself As it was she was on the verge of swooning in that moment of lust and fear she could not think of a single other time she has ever been so completely enthralled by one man”Daisy Bristol Lady Chadwick dutifully married the man her parents choose for her despite her love for another An arranged marriage to a much older man Daisy grew to care deeply for him When he contracts an illness right after the birth of their son that confines him to bed ending all any and all engagements Daisy chooses to stay faithful and by his side Having developed an affectionate relationship with him and assuming he felt the same she was shocked when he tells her that she would have to remarry within three years of his death or their son would forfeit his title and inheritanceEnjoying the attentions of eligible men vying for her affections Daisy soon realizes none of them are attracted to her but her money Besieged by fortune hunters Daisy takes to hiding in her townhouse until she receives a letter from her first love Captain Robert Spivey He declares his love for her has never died and is resigning his commission and coming home to her Unable to remain in London to wait for him Daisy packs up her household and travels to Scotland to her husband’s hunting lodge Auchenard for some peace and uiet until Robert arrives in London and they can meet On the way there a broken wheel forces her party to stop and there she meets a man who sets her heart pounding and her fantasies racing“She closed her eyes and imagined being kidnapped by him carried off on the back of his horse tossed onto a bed in some rustic castle She imagined his hands his rather large hands on her body”Cailean Mackenzie laird of Arrandale is the future Laird of the Clan MacKenzie Fans of this series will note that his parents were the hero and heroine of book one Wild Wicked Scott A serious brooding man he has sworn off marriage after a woman played with his affections only to turn down his proposal of marriage due to his heritage He is not pleased to see a Sassenach entering his glen and living so close to his family his home and his secrets“You should is no’ safe for Sassenach women and children Repair your wheel turn about and head for the sea”Daisy is once again besieged by suitors once news of her fortune gets out; except by the man she wants Cailean goes out of his way to avoid Daisy He and his family have secrets that could spell disaster should the English catch wind of it He has no need for women especially not an English one and But he soon finds himself unwillingly drawn to her seeking her out time and time again much against his willSinful Scottish Laird is the second installment in Julia London’s historical Highland Grooms series but is structured to be comfortably read as a standalone This sensual heartfelt and amusing story brings together a young widow who is determined to live her life on her own terms and a conflicted Scotsman whose former dealings with the English and women has left a bad taste in his mouth Witty dialogue and an and interesting foray through the Scotland countryside and the political intrigues of this era adds to the appeal and conflict of the story making the actions of the characters far believableThough all the characters are charming and well developed Daisy is the strongest and most compelling of the lot She is a contradiction with her vivacious bold and seemingly flighty personality that is at odds with her intelligence strength and sheer willpower She is still reeling from the betrayal of her husband and the discovery that she was nothing than a womb for his child She is angry that her agency has been taken from her by her late husband and is determined to find her happiness while securing her child’s legacy At times she seems a little too modern for this time period but her widowhood grants her much leewayMeeting Cailean and indulging in her attraction to him is at first a way to pass the time As she spends time with Cailean she sees the strength and loyalty that resides within him and falls in love She holds a faint bit of hope that Cailean will be her knight in shining armor giving her the life she wants but she knows deep down that there is only one choice she can make to ensure her son’s future“She was losing him losing herself She was losing everything Her freedom Her garden Her heart Everything was lost”Cailean is uite the curmudgeon at times whose past and future hold tight to him Building his home and planning on taking over the clan when his father steps down is both a blessing and a weight upon his shoulders Daisy annoys him at first with her playfulness and brazen flirting She reminds him of a prior lover and he refuses to play her games As he gets to know her he sees the brilliant witty woman who lights up a room with her smile and laughter He sees a loving mother and a caring friend Delightful scenes brimming with wit and charm only serve to further fuel the burning chemistry that exists between this couple“You bewitch me Daisy” He said gruffly “From the first moment I laid eyes on you you have bewitched me”Though the romance is what certainly will capture readers attention most the relationship that truly commanded a large part of this reader’s heart is between Cailean and Ellis Daisy’s son Cailean takes a young boy who’s scared of his own shadow and begets a friendship that gives this child joy strength and confidence“Rest assured when you come back I’ll be right here just over those trees waiting for you to come round and tell me your adventures”“Do you swear it”“I give you my word as a Highlander and a Mackenzie”Sinful Scottish Laird is an appealing addition to London’s Highland Grooms saga that offers readers an amusing and heartfelt romance swirling with intrigue conflict and reluctant hearts Perfect for all those who love an emotional historical romance that champions the indomitable will of love and familyGrade B

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A young widow puts her sexy suitors to the test in New York Times bestselling author Julia London's scintillating return to the idyllic Scottish HighlandsWidowed and forced to remarry in three years' time or forfeit her son's inheritance Daisy Bristol Lady Chatwick has plenty of suitors vying for her hand. Julia London returns to the Scottish Highlands in the region of Balhaire for Sinful Scottish Laird the second book in her Highland Grooms series Like the previous book Wild Wicked Scot the story takes place during a time of great unrest with the Jacobites who are loyal to the deposed Stuart kings still actively trying to topple the Hanoverian monarchy installed just over three decades earlier Unlike that book however the political background here is much low key even though there is the ever present discontent among the Highland population at their treatment by the English especially when it concerns the ridiculously high taxes that are being levied on the basic goods that are needed to surviveShortages and high taxation rates naturally encourage the growth of “Free Trade” – smuggling – and Cailean Mackenzie oldest son and heir of Laird Arran Mackenzie hero of Wild Wicked Scot and his brother Aulay freuently cross the seas to France in order to bring in cargoes of necessities as well as the finest French wines and brandies that can be sold at a tidy profitWhen he isn’t engaged in piracy Cailean spends most of his time at his estate Arrandale working upon the house he is building for himself there A youthful romance gone wrong has left him shy of emotional involvement and preferring to keep his relations with women informal and short lived At thirty five he has decided that love and marriage isn’t for him; he has grown to like his own company and solitary pursuits and is content to leave it to his brothers Aulay and Rabbie to secure the Mackenzie successionDaisy Bristol the widow of Viscount Chatwick has travelled to the Highlands to hide out at the hunting lodge of Auchenard which is part of her late husband’s estate and now belongs to her nine year old son Ellis In his will the late viscount stipulated that Daisy must marry within three years of his death or her son’s inheritance will be forfeit – meaning Ellis will inherit the estate but not the money to support it Naturally Daisy is furious; her husband actually told her to her face that he believed she would mismanage their son’s finances which is why he added that claue to his will AND instructed Bishop Craig to help find Daisy a suitable second husband Not wishing to subject herself to the control of another man – at least not straight away – Daisy has put off marrying again for the past two years but now realises the error of her ways as her time is running out But then out of the blue news reaches her that she thinks will solve her problems Before her parents made the match with Chatwick Daisy had fallen in love with a young naval officer Robert Spivey but because he was not of her rank was not allowed to marry him and he went away to sea But now he has returned and Daisy hopes that perhaps they can rekindle their romance with a happier outcome this time But the bishop is eager to arrange a betrothal for her and because her situation is widely known and there is no shortage of men eager to marry her money Daisy decides it will be safer for her to get away from London and all those fortune hunting potential suitors in order to await Rob’s returnShe her son and their entourage are not far from their destination when their carriage wheel breaks and they are stuck in the middle of nowhere A group of riders approaches and offers help but the English party is suspicious and believes they are about to be set upon – all except Daisy who keeps a clear head and engages the leader of the men in conversation Inside however she’s anything but calm The big handsome Scotsman with the piercing blue eyes stirs her blood and steals her breath and it’s all she can do to politely send him on his way But she can’t stop thinking about him and the strength of her reaction; she’s been a widow for two years and even when her husband was in good health she’s never experienced such intense desireOver the next days and weeks Daisy and Cailean encounter each other freuently and while he is initially grumpy and downright hostile towards her he gradually begins to admire her spirit and to enjoy spending time with Ellis a uiet but friendly boy who Cailean realises has had no proper male role model in his life I liked that it’s Daisy who makes no secret of her admiration of Caliean and her attraction to him while he’s adamant that he isn’t interested in her flirtation and doesn’t want to be “trifled with” – although as he comes to know her he certainly does flirt back a little and shows that beneath his guarded exterior is a man possessed of considerable warmth charm and humourOf course Cailean eventually discovers that Daisy has laid waste to all the barriers he’d erected around his heart but there is separating them than the fact that he’s a Scot and she’s English It’s true that the English are not looked upon kindly by the Scots – and vice versa – but there’s also the fact that with Ellis holding an English title he needs to be educated and brought up in England so that he can make the connections he will need later in life And complicating things still further there’s the unexpected appearance in Scotland of Robert Spivey formerly Captain Spivey of the Royal Navy – and the man who has been trying to apprehend Cailean and Aulay for than a yearI confess that I’m not the greatest fan of books with the words Highland or Scot in the title as many of those I’ve read seem to have recycled the same plots and characters but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by this series so far Sinful Scottish Laird is an extremely readable character driven romance in which the relationship between Cailean and Daisy remains front and centre throughout The obstacles they have to face are very real and although they are perhaps overcome a little too conveniently by the end the journey on which the author takes us in order to get there is well put together and contains moments of poignancy and heartbreak There is a well drawn secondary cast and the background of hardship and political instability against which the tale is set permeates the story without being intrusive or detracting from the main storyline The romance is lovely the central characters are likeable and the writing is infused with warmth and humour making this a book I’d certainly recommend to others

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Sinful Scottish LairdAnd her fortune But a letter from a long lost love sends Daisy and her young son to her Scottish Highland estate to buy time for his return Along the way she encounters the powerful Cailean Mackenzie laird of Arrandale and a notorious smuggler and she is utterly though unwillingly bewitchedCailean has no u. I must say that I did enjoy this book very much I am not one for steamy romance books however this was tastefully done Julia London does know how to weave a tale Filled with sexual tension this book is also filled with love Lady Chatwick Daisy has lost her husband and has only 3 years to find a husband or lose her sons' inheritance Her departed husband has demanded this She travels from London to Scotland to their hunting lodge and it is here that she meets Cailean a Scottish Laird This is full of Lords and Ladies not my typical read but it is a good read The characters are richly developed and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them all I especially liked Daisy She was no fool and wants to find true love not be controlled by a man She is free spirited and I loved that about her Cailean is rough and tough but with a heart of gold This is truly a love story That is why I liked it so much It kept my interest throughout and has wonderful flow from beginning to end I was a little uncomfortable with some of the love scenes but it really didn't bother me enough to stop readingI actually found it hard to put down I look forward to reading from this author This is a sexy historical fiction so if that is what you like then you will love this I did