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Charlotte's magical adventures continue in Weaver's Lament the seuel to Emma Newman's Brother's RuinCharlotte is learning to control her emerging. 355I received an advanced copy of Weaver's Lament via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank Emma Newman and Tor for the opportunity Following on from Brother's Ruin Ben is now in Manchester fulfilling his studies and duties for the Royal Society of magic He is now an apprentice Mage and the lifestyle is treating him well There's an issue though He's running one of the mills where peculiar and unexplainable events have been happening He seeks the aid of his sister Charlotte a Mage herself but currently under the radar of the establishment What should have been a nice holiday to Manchester doesn't uite transpire that way as Charlotte goes undercover in the mill to find out what on Earth is going onI read this book in a single afternoon Occasionally a uality shortish tale is what I reuire in my bookish diet so this was perfect at approximately 160 pages Newman fits a uality story interesting characters and magical complications within those limited pages I'd say the world seems almost like a Dickensian alternative history with certain characters hidingflaunting magical powers 3 of the main characters return from the first book and a large number of new additions are introduced at the mill I cared about a lot of the newly introduced individuals living in the sualor of their working environment The story is written in the first person perspective and Charlotte is a very cool character I'm unaware of how many stories Newman proposes to write in this series but she'll definitely always have a reader in me It's difficult to say too much about this book without giving away the action surprises or revelations I slightly preferred the first book but both have an interesting and intriguing mystery element The Industrial Magic series is a treat to read The world is gothic yet poetic The characters are engaging The story is weaved admirably Perhaps my rating is too harsh either way this book's pretty awesome

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Weavers Lament Industrial Magic #2Magical prowess under the secret tutelage of Magus Hopkins Her first covert mission takes her to a textile mill where the disgruntled workers are. Charlotte embarks on a secret mission to help her brother work out what is going on at the textile mill where he works for the villainous LedbetterI really enjoyed the first one in this series but I don't feel that this one adds anything to the story In a lot of ways it's just a retread of the previous book with only one real revelation about magic users and the Royal Society that could easily have been part of the first bookCharlie continues to be used by her brother and under threat that he will expose her as a magician against her will out of concern for her not maliciously It makes it hard to like him and other revelations in this book don't help either It's also unclear why Charlie is so devoted to getting married to George and Hopkins is coming across as uite manipulative by this book

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FREE DOWNLOAD Weavers Lament (Industrial Magic, #2) 107 º Charlotte's magical adventures continue in Weaver's Lament the seuel to Emma Newman's Brother's RuinCharlotte is learning to control her emerging magical prowess under the secret tutelage of Magus Hopkins Her first covert mission takes her to a textile mill where the disgruntledApparently in revoltBut it isn’t the workers causing the trouble The real culprits are far extranormal in natureAnd they have a grudge to settle. Weaver's Lament is a pleasant enough distraction but it fails to deliver anything of real substance I'm not enjoying the serialised nature of the series as each instalment is too short to go into any real depth and ends up feeling a little unsatisfying as soon as I got to the endI think my real problem is that everything feels either a little too on the nose or poorly thought out The characters have no depth and the world doesn't make sense I like the Steampunk fantasy aesthetic of the alternate history that Weaver's Lament tries to convey but the very nature of magic in the world fails to work for me Magic serves no purpose other than to power machinery That's not enough for me to believe in the inherent importance of it since there are still mechanics at work that don't reuire magic There is no development of how and why magic works what The Royal Society is or how Charlotte the protagonist is learning to deal with her latent magical abilities With how short the novellas are there's simply not enough information provided for me to become involved in the characters or the storyOne of the most significant issues I'm having is that the characters are mostly non characters Charlotte is a typical 'Mary Sue' type her fiance George is essentially absent Magus Hopkins exists just to be handsome and to create a meaningless love triangle and Charlotte's brother Ben has no real personality or depth The antagonist Ledbetter was developed a little in the first book but in Weaver's Lament is again largely absent Charlotte goes undercover as a mill worker meets some new characters feels sorry for them and moves on after literally two days with no real personal development except to think 'maybe I'm a socialist now' There was simply nothing to invest me in the plot characters or world of the series Weaver's Lament is short so can be read in a single sitting so it's a fun distraction But I just wanted from it I said this about the first book as well The series has potential but the books need to be longer self enclosed and with a lot character development and world building