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Free download ¹ Cold Counsel ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ In Chris Sharp's new epic fantasy Cold Counsel Slud of the Blood Claw Clan Bringer of Troubles was born at the heart of the worst storm the mountain had ever seen Slud’s father chief of the clan was changed by his son’s presence For the firstEnocide They eradicated the entire troll species save twoAunt Agnes an old witch from the Iron Wood carried Slud away before the elves could find them Their existence remained hidden for decades and in that time Agnes molded Slud to become her instrument of revengeFor cold is the counsel of women. Ive only read a few books about trolls and goblins so I was excited to jump into this Maybe Im just not use to adult fantasy but the writing slowed my reading pace I felt like it didnt flow easily and I found myself rereading a lot of sentences which was my only real issue with this book I know adult fantasy typically takes concentration on my part so I didnt let it diminish my excitement for the story The world and the characters were fascinating but it took me about a uarter of the book before I got use to the writing and was really invested in the story I especially enjoyed the last uarter of the book It was a fun and intense endingThe main character Slud is an intelligent and terrifying brute of a troll The last of his kind The anti hero aspect was a wonderful change from the fantasy books Ive been reading lately Slud was raised by a witch after his whole clan was killed by elves There was a couple sensitive issues with the witch being abusive in her uests to make Slud stronger and with Slud hurting himself to help him think clearly I personally dont think these issues took away from the story Their brutal culture set them a part from humans This isnt to say humans cant be brutal It just isnt the norm for us like it is for these creaturesThe author did a wonderful job creating memorable and uniue characters I loved the Goblin Neither Nor and was excited to have them form an alliance Neither Nors complaining and interactions with Slud made me laugh The scenes with the Wolf King Luther and the Omega female were some of my favorites I thought the Hag Fixelcrick and Dingle were all interesting characters I also really enjoyed the Fire Salamanders Overall this book had an engaging plot compelling characters and a rich world I would definitely recommend it I hope I get the review the seuel The wait might drive me crazyreceived in exchange for an honest reviewSide Note Goodreads why isnt this book showing up on my challenge through the android app

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Maining trolls under one banner and marched to war taking back the mountain from the goblin clansHowever the long lived elves remembered the brutal wars of the last age and did not welcome the return of these lesser giants to martial power Twenty thousand elves marched on the mountain intent on g. In a fantasy world set after Ragnarok the last surviving troll seeks vengeance on the goblin tribe that has taken residence on the mountain his people called home Slud Blood Claw has been trained and magically conditioned since birth by a powerful hag to be the ultimate tool of brutal vengeance On his path to victory over the vile Khan of the Rock Wolf goblin clan he encounters an extremely varied cast of bizarre charactersFair warning this book seeks to gross you out on nearly every page Even so some parts of the book really stand out in this regard including poetry from a mad torture victim who is being literally eaten alive It's also a book about monsters Characterful fascinating and engrossing ones but they're all monsters doing monstrous things There's no good guys or even righteousness It's a brutal short and often disgusting tale of brutal characters doing horrible things to each otherSlud himself is the least of them The goblins of the Rock Wolves and in particular Dingle and Fixelcrick are brilliantly done The Khan of the Rock Wolves himself stands out as a loathsome character in a book where all the characters could be described that way The lone surviving goblin of the Moon Blade clan Neither Nor is wonderful as well and his banter with the thuggish Slud is terrific Neither Nor also has a way with words and one word in particular But we also get viewpoints from a distant descendant of Fenrir and the hag Black Agnes as well As a character piece this is masterfulIt's also interesting that this is only the first part of Slud's revenge story It should be an interesting series as he moves on to the real movers of the death of his people

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Cold CounselIn Chris Sharp's new epic fantasy Cold Counsel Slud of the Blood Claw Clan Bringer of Troubles was born at the heart of the worst storm the mountain had ever seen Slud’s father chief of the clan was changed by his son’s presence For the first time since the age of the giants he rallied the re. This was a lot of fun It harkens back to the days of Sword and Sorcery with Conan raising his axe and revenging himself only this one takes a full slant of the taleHe's a troll A troll hero growing up with a needle teethed hag who's been training him to be a whirlwind of destruction from his birth following the obliteration of his tribeThe best part is we never have to deal with those pesky humans We've got goblins galore all of whom are fun and interesting and colorful PoV's that simultaneously create a legend out of Slug the Troll or taking up the adventure for multiple fun reasons with some memorable dialogueWhat's best is the action This is all about the action That's not to say we don't get a lot of PoV's and reasons why peeps are doing their thing because we do but most importantly it's all about the adventureSword and Sorcery isn't dead It's just become strange