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FREE DOWNLOAD Ü Cole By Tijan ½ I shouldn’t have remembered himHe was just a guy who walked through a restaurant I didn't know his name We never made eye contact There was no connection between us at allBut I could feel himThe tingle down my spine The command in his presence The snap of tension in the air around him That was the first time I saw himN his presence The snap of tension in the air around him That was the first time I saw him and I was captivatedThe second time was differentHe was in the mysterious back elevator of my apartment building Our eyes met for a fleeting. COLE The mafia genre is one of my highest one click fetishes so anything mafia I tend to jump on it add in a favourite author like Tijan and I was beyond excited to get my grabby claws onto thisThirty year old Addison Bowman is still recovering from a devastating blow which shook her world to the core when she witnessed her husband dying right in front of her eyes by being taken out by a drunk driver nothing ever prepared her for what transpired right before her very eyes Lost in her web of grief for over a year it's only through her best friend Sia that she painstakingly shakes herself off and slowly moves on with life again and with that comes some big changes first is moving out of the house her husband and her lovingly brought together and when an opportunity arises to move into The Mauricio an exclusive high rise building by invitation only she jumps at the chance Celebrating her new apartment at a local restaurant her eyes are drawn to a group of men that have walked through the door whom seem to dominate the whole room her eyes are drawn to one man in particular their eyes connect briefly and she can't help but notice how devastatingly handsome he is Authority and confidence emanated from him along with an aura of danger He moved with a grace the others didn't have the others walked but he stalked in a sensual way He moved like a predator He was one of the best looking men I had ever seen This was a lot different than I had anticipated in the beginning you completely connect with Addison’s character Cole Mauricio is another story so much mystery surrounds him and for most of the story we’re not privy to his background or anything so it’s kind of like putting the pieces of a puzzle in the right places as you’re given information about him There are things about my life I can’t share I’d like to but I’m in a position where I can’t Not until I trust you Danger oozes from him and that comes through in the story but as soon as Addison clapped eyes on him she was under his spell A few meetings between these two and neither of them could fight their attraction things escalated uickly a first date to bed and she's still in the dark of who Cole really isThe author lulls us into a false sense of security in the beginning of the book this is where I found it a wee bit drawn out and slow going it's not until you're over that half way mark where all the grit of what a good mafia read entails comes into play And from that stage onwards I was invested into inhaling this as uickly as possibleAt that stage I couldn't put it downThings escalate a few twists and turns had me gasping to see what the outcome was going to be If you're like me and are a fan of this authors then yes definitely I highly recommend a one click come release day you'll also be pleased to get reauainted with Carter Reed and Emma again so well worth a read


Second before the doors closed and I was staggered My breath was robbed My senses on high alert My body hummedThat was just the beginningHe was the leader of the mafia I was about to fall in love with him and his nameCole Mauricio. It's LIVE on Blog TourIt's been a year since Addison lost her husband Liam to a drunk driver She's been barely living Everything was dull Grey Black White With the support of her best friend Sia she takes the huge step of finally putting her house on the market in an attempt to move on She ends up moving into a coveted unit in The Mauricio a building that is not only expensive and exclusive but it's shrouded in mystery And the mystery doesn't end there because she then meets Mr Mysterious himself Cole and he's holding all sorts of secrets This man whoever he was whatever kind of man he was could affect me like no other had in my lifeI always felt like I was holding my breath when it came to Cole It's been a while since I read a Tijan story and I enjoyed the heck out of this one I loved the sizzling connection between Addison and Cole the injection of humor the welcome visit with Carter and the in depth back story created for Cole I found that Cole had a lot depth to him than Addison did Maybe his tragic past struck a chord with me but I felt that aside from Liam's death Addison didn't have much to save her from being a one dimensional character Don't get me wrong I liked her but I think I would have been happier to get of Cole's perspective than hers in what was essentially his story Release Date February 27 2017 Genre Mafia Romance POV Primarily heroine 1st person Steam 2 out of 5 Book Type Standalone


Cole By TijI shouldn’t have remembered himHe was just a guy who walked through a restaurant I didn't know his name We never made eye contact There was no connection between us at allBut I could feel himThe tingle down my spine The command i. Currently on sale Bowman has been through hell and survived or at least she's trying to After seeing her husband die in a crash it's been hard for her to move on When her friend tells her about an exclusive apartment building that has an opening she decides it's time to move out of the house she shared with her husband What she didn't expect though was to run into Cole and the effect he would have on her life This is a book that brings a lot of uestions with it and will have you captivated from the very first page When you think you have everything figured out the story will prove you wrong and keep you begging for I really liked that it was able to keep me guessing and had me to invested into the characters Cole was an enigma and I had the biggest need to figure him and his secrets out Even though there were a few parts near the end that i wished we had gotten of his POV I still really liked his character He had that bad boy air about him that even through a book you could just feel when you read any scene he was in Addison was a good heroine for Cole and I liked them together She had the ability to calm him down and bring him out of the horror that he lived in every day They were very different and I think that's what I liked the most the fact that they were very opposite of each other yet it worked together Overall I definitely recommend this book if you're a fan of the Mafia genre There's a cameo with Carter Reed also and if you haven't read his story then this will make you want to hurry and pick it up At least it did for me Cole PlaylistThe Funeral Band of Horses Afraid The NeighborhoodThe Wolf Mumford SonsBad Habit The KooksBlood City and Colour We Sink Of Monsters and MenI Wanna Be Yours Arctic Monkeys ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review