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The Decoy Date The Wedding Date #4 Read & Download æ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ This page turner has it all fantastic characters witty banter and sizzling chemistry I absolutely loved it—GINA L MAXWELL USA Today bestselling author of the Playboys in Love series for May the Best Man Win Fake relationship ReBook 2 Just this Once Book 3 The Decoy Date Book 4What People Are Saying About Mira Lyn Kelly OutstandingKelly proves that she's an author to watch Kirkus Reviews for May the Best Man Win The perfect balance between sweet and sexy RT Book Reviews for The Wedding Date Bargain 4 Stars Delightfully frothy Heroes Heartbreakers for The Wedding Date Bargain A perfect light and very romantic read Booklist for The Wedding Date Bargai. Brody has had enough of his friend Gwen mooning over some dumbass guy who can't see the forest for the trees In other words can't see how amazing Gwen is So he comes up with a plan to get Gwen the guy Of course we all know how these plans go horribly And that's exactly what happens when Gwen and Brody start their fake relationship They catch feelings and of course then the dumbass guy realizes how amazing Gwen really is and mucks up Gwen and Brody's newfound relationship Roll eyes Not at the story because it's pretty adorable but at human nature and roll eyes at Ted the dumbass guy Because although Brody and Gwen insisted that Ted is really a great guy even at the end I never saw him that way and I hated that Gwen wasted all her time on such an idiot An idiot who wasn't worthy of her ever Not in the past and not in the present He was icky if you ask me Thank God Brody got his head out of his ass and went and got his woman backI've only read one other book in this series Just This Once and I'm pleased to find that I liked Decoy Date much better It's sweet and sexy and Brody and Gwen are absolutely adorable I don't know if there's to come in this series but I hope so because this one is pretty great ARC via NetGalley for an honest reviewFull review posted on my blog Live Through Books Blog

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Pine for a clueless man Figuring a little bit of jealousy will motivate the guy Brody proposes a fake relationship It's an outrageous plan but Gwen figures there's no harm in it until they share a passionate kiss she never saw coming Suddenly Gwen's fighting a growing attraction to a man she knows she can't have After all he's just faking itisn't heThe Wedding Date Series May the Best Man Win Book 1 The Wedding Date Bargain. This book was SO FREAKING GOOD I haven’t had a book hangover in way too long but I’m finding it really hard to stop thinking about Brody and Gwen I don’t want to move on yet I haven’t been dazzled by a hero the way that Brody managed to in a really long time Everything about him felt so genuine and kind I hate to refer to anyone as perfect but in all the ways that really matter Brody really was perfection You know how sometimes heroes come across as very smooth when it comes to women but you just know that it’s just because they are players I’m so over those heroes right now and honestly I was worried when Brody first kickstarted his plan to help Gwen “get her guy” because he was really good at getting Gwen to blush and react to his lowered voice and lean in However the you get to know him the you realize that he’s just really good at paying attention and reading people and oh man is that an attractive uality I really enjoy when I love the heroine just as much as the hero I love that Gwen while she came across at times as a pushover especially when it came to Ted was not naive and was willing to open herself up to Brody’s help I was worried that the issue of her protectiveness of Ted and insistence that he was a good friend to her was going to cause bigger issues with the developing relationship between her and Brody but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how self aware Gwen was about everything The whole premise of the fake relationship to win over someone else is a pretty basic and well represented trope but Brody and Gwen’s story was written in a way that made it feel fresh and exciting I genuinely have zero complaints about how this story played out The pacing the character and world building were flawless This is by far my favorite book in a series that I’ve loved the whole way through I received an ARC from NetGalley for voluntary review

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The Decoy Date The Wedding Date #4This page turner has it all fantastic characters witty banter and sizzling chemistry I absolutely loved it GINA L MAXWELL USA Today bestselling author of the Playboys in Love series for May the Best Man Win Fake relationship Real feelings Big problems Brody O'Donnel doesn't believe in happily ever afters at least not for himself But he wants the best for his vivacious beautiful friend Gwen Danes and he's tired of watching her. I’m a sucker for the fake relationship trope so I was all over this one I liked Gwen and Brody well enough They’re both good loyal people She’s sweet and he’s charming and they have great chemistry together There’s a good cast of characters here and I’m tempted to go back and read some of the previous books Plot wise it was mostly good I liked the flirting between Gwen and Brody and when they finally got together it was fantastic My main problem was Ted and all the BS that went along with it I get why some of it happened but seriously if someone would have just opened their stupid mouthOverall it was a uick fun read I would have liked a bit out of this one but I did enjoy it Huge thanks to Sourcebooks Casablanca for providing the arc free of charge