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Four Years LaterBecca McKenzie is happy crazy ridiculously happyShe might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life but she has something better Ryan Jackson and they couldn’t be in love if they tried He might have been pissed when she w. SpoilersLook I can appreciate wanting to tackle this subject matter I think its important that we tell stories of the aftermath of view spoilersexual assaultrape hide spoiler

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Read  Four Years Later ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ Becca McKenzie is happy—crazy ridiculously happyShe might not have figured out what she wants to do with her life but she has something better—Ryan Jackson—and they couldn’t be in love if they tried He might have been pissed when she went off to a different collNe empty bedroom Until fifteen minutes of hell completely destroys her life and leaves Becca uestioning everything she’s ever knownUntil that night turns into a lie she can’t stop can’t controlUntil she said no but he didn’t list. 35 starsomg this book was fricken awful I felt like total crap pretty much the entire time I was reading it The first book was mindless fluffy cuteness and I liked the characters enough to just jump into this second book without reading the blurb MISTAKE This book is NOT cute It's NOT fluffy It's written much better than the first book the devastation these characters go through feel so real and it's fricken awful I got so angry and frustrated and sad while reading this book Not fun shit what an awful bookThe blurb doesn't say it outrightbut you probably can figure out what's in this book from it Spoiler for trigger topic view spoiler Rape And honestly This isn't even a trigger for me personally I've thankfully never ever come close to being in a situation like this and I can deal with reading about it But holy shit the way it was presented in this book really got to me The actual rape scene is pretty explicit and kinda long and it was written well enough that I felt all the fear horror and helplessness that Becca went through It was fricken awful hide spoiler

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Ent off to a different college but they make the long distance work because they’re “Becca and Ryan” and nothing is going to break themUntil it doesUntil one terrible unforgettable night away from Ryan Until too much drinking and o. This author is awful 1st It is greedy and disloyal to write a new story with previous characters that basically have none of their previous characteristics but had their HEA in a new book Why destroy their story simply to capitalize on the success of the first novel If you have a new story idea write it unless don’t have the talent Second Why do authors write stories about awful guys who sleep around treat their women like crap and then still manage to win them back The Ryan from the previous book is gone He shows no love for her Their history doesn’t matter until she is back to being the perfect version of herself that he thinks is worth it These characters should not have ended up together He isn’t a hero He is a guy who professed to love her but split as soon as there was one doubt He then spent a year sleeping with random girls dating her enemy etc While she dealt on her own with her trauma When he finally gets it together only after other people tell him that she had been raped he moves to be closer to her to “be there for her” But dates and sleeps with other people for the next 4 years She of course never sleeps with another person even the guy she finally dates for a few months What a joke I wish it had at least turned interesting with a plot twist when she finally became the focus of an episode of “Snapped” I almost maybe could have forgiven him for his snap conclusions and actions if he had decided to become celibate to make up for what he put her through Anything less is and was nothing