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Child 44 Free download ã 5 » In Stalin's Soviet Union crime does not exist But still millions live in fear The mere suspicion of disloyalty to the State the wrong word at the wrong time can send an innocent person to his execution Officer Leo Demidov an idealistic war hero believes he's building a perfect society But after witnessing the interrogation ofHattered Denounced by his enemies and exiled from home with only Raisa by his side he must risk everything to find a criminal that the State won't admit even exists On the run Leo soon discovers the danger isn't from the killer he is trying to catch but from the country he is trying to prote. 4 Stars Right from the start Tom Rob Smith introduces us to an inhumane existence of starvation and brutality under Stalin's rule You can trust no oneno one Life is Fear Life is Torture Innocence does not matter Life is a matter of Efficiency important than TruthAnd while living the unimaginable there is a mysterious child killer on the loose that Security Officer Leo Demidov is determined to stop even after his demotion even after mind altering drugs even when he is on the run and even to the detriment of his own life and family Clues lead to a place difficult to go but where answers are foundGreat mystery filled with secrets intrigue and than one twist along the wayplus a few gross out moments Recommend Update September 26 2015 Watched the movie and all I can say is that I wish I would have spent the two plus hours reading If I had not read the novel I would not have understood half of what was transpiring before my eyes Do not recommend

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In Stalin's Soviet Union crime does not exist But still millions live in fear The mere suspicion of disloyalty to the State the wrong word at the wrong time can send an innocent person to his execution Officer Leo Demidov an idealistic war hero believes he's building a perfect society But af. ‘’Brother if you were a playing card what card would you be Would you be an ace or a king a spade or a heart’’ What a month this has been so far Gearing up the scheduled readings for the coming Holy Week and the much needed Easter holidays I’ve spent March with a number of strange memorable books that proved to be a rather demanding company I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that Child 44 was the finest darkest most emotionally draining reading experience This isn’t merely a thriller or an excellent Historical Fiction novel It is a deep dive to the rawest of emotions of the human soul The fight to preserve and survive as opposed to the inclination of some to destroy all that is good and pure Before I continue I must say that I will not engage in any discussion regarding political commentary or historical accuracy I’m sure we’re all educated open minded readers that have studied our fair share of Fiction and Non Fiction on the nightmare that was the Soviet Era Each one of us has an opinion but we’re here to talk about books not international relations Any relevant comments will be promptly deleted and dealt withAnd as a novel Child 44 is brilliant in my opinion Leo is a high ranking officer of MGB but a personal uarrel with Vassili another member of the State leads him to forfeit the life he knew His sole purpose becomes the discovery of the man who commits crimes beyond all reason The murders and mutilations of children in the wintry forests across the country Leo’s only ally is Raisa his wife while both are keeping secrets from each other So everything comes down to a race against time and people whose false ideals demand absolute silence and blind obedience ‘’Doing nothing is no guarantee we won’t be arrested anyway I’ve learnt that lesson’’ The world of Child 44 is a living nightmare and obviously one has only to read the basics of Stalin’s reign of terror to feel that the descriptions are not only tangible They are the Boschian History of a uite recent past Tom Rob Smith writes without cheap sensationalism but with raw razor sharp language that is beautiful in its darkness This is a time and place where anything can cause an arrest and anyone can be accused of treason People are persecuted because their clients are Westerners Others are persecuted on the basis of unheard prayers despite their age or sex You pray therefore you want Stalin dead off with you You are guilty unless proven innocence But if you’re proven innocent someone hasn’t done their job right You can’t be innocent but you can be an abomination that the State has to throw up in a society where there is no crime ‘’Is that how you’re able to sleep at night by blanking events from your mind’’ Leo and Raisa are masterfully crafted characters They are flawed but sympathetic They are controversial and ambiguous a couple eually strong determined secretive and honest As honest as they can be given the era and the circumstances Smith succeeded in creating protagonists that are the driving forces of the story They are realistic brave and intelligent without seeming fake Even Vassili and the culprit are believable They aren’t caricatures and they retain the reader’s interest This is what makes the difference between a proper villain and a cardboard figure I cannot say anything about the storyline obviously but I can tell you that the development of the mystery the twists and implications as well as the conclusion compose a novel that is a work of Art in its genre The references to the hardships that people had to face on a daily basis the fate of the accused the small details about the fight of the Russian people against the Nazis make the narration even vivid and enrich the h

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Child 44Ter witnessing the interrogation of an innocent man his loyalty begins to waver and when ordered to investigate his own wife Raisa Leo is forced to choose where his heart truly lies Then the impossible happens A murderer is on the loose killing at will and every belief Leo has ever held is s. Child 44 Leo Demidov #1 Tom Rob SmithChild 44 first published in 2008 is a thriller novel by British writer Tom Rob Smith This is the first novel in a trilogy featuring former MGB Agent Leo Demidov who investigates a series of gruesome child murders in Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union This novel the first in a trilogy takes inspiration from the crimes of Andrei Chikatilo also known as the Rostov Ripper the Butcher of Rostov and the Red Ripper Chikatilo was convicted of and executed for committing 52 murders in the Soviet Union though his crimes occurred after the Stalin era In addition to highlighting the problem of Soviet era criminality in a state where there is no crime the novel explores the paranoia of the age the education system the secret police apparatus orphanages homosexuality in the USSR and mental hospitals The second and third books in the trilogy titled The Secret Speech April 2009 and Agent 6 July 2011تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و ششم ماه اکتبر سال 2012 میلادیعنوان کودک 44 رمان؛ نویسنده تام راب اسمیت؛ مترجم نادر قبله ای؛ تهران، مروارید، 1389، در 455 ص؛ شابک 9789641910923؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 20 مکودک 44 رمان تریلری است نوشته ی نویسنده ی انگلیسی «تام راب اسمیت»، و روایتگر ماجراهای مأمور سابق امنیتی شوروی، «لئو دمیدوف» است، که به پژوهش درباره ی کشتار چند کودک در شوروی دوران استالین، می‌پردازد رمان براساس جنایت‌های قاتل زنجیره‌ ای اوکراینی «آندره چیکاتیلو» نوشته شده است که به قتل 52 کودک متهم بود و؛ ادامه داستان ا شربیانی