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SUMMARY ´ Reclaimed (Hostage Rescue Team #10) ↠ Sometimes love isn’t enough Summer Blackwell has endured her own private hell and fought her way through to the other side She’s lost so much and her marriage has crumbled but she refuses to give up hope Just as she thinks there might be a chance to reconcile with her husband things Sometimes love isn’t enough Summer Blackwell has endured her own private hell and fought her way through to the other side She’s lost so much and her marriage has crumbled but she refuses to give up hope Just as she thinks there might be a chance to reconcile with her husband things go terribly wrong during a job in Jordan when she and her team are captured by the enemy Now with every passing hour she’s one step closer to a horrific d. FBI Special Agent Adam Blackwell is desperately trying to save his marriage even taking leave from the Hostage Rescue Team to give wife Summer his undivided attention They’re just starting to make progress when both end up in Amman Jordan on separate work assignments Shortly after they make a dinner date for the evening Summer and two members of her team are abducted by a terrorist cell whose leader has a reputation for unspeakable cruelty The countdown is on as Adam and his team are called into action to find and retrieve Summer before her certain execution for propaganda purposes Before this story we didn’t know much about Summer beyond her name and just a tad about Adam mostly his desire to save his marriage I absolutely loved the use of flashbacks as a device here because it was done so skillfully beginning with their first meeting all the way up to their days before they left for Amman The timing of the transitions between the past and present day and the pivotal moments selected were done with precision made even meaningful given the dire circumstances I actually didn’t think I’d like Summer who turned out to be a fantastic character She was smart resourceful and believably courageous Her ability to push through her fear was genuine something I could relate to and embrace I loved everything about this story I found myself rooting for Adam and Summer after discovering what wrenched them apart and his efforts to win her back The pace was breakneck and I could empathize with Adam’s agony as time slipped away without them finding Summer Typical for this series was an exciting pulse wrecking climax that went down to the wire And it was capped off with a lovely epilogue I keep saying this after every book but THIS one is now my favorite


Mount a desperate campaign to save their broken marriage but agrees to join his team for a one off protective detail assignment in Amman When the unthinkable happens and Summer is taken hostage by the most ruthless terrorist organization in the region Adam and his teammates will stop at nothing to save her But every day without a solid lead means the hope of rescuing her is dwindling and now it’s a race to find her before the clock runs o. I've been waiting on bated breath for Summer and Adam's book and am not at all disappointed Reclaimed is my official favorite of the incredible HRT series Kaylea Cross' writing delivered a soul wrenching mix of love desperation depression devotion and of course her trademark teetering on the edge of your seat suspense Summer and Adam's love story is one of the very best I have ever read Real raw and so honest it brought me to tears multiple times it is EVERYTHING an epic romance should be I loved the inclusion of some of my favorite couples from past books as well Their parts within Reclaimed added to the story in a fabulous wayI cannot imagine any way that the HRT series could end better than with this book I'm excited to delve into Kaylea Cross' upcoming books but I will definitely miss my HRT men and women

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Reclaimed Hostage Rescue Team #10Eath at the hands of the radical terror group she was working to destroy Escape is impossible Unless her husband’s team finds her before the deadline hits it will be too late And sometimes it’s everything Special Agent Adam Blackwell is going to win his wife back no matter what it takes In spite of everything they’ve gone through he’s never stopped loving her and can’t imagine his life without her He’s been on personal leave to. Series Hostage Rescue Team #10Rating 4 stars really enjoyable Please note this book includes freuent references to fertility complications multiple miscarriages and also includes an on page scene of the Heroine experiencing a stillbirth and dealing with the subseuent depression One Sentence Summary Summer and Adam's marriage has been struggling but they've finally started to mend the broken parts when Summer a Defense Intelligence Agent is kidnapped by a dangerous terrorist Reclaimed finally brings us Summer and Adam's story and it was definitely an emotional one Up to this point we haven't really known why these two were struggling in their marriage only that Adam is still very much in love with Summer and wants to save his marriage What's interesting in this book is that it's not really the story of a developing relationship it's not really even about Summer and Adam falling in love with each other again Instead it's about two people who still love each other and will do anything for a second chance after Summer is kidnapped In fact Summer and Adam spend about 90% of the present day parts of the book apart though freuent flashbacks show us how they met fell in love and started to fall apartBecause of this I feel like the majority of my rating is for the absolutely nail biting can't put this book down suspense I binged this book in one sitting staying up until 2am to read because I had to know what would happen next I've always loved the way Kaylea Cross writes the suspense in her books and this was no exception I was completely ensnared I still loved Adam and Summer and their story was emotional heartbreaking and beautiful in the way they never gave up on each other but it didn't feel like other romances because the love was already there That's not a complaint by the way just a statement of my feelingsEither way this was certainly a fantastic way to end the series and with the introduction of Brody Colebrook I'm excited to jump into the Colebrook Siblings TrilogyReader Safety References to and on page scenes of a stillbirth and the subseuent depression Graphic scene of torturedeath by fire