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Summary Morning is a Long Time Coming ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ The seuel to Bette Greene's National Book Award finalist Summer of My German SoldierPatty is now eighteen and a high school graduate but she cannot face her future until she comes to terms with her past She decides to go to Germany in search of AnE about her plan not only because of what she might find but because of what she must leave behind A compelling first person narrative about love and human relationships Booklist starred review . Although not as good as Summer it was still an excellent book and surprisingly good for a seuel which are often very disappointingI'm recommending both of these to my daughters for summer reads

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The seuel to Bette Greene's National Book Award finalist Summer of My German SoldierPatty is now eighteen and a high school graduate but she cannot face her future until she comes to terms with her. Reviewed for THC Reviews45 stars Although there doesn't seem to be an official series title Morning Is a Long Time Coming is a seuel to Bette Greene's modern classic young adult novel Summer of My German Soldier Since that book had a decidedly unsatisfying ending I was glad to see that Ms Geene had written a follow up I had always felt that there were many reviewers who mis characterized Summer of My German Soldier as a romance I didn't really see it as such for a number of reasons not the least of which was the 10 year age difference between Patty and Anton and the fact that she was still just a girl when they met Love can take many different forms and although Patty and Anton cared for each other deeply I was never 100% convinced that what they shared was a romantic sort of love Nevertheless Patty does begin this book with unresolved issues surrounding her time with Anton Undoubtedly a lot of reviewers will view Morning Is a Long Time Coming as even of a romance than the first book because of Patty's relationship with Roger a young Frenchman she meets in Paris which I will concede is definitely of the romantic variety but at it's heart this book is totally about Patty's journey of self discovery of which Roger is just one part He brings joy and happiness to her life that she had never known before but ultimately Patty must vanuish her demons on her ownWhen we first meet up with Patty again she is now a young woman just graduating from high school but the frightened hurt little girl is still there as is her burning need to belong to someone Of course her parents think her crazy for wanting to spend her graduation money on a trip to Europe but that's exactly what she does with a plan in the back of her mind to meet Anton's mother thinking that she can receive from her what Patty's own mother was never willing or able to give Of course the best laid plans often go awry especially when the person who makes them is relying on someone else to provide emotional security I felt that in the six years between books Patty had grown and matured She engaged in a fair bit of self analysis as well as trying to figure out her parents why they were abusive toward her and why she never seemed to be able to please them no matter what she did I could really relate to Patty feeling like a suare peg in a round hole She discovers that she is pretty socially inept with her peers which isn't too surprising Some of that comes from a lack of self confidence that was beaten out of her all her life by parents who constantly criticized and were physically emotionally and mentally abusive The rest is uite simply that Patty truly is different in the way she thinks and perceives the world around her She is open minded than most about those who are different from her and truly wants to give of herself to help others It's what drove her to assist Anton all those years ago even knowing that it might lead to trouble than she could imagine and her uest to understand this part of herself still drives her now In fact all of these things weigh so heavily on her that it makes her physically ill Once she is out of her stifling hometown Patty finally feels a freedom she's never known yet I wasn't too surprised to see that the first young man she felt attracted to on the voyage to Europe was just like her father critical demanding and temperamental She is definitely a classic case of an abused person gravitating toward what is familiar and comfortable even if it isn't good for her I was glad to see that didn't last long and when Patty got to Paris and met Roger it was like she became a whole different person around him It was uplifting to finally see her laugh and smile but those old demons still lurked in the background keeping Roger at arms length When Patty finally made her decision to go to Germany I understood her obsession with needing to meet Anton's mother but at the same time I agreed on some level with Roger that he deserved better considering all that they had sharedRoger is the only supporting player with a meaty role in this book but since the entire story is written in first person perspective from Patty's point of view we don't get a lot of deep insights into his character However there were just enough relationship scenes for me to really like him He is a gentle free spirit who is the perfect foil for Patty's serious nature I liked that Roger was a gentleman He very easily could have taken advantage of Patty when she got drunk once but instead took care of her and waited for her to sober up before trying to take things any further Throughout their time together he was tender and sweet but at the same time those wonderful ualities are what make Patty a bit suspicious of him and his motives because she has only ever known men who were hard and cynical In many ways Roger understood Patty even better than she understood herself but when her obsession with somehow making Anton's family the family she never had finally reared its ugly head he was understandably upset and said some hurtful things Luckily Roger was a very forgiving man who truly did love Patty and wanted to make a life with herThere were certain elements in Summer of My German Soldier which has caused it to have a long time place on the most bannedchallenged books list and Morning Is a Long Time Coming followed suit with some of the same potentially objectionable content while upping the maturity level Though not pervasive there are some mild and religious profanities peppered throughout the book as well as racial slurs against Mexicans and African Americans including several uses of the “n” word Patty smokes a couple of times drinks wine on a few occasions and one time consumes a stronger alcoholic beverage getting drunk Patty's father threatens to beat her and her parents are abusive There is mention of Patty's father having “taken advantage” of young ladies and some mild discussion of sex in general including but not limited to Patty's parents thinking she's sexually active and possibly pregnant and a classmate who earned a colorful nickname for apparently messing around with the boys There is also one love scene between Patty and Roger that ends in a cut scene with no real details but some may find it troublesome that the couple have just met at that point and then live together for the next few months without being married Additionally the complexities of Patty's emotions may be difficult for even adults to understand so in that respect I thought it had the feel of an adult novel However in spite of all this I still did not feel that there was anything that older teens couldn't handle especially with parental or educator guidance As a parent I wouldn't object to my 15 year old reading it Morning Is a Long Time Coming is a story that delves fairly deeply and realistically into the psyche of an abused person and her efforts to make sense of that in order to carve a meaningful place for herself in the world For that reason alone I thought the book was emotionally touching and deserved kudos That said though I couldn't help wanting the ending to be a little solid than it was which is why I knocked off the half star By the time I finished the book I did believe that Patty had learned some valuable insights about herself and life in general and was finally on the right road It was just that her peace did not feel uite complete to me but then again she was still very young with much ahead of her and this type of recovery is always a lifelong journey Although as I've already said I fully realize that this story was not really meant as a romance the hopeless romantic in me also wanted an HEA for Patty and Roger mainly because I thought they complimented each other well and after everything she'd been through Patty uite simply deserved it The way it wrapped up felt like of an HFN happy for now ending but at least I felt like they had a strong chance to make it work on a permanent basis Overall I liked Morning Is a Long Time Coming very much It has earned a spot on my keeper shelf and with two lovely books in a row Bette Greene has earned a spot on my favorite authors list She is a writer who is good at expressing the emotional and psychological complexities of her characters and who doesn't seem to be afraid to explore issues of marginalization or other controversial topics I love these types of stories so this makes me eager to check out the other books she has written soon

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Morning is a Long Time ComingPast She decides to go to Germany in search of Anton's mother desperate for a connection to the man she loved and lost En route she stops in Paris where she meets Roger And now she must think twic. All I know is that growing up hurts too much Growing down is what I'd really like to do Be little enough again so it would be perfectly natural to be protected from the wind and the rain—and the world —Patty Bergen Morning Is a Long Time Coming P 84 But don't go thinking that I'm critical of you Anton because really I'm not Not a bit It's just that you're not here I'm alone and I'm frightened and you're not here And you're not ever going to be here for me —Patty Bergen P 152 Bette Greene author of this book has said I wrote Morning Is a Long Time Coming because I needed to explain my life to myself The profundity of that truth comes through in the pages of the book with a kind of power that will knock the reader upside down and leave an impression that will last forever Patty Bergen is a wholly real painfully realized character shaded and nuanced and developed as few people in the history of literature have been It is like seeing and hearing about the life story of a real girl who has ventured forth into the world to finally try to find people who love her to see if the affection that her parents have kept from her for her entire life is waiting out there in the arms and eyes of another one who would see her as a truly valuable person Bette Greene takes a coming of age story beyond its usual parameters for the young adult set and drifts past the age of eighteen letting us see what becomes of Patty after her tragic yet revelatory experiences that occur during the summer of her thirteenth year the summer of her German soldier Believe me this extra look into what happens after the events of that book is a rare and very special treasure for anyone who takes the time out to find it for anyone who takes the time to learn from the deeply moving wisdom of Bette Greene and see how what she has to say about the trials and joys of her own life reflects upon one's own experiences The title Morning Is a Long Time Coming refers to a verse in the Bible book of Proverbs which states that weeping may endure for a night but joyfulness comes in the morning Patty Bergen has lived through so many difficult personal experiences that she feels as if her own morning of eventual joyfulness has been a long time in coming and that perhaps it may never come This book will deeply resound I believe with every one of us who has felt or still feels that their own morning has been a long time coming and maybe has begun to doubt that that happiness may ever come The message of the story rings so true ultimately because it is true and because we all have felt such things Six years is plenty long enough to soothe the tearing anguish ofdeath but maybe no amount of time is enough to soothe something that is no longer there Something like an emptiness that can never be filled because it's only a bit of space carved out of air — Morning Is a Long Time Coming P 225 That's when I saw—cleary saw—that there was than one mountain in my life Some could be seen and some couldn't be but just the same they were all out there All out there waiting for me —Patty Bergen P 261