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FREE READ Ü Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei Ñ Altho both Engels Marx are on the title page alongside the persistent assumption of joint authorship Engels in the preface to the 1883 German edition wrote it was essentially Marx's work the basic thoughtbelongs solely exclusively to Marx McLellan other scholars believe the actual draTo 1890 New prefaces were written by Marx Engels for the 1872 German edition the 1882 Russian edition the 1883 German edition the 1888 English edition This edition translated by Samuel Moore with Engels' assistance has been the commonly used English text since Some recent English editions such as Phil Gasper's annotated road map Haymarket Books '06 have used a slightly modified text in response to criticisms of the Moore translation made by Hal Draper in his The Adventures of the Communist Manifesto Center for Socialist History '94 The Manifesto is divided into an introduction three substantive sections a conclusion The introduction begins w. “Political power properly so called is merely the organised power of one class for oppressing another”― Karl Marx The Communist ManifestoVol 20 of my Penguin Little Black Classics Box Set To be clear I'm not giving this 5 stars because I'm a Communist just waiting start a revolution not that I'm against a good revolution here or there I do come from a religious tradition that experimented in the 1800s with ideas of consecration and communalism They called it the United Order Even with a charismatic leader and the hope of Zion it was a failed experiment As an economic system I think there are serious flaws built into MarxismCommunism or any of the isms that derived from Marx and Engles ideas That said there are also SERIOUS flaws with Capitalism Christianism etc I think the idea that there is one perfect economic dogma for all levels and all people and all societies is a bit naive Anyway I'm giving this 5 stars because it is a helluva tract It obviously lit a fire that spread uickly through Europe Asia etc Love it or hate it we are all living in a world that has been marked by Marx Personally I dig Das Kapital I LOVE Marxist theory way than Marxist practice My wife and I DID have a cat in college named Marx

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Ith the comparison of communism to a spectre claiming that across Europe communism is feared but not understood Thus communists ought to make their views known with a manifestoA spectre is haunting Europe the spectre of Communism All the Powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre Pope Czar Metternich Guizot French Radicals German police spies Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as Communistic by its opponents in power Where is the Opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of Communism against the advanced opposition parties as well as against its reactionary adversari. One word review disgusting There is so much I could say and there isn't the space to say it in a review Where do I even begin For starters the book began on a whining note There were basically two main thrusts first that free trade was so unfair to the poor proletariat; second that the communistic movement had only the interests of the proletariat at heart It was unhindered by nationality or any other interests and existed solely to make the working class successfulWhat started out as a whining tirade coming from a man who obviously wanted to abolish free trade because it did not suit him as he wished ended with an abolition of family home education patriotism and marriageLittle sins like self centeredness sloth and greediness if not repented of can lead the heart to seek justification on its own The heart tries to justify itself before the cries of conscience by rationalizing and eventually developing a system consistent with itself and you end up with Sartre Nietzsche or Marx with ideas to make you shudderThe charges against Communism made from a religious a philosophical and generally from an ideological standpoint are not deserving of a serious examination That was literally the only thing said to those objections SeriouslyI came away with a lot of observations but three were especially notableMarx hoped that social change would change man's heart environmental determinismThe State the proletariat as an organized ruling classThe abolition of private property was number one on Marx's hit listThe ending note is one of the reasons I think Communism has such an appeal It offers purpose hope and excitement This is the only thing I sympathized with somewhat in the whole thing I am afraid that Christians have held out an impotent limp and emasculated truncation of Christianity for too long The human heart longs for a higher purpose a kingdom a cause Christ Jesus King of Kings and Lord of Lords is the answer not communismThe Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains They have a world to win WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES UNITE And so ends a despicable document


Manifest der Kommunistischen ParteiAltho both Engels Marx are on the title page alongside the persistent assumption of joint authorship Engels in the preface to the 1883 German edition wrote it was essentially Marx's work the basic thoughtbelongs solely exclusively to Marx McLellan other scholars believe the actual drafting of The Communist Manifesto was done exclusively by Marx The text itself claims to have been sketched by a group of Communists from various countries gathered in London The Manifesto's initial publication in 1848 in London was in German The 1st English translation was produced by Helen MacFarlane in 1850 The Manifesto went thru a number of editions from 1872. Long overdue update 2013 I read this book five years ago and in almost every respect I have mellowed considerablyYou can read my review below It's unchanged You can read the comments below that Also unchangedI never seriously expected anyone to read this review much less love or hate it so strongly I am not apologizing for my view of the book or Marx He put his entire life into this slender and influential book and I respect that I understand a bit about where he was coming from historically and it doesn't seem as inherently ridiculous as I might have claimed five years ago But I still largely stand by my original take on it What Marx predicts is an oppressive totalitarian regime which would be able to commit all kinds of human rights abuses far too easily I'm not OK with that And I don't think it works from a philosophical point of view mainly because I think it neglects the realities of human nature I think free market capitalism does the exact same thing though the end results are different Or are theyIt's funny People commenting here seem to think I'm a proponent of free market capitalism I do consider myself a capitalist but not of the lassiez faire varietyits track record is poor as far as I'm concerned I'm not Whereas on other posts and comment threads on this same site I've been accused of being a socialist Now that's funnyAnywayDisclaimer I read this book with a heavy bias against Marxist thought That being said I like to think of myself as a logical person so I have framed my thoughts as logically as possible instead of in the 'Communists are bad They just are' line of reasoning That being saidThe spectre of Communism is still haunting the worldit has diedSuffice it to say that I was sorely disappointed with Marx's argument So much so that I fail to believe that anyone over the age of twenty one could take him seriously even on a theoretical basis Perhaps a century and a half of perspective is to blame Maybe I'm missing a dimension of Marx's argument It could simply be that the manifesto is a by product of the industrial revolution that looks uite silly in post industrial AmericaSumming up Marx in two sentences Class struggle is the defining injustice and condition of human society We the proletariat must rise up through a violent and sudden revolution and overthrow our capitalist oppressorsLet me get this straight We're going to overcome class struggle by perpetrating a class war against the bourgoisie If a major goal of communism is to eradicate social classes why does it temporarily aim to establish the proletariat as the ruling classOh right Becauase once the proletariat gains power it will someday voluntarily abdicate said power for the greater good of society As Mugatu said about Zoolander when he points out that all of the latter's 'looks' are actually the same I feel like I'm taking crazy pills It makes little rational senseNow onto specific arguments regarding Marx's generally applicable measures that must be established by the proletariat after the violent overthrow of capitalism It's pretty scary actuallyNo ownership of land a heavy income tax no rights of inheritance seizure of all property from rebels whatever that meanspresumably political enemies and emigrants centralized credit and capital in the hands of the state state ownership of the means of transportation and communication establishment of 'industrial armies' euitable distribution of the populace in town and country and an abolition of child labor with concurrent establishment of public education actually that last point I agree withSuch a strategy will ALWAYS lead to a totalitarian government that needlessly and wantonly causes suffering and economic hardship for the vast majority of its citizensI have yet t