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A poetry tutorial to inform and inspire poets Includes model poems and prompts writing tips and interviews contributed by 56 of our nation's finest poets including 13 former and current state Poets Laureate An additional 45. Diane Lockward's The Crafty Poet A Portable Workshop is a poetry exercisecraft tip book poets and English instructors only dream about a collection divided into sections such as Sound Voice and Syntax each addressing the stated topic with relevant writingrevision suggestions plus a poem provided as a springboard for writing a poem in a similar mode or form There are even examples of poems written from the promptThe Crafty Poet is a brilliant book for teaching beginning poets to examine poems carefully and learnsteal from them Diane's clear and succinct descriptions and analysis assist inexperienced poets with handling moodtone stanza length fixed forms etc But let's face it even seasoned writers okay just speaking for myself need guidance if not a kick in the pants when it comes to putting words on the page especially when subjectsettingsituation formal considerations aren't immediately jumping to mindI don't know about you but often than not I arrive at my writing desk with perhaps a subject but no idea how I will translate my thoughts andor gathered factual information into poetry The danger of this scenario at least for me is that I will invariably choose research think Wikipedia library websites wherever Google happens to lead me amassing pages and pages of notes on say mollusks or Leonardo Da Vinci without writing a word of poetry Definitely disheartening One way to avoid this kind of stall out is to own a copy of The Crafty Poet Here's how I have been using The Crafty Poet to help me reach my goal writing poemsOn days when I am stumped for form content trope and everything in between I head to a uiet place with Lockward's book in tow close my eyes and flip to a page Whatever page I flip to I open my eyes and begin reading note if your eyes land in the middle of an interview you can scoot to the nearest prompt or read the poeminterview and create your own exercise using it As an example for how this method plays out the other day I landed on page 196 in the section titled LineStanza First I read Two Gates by Denise Low I look through glass and see a young woman of twenty washing dishes and the window turns into a painting Then I ingested Lockward's deft analysis and her prompt asking me to look back at a former self and bring forth the person you used to be Along with a few key parameters I was being asked to follow Low's format shooting for 15 lines with a stanza break between line 9 and 10Suddenly instead of staring at a blank page I had an assignment A poem was in my near future I set the timer for fifteen minutes and began writing a poem about a child with a short pixie haircut barred from cheerleading slumber parties and meeting boys at the mall It's not much of a poem after fifteen minutes but I have managed to write fifteen lines and somehow managed to place my stanza break in the reuested place Small victory I know that to for it to become the poem I want it to be I will need to go back to Low's poem and Lockward's prompt read the sample poems again and improve on teasing out my prepubescent self For instance I haven't yet found a way to as speaker look with full knowledge but instead of having nothing at all I am inching in the right direction Bottom line I now have a poem to work on whereas fifteen minutes earlier I had just one thing a blank pageI could read the book from cover to cover but then I would be reading for enjoyment not

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The Crafty Poet A Portable WorkshopAccomplished poets contributed sample poems inspired by the prompts in this book Ideal for use in the classroom this book has been adopted by colleges and universities across the country It is eually ideal for individual u. I love Diane Lockward’s poetry and blog and this workbook came highly recommended by poet friends My expectations were high but the book exceeded them First a disclosure I love reading how to write books but I’m lazy about tackling the exercises If the book is good I will continue returning to it for years to come This how to was my favorite ever so good that I added volume II to my wish list when I was only about 30 pages through this oneReading good poems usually inspires me to start writing without needing added prompts Above all else this craft book is good reading I was flying through it and only stopped to write when my Muse knocked the book from my hands I was trying to shake off a holiday winter election writer’s block I first tried the Poem and Prompt for “American Supermarket Idyll” by Suzanne Zweizig and drafted my favorite poem in months All it took was opening the door then other poems poured forth not always connected in any obvious way to the bookTips offered on revision were even inspired than prompts since they’ll help writing every day I was also gratified when I could nod my head in agreement with experts For example I love short lines and white space on the page perhaps because I’m married to a graphic designer or because I have poor vision This uote from Lockward’s interview with Edward Byrne hit home for me“I like to think of the stanza breaks as the leaven substances that lift or transform what otherwise could be a heavy or doughy passage burdening the poetry”I agree in fact that was one reason I was annoyed by a Proust novel I couldn’t find a break to set the book downFor me Lockward created a charmed formula by combining tips from well known poets interviews with poets on why they did what they did in a specific poem and enough good poems to be a poetry anthology without the tips I felt like I was buoyed up not drowned by fussy rules I’m ordering part II right now

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The Crafty Poet A Portable Workshop review ↠ 0 Ç A poetry tutorial to inform and inspire poets Includes model poems and prompts writing tips and interviews contributed by 56 of our nation's finest poets including 13 former and current state Poets Laureate An additional 45 accomplished poets contributed sample poems inspired by the pSe at home or for group use in workshops Geared for the experienced poet as well as those just getting started Guaranteed to break through any writer's blockThis revised edition contains a full Table of Contents and an Inde. Excellent book for people who want to learn the art of poetry in a very unacademic unscholarly way Looking forward to reading and review part two of this series