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review Regiment of Women: A Novel 103 Å It is the 21st century In New York City the worst fears of future shock have become daily realities for its inhabitants There are freuent pollution alerts and detention centres are located Georgie Cornell goes to work in a white tailored blouse and pleated skirt Only Georgie is a manGeorgie Cornell goes to work in a white tailored blouse and pleated skirt Only Georgie is a m. Set in a mythical future Regiment of Women is a weird jambalaya of a novel Gender norms have been swapped with women being the dominant sex Men can be raped harassed by female hooligans on the streets sexually molested by dirty old women and denied ownership of stores they run But the novel can’t make up its mind what it wants to be Is it a comedic farce in which an Everyman gets wrongfully arrested for transvestism a Federal crime and then tumbles from one ludicrous situation to another Is it meant to be a social satire on the foolishness of gender associations Perhaps it’s a strident tract of feminism disguised as science fiction Then again it might be a screwball romance complete with car chases clothes swapping and impromptu robberies albeit without the reuisite amorous talk and with borderline rapeThe title itself is misleading Surely there are women in charge of military maneuvers But they come off as being a bunch of hapless lackadaisical easily cowed laggards who barely put up resistance or a reasonable fight when Georgie Cornell decides to turn the tables on them Military federal agent or cop they’re just not very effectual in their jobs which seems to be a sharp poke in the eye to anyone who claims women can perform in these roles as well as men if given the chanceThis confusion over the novel’s message means that I can’t rank it very highly While the novel is well written with a panoply of interesting characters surprising scenes and no dead spots in its pages its inability to settle on a recognizable idea or theme means that I can’t recommend it to anyone

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It is the 21st century In New York City the worst fears of future shock have become daily real. In a world where women are the dominant sex and intercourse consists of women sodomizing men one man named Georgie fond of his pretty legs and sporting breast implants will re revolutionize gender from the remote wilds of Maine like the Zuni people left to 'barbarism' in Huxley's 'Brave New World'Fabu

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Regiment of Women A NovelIties for its inhabitants There are freuent pollution alerts and detention centres are located. 45 rating — The concept of this seems uncomplicated enough but the you read it the you realise how jarring and disorienting it is The language used and the way it is written really add to this feeling You forget that the genders have been swapped and you read it as though the main male character is a women The fact that it takes a while for this new gender swap to settle in shows that gender stereotypes are still very much part of our society I loved that it took a book from the 1970s to come to this realisation It is obviously better now but in terms of femininemasculine expectations and traits things have not evolved as much as we would like to thinkAs this was written in the 1970s I don’t know if it is purposely using negative and provocative gender stereotypes to critiue gender roles or whether it is just using the accepted stereotypes of the 1970s Also at first I didn’t know if this was anti women and anti feminism That it was a warning to men to show them what would happen if they allow feminism to continue However as I’m reading this in 2019 it doesn’t really matter what the intention was as it now reads as a very satirical and clever gender manipulation I felt like I was in on the joke and that by the author putting men in the oppressed role it allowed them to feel outrage at the way they are unfairly treated By putting typically female experiences onto a man the author was able to reach men by highlighting that this is in fact the way they treating women So for me if it was intended to be anti feminist and a warning to men then it backfired spectacularly and I would love it for itI have read many feminist dystopia books that are all from the same perceptive of women being mistreated It is their story their voice their struggles I loved this book even as it gave a new perceptive to this genre It makes you think of how the world would be if women were the dominant force It allows you to see how unnatural and absurd it would be if men are treated uneually the way women have been and this in turn allows the reader to see how gender ineuality is unnatural and gender euality is essential This also raises interesting ideas about the concept of gender individual identity and sexuality and how society dictates the ‘norm’ For example when the main character is trying on women’s clothes which are men’s clothes in our world it seems strange If you apply that to our society it would be strange but in the book it highlights that is what is our norm Shows how gender traits are not a biological destiny but a social construct Why do men wear suits and women wear dresses If this was not the normal world and it was a world like in the book would it feel strange for a man to wear a suit and a woman to wear a dress As a reader you are already jarred by the gender manipulation and in the midst of trying to navigate that these ideas sneak up on you and make you uestion everything about gender and society It is a really clever book Again I’m not sure how it would be interpreted or what it’s intention was when it was released but reading it now it is a real eye opener and clever judgment of gender constructs and social critiue I was blown away by the complexity of this book and would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in reading about gender constructs from a different perspective and with a uniue twist