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DOWNLOAD Warum es die Welt nicht gibt 109 é ¿De dónde venimos ¿Somos sólo un montón de partículas elementales y el mundo es un gigantesco contenedor ¿ué significa todo esto El mundo no existe Pero eso no significa ue nada exista Con vívidos ejemplos y experimentos mentales agudeza mental y espíritu provocador el filósofo Markus Gabriel exO no existe Pero eso no significa ue nada exista Con vívidos ejemplos y experimentos mentales agudeza mental y espíritu provocador el filósof. What is perhaps for me most notable about Markus Gabriel’s WHY THE WORLD DOES NOT EXIST is that I came almost completely around to its general line of argumentation as well as the efficacy of its reasoning despite having spent much time during my reading of the first uarter of the book or thereabouts nearly convinced that I absolutely hated it There were a couple of principal reason for this disfavour in the early going These reasons were I believe legitimate Let’s take a moment to consider a passage of Gabriel’s from fairly early in the introduction We might call this passage something akin to a thesis statement “There are planets my dreams evolution the toilet flush hair loss hopes elementary particles and even unicorns on the far side of the moon to mention only a few examples The principle that the world does not exist entails that everything else exists For this reason I can already announce that I will claim as my first principle that everything exists except one thing the world” The crux of the point seems worthy I would imagine it a proposition for which a convincing case might well be made But the delivery is or at least was slightly irksome to me It’s an issue of rhetoric Of course the invocation of “unicorns on the far side of the moon” has given the folks at Polity the publisher of this English translation of the book the inspiration for their uite charming cover I like the cover I liked the cover and I liked the idea that an exhaustive case can be made that literally anything that can be conceived of exists the world being the only exception; these are two of the reasons I bought the book But this business with unicorns on the far side of the moon later they will be presented again augmented with the addition of police uniforms is characteristic of a kind of ueasily cutesy approach to metaphor simile and extrapolation byof example I am not going to overburden you with examples from the text Let me just include one this one from the first chapter “What is this Actually the World” Here we find another analogous bit of silly sophistry Gabriel very much performing the imagining of a hypothetical “mereological sum of all properties” consisting of “my left hand Angela Merkel’s favorite book and the most expensive Currywurst south of Frankfurt plus everything else” Too much of this stuff gets annoying fast You start to imagine that some artificial intelligence prototype or alien from another dimension has come to you believing it can convince you it is human by wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt Perhaps one might also recall unconvincingly undercover Steve Buscemi’s “How do you do fellow kids” from the television comedy series 30 ROCK Of course I am aware that my putting matters thusly brings me dangerously close to practicing the exact same rhetorical method I am critiuing Perhaps I find it all the vexing for being contagious Markus Gabriel is not the only contemporary philosopher theorist or critic who utilizes this particular variety of device I have noted for example its regular utilization in the writings of Terry Eagleton and this has got to be considered one of the reasons that I have essentially decided that I am not going to be reading Terry Eagleton It would seem very likely that part of why I grew increasingly fond of WHY THE WORLD DOES NOT EXIST is that Gabriel uses this particular sort of device less freuently in the later rewarding sections of the

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O Markus Gabriel expone los principios de la existencia y la nada para enfrentarnos con humor a los principios fundamentales de nuestra humanida. A fairly good introduction into Markus Gabriel version of new realism philosophy Clearly articulated and comprehensible to someone who’s not philosophically trained The discussions on good religions are interesting In the closing chapter he suggests the potentially of “uality” TV series This is especially relevant today when Netflix series have somehow keeping us from going to cinemas It’s worth a separate thorough discussion

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Warum es die Welt nicht gibt¿De dónde venimos ¿Somos sólo un montón de partículas elementales y el mundo es un gigantesco contenedor ¿ué significa todo esto El mund. This is a pretty demanding book It's written with wit and in a rather engaging style but it's still a tough intellectual work out On the whole I think it's worth the effort but it's not an unmitigated intellectual treat by any meansI am not a philosopher although I have studied Philosophy of Science and it's an interest which I have kept up Markus Gabriel makes a decent stab at moving on from the sort of postmodern nonsense we've been subjected to of our internal view of the world cannot be the world itself so therefore anyone's internal view is eually valid He does it with wit and verve and makes a decent case for his New RealismIt's not really for an amateur like me in a place like this to attempt to assess how valid Gabriel's ideas may be However with his admittedly slightly playful assertion that the title that the world as an entirety is not to be found within the world and therefore cannot exist he seems to me to be on some very thin philosophical ice Philosophers do like to play fast and loose with logical operators like therefore and because and Gabriel isn't immune from this For what it's worth this just reads to me as a simple category error like Here we have a pair of gloves However the pair is not contained within the gloves so therefore the pair cannot exist The physical gloves and the concept of a pair are not of the same category so this is plainly logical nonsense and Gabriel seems to me to be making the same error about the world I had a similar sense in a number of places but it's reasonably cogent and sound enough to be stimulating rather than just infuriating This is a considerable relief to someone who has actually read the whole of Baudrillard's The Gulf War Did Not Take Place for exampleThere is sometimes the slightly arrogant feel which seems to occur in a lot of philosophical writing where authors adopt an if you don't agree then you're too stupid to understand tone It's not as bad here as in some I've read though and at least the writing is largely comprehensible I'd say this is well worth a go if you're interested in this sort of thing It is decently written has some stimulating stuff in it and did make me think which is I suppose what I'm looking for in a book like this I can recommend it on that basis