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Free read Ì The Hidden Dimension ï PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ê ¿Cuáles son las subestructuras biológicas de las ue nacen determinados aspectos del comportamiento humano La dimensión oculta pone de manifiesto el hecho de ue el hombre es antes ue nada miembro del reino animal y como tal prisionero de su organRuye en torno suyo en el hogar y el trabajo aumentar la identificación del individuo consigo mismo e intensificar la experiencia y disminuir la alienación De ahí ue su tema sea el espacio personal y la percepción ue el hombre tiene de él Auí el autor inventa una nueva voz proxémica ue designa las observaciones y teorías interrelacionadas del empleo ue hace el hombre del espacio como elaboración especializada de la cultura Como las normas proxémicas son distintas según los diferentes contextos culturales aunue el hombre sea fisiológica y genéticamente de una misma especie Edwar. Ok so usually I don’t rate non fiction theoretical books But I’ve read this one for my big end of studies project One of my teachers recommends it to me for the topic I want to work with And it didn’t help me I mean I only took note of 2 things out of the whole book and the last one was page 83 out of 244

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¿Cuáles son las subestructuras biológicas de las ue nacen determinados aspectos del comportamiento humano La dimensión oculta pone de manifiesto el hecho de ue el hombre es antes ue nada miembro del reino animal y como tal prisionero de su organismo biológico Pero este libro trata de la experiencia modificada por la cultura es decir las experiencias profundas ue comparten los miembros de una cultura dada y sirven de base para comunicar cualuier suceso El autor pretende en este análisis sobre el empleo ue hace el hombre del espacio ue mantiene entre sí y sus congéneres y el ue const. I saw this book referenced in many works on technology and social organization Since I like to think about such things and since I like to know the theoretical background of scholars who generate the sour metal taste of repugnance in my mind I picked up this book My first impression was 'this could have been really cutting edge for the turn of the century'It was published in 1969The idea of the book according the the author's preface was to deal with the following Information overload increases the need for organizing frames of reference to integrate the mass of rapidly changing information The Hidden Dimension attempts to provide such an organizing frame for space as a system of communication and for the spatial aspects of architecture and city planningDrawing from the concept of linguistic relativity Hall argues that 'culture' should be viewed as the same sort of extension as the Sapir Whorf hypothesis and thus “In light of what is known of ethnology it may be profitable in the long run if man is viewed as an organism that has elaborated and specialized his extensions to such a degree that they have taken over and are rapidly replacing nature In other words man has created a new dimension the cultural dimension of which proxemics is only a part The relationship between man and the cultural dimension is on in which both man and his environment participate in molding each other”This had potential as Hall was willing to consider smell distance and other sensations in his analysis To demonstrate such sensations however the book falls into a number of broad generalization about animal behavior random animals from birds to lions without any conscious effort to deal with lifespan and social structure differences in these species to broad generalizations about human behavior Grouping discussions of the german english and French can I SUPPOSE be SOMEHOW justified but JAPAN and a generic ARAB WORLD without any conscious effort to make a gesture towards gender economic status region or age I should have known that this book would be disappointing since Marshall McLuhan and Walter Ong were the major celebrants of this work blech

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The Hidden DimensionD T Hall considera a individuos de distintos núcleos culturales alemanes ingleses franceses japoneses árabes y norteamericanos Existe una profunda interrelación entre las crisis educacional étnica y urbana y si se consideran con ampiitud se pueden percibir las tres como diferentes fases de una crisis de magnitud superior consecuencia inevitable y natural del hecho de ue el hombre ha creado una nueva dimensión la dimensión cultural ue en su mayor parte permanece oculta a nuestra mirada El objeto es saber hasta ué punto puede el hombre descuidar conscientemente esta dimensión de su s. A refreshing studying social distancing relevant during during the coronavirus pandemic acutely than when the book was published in 1969 Though I was already familiar with the basic concepts and the significance of anthropology to increase our understanding of cultural differences in our space reuirements I especially enjoyed the discussions on the place of architecture appropriate to different cultures and space preferences It reminded me of Russian era kitchens built for the Poles in ugly high rises during the Soviet occupation Russian plans were not designed to fit Polish culture values