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Glittering and empty marriage of convenienceThen tragedy brought Steve the ownership of a ranch out West Gamely Geraldine went with him forfeiting her income and defying her father's wishes in order to liv. This was Emilie Loring's first novel although she had written for magazines several years previously; my copy is the 4th printing of the 1969 Bantam edition which was book #42 in their line of Loring reissues Loring wrote 30 books before her death in 1951; 20 novels were published under her name after her death ghostwritten by others It's fascinating to read a romance novel written almost a hundred years ago which contains the trope of a marriage of convenience where a couple marries for reasons other than love In this case the couple marry because a wealthy oil tycoon Daniel Glamorgan wants his daughter Geraldine Jerry to marry into a family with a good name since the Glamorgans have money but not respectable status Peter Courtlandt is in financial debt to Glamorgan but Daniel offers to not foreclose on his home if Courtland's son Steve will agree to marry Jerry whom Steve has never met The arrangement is agreed to but then there is another complication and familiar trope a deceased relative's will states that Steve can only inherit if he lives on a remote ranch in Wyoming with his wife for a year This is also reluctantly agreed to and so the couple move to the ranch and eventually learn to be married in than name only Most of the novel takes place out on the ranch and has the feel of a western albeit in the 1920s; unfortunately I enjoyed the novel before they went out west since the drawing room banter was fun to read The writing style can sometimes be a bit of a chore to get through when it is spending time describing how things look and the characters are not particularly likable There are a lot of folks that show up out here by the ranch including a bit unbelievably ones from earlier in the book as well as Steve's wartime WW1 past The narrative drags and doesn't really get interesting until Chapter 14 as the mystery about the criminal plot picks up This paperback edition is A Bantam Romance as it says on the cover but the romance angle doesn't come into the forefront again until near the end of the book almost like an anti climax after the criminal plot has been foiled However it is written well and there are some interesting observations on life here and there The age of the novel lends an extra historical appeal too For example in chapter 3 when Jerry argues with an old man she says What a pre nineteenth amendment sentiment The 19th amendment to the US Constitution which gave women the right to vote was ratified in 1920 The silent film actress Nazimova is mentioned at one point Of course there are also some racial stereotype on display to the novel's detriment One of the young men working on the ranch who is involved in the novel's secondary romance is often uoting lines of classic literature lines which may have been common knowledge in 1922 but were mostly unknown to me A modern reader might have fun Googling the lines that are uoted to find out where they came from While I'm glad I read the novel to obtain a taste of an early Loring effort I doubt that I would read it again for pleasure or recommend it to others It was just too much of a chore to get through in order to savor the small bits of enjoyment that it offered

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The Trail of ConflictE as a simple rancher's wife Just as it seemed that their new life might at last bring them together mysterious events endangered her safety and a misunderstanding threatened to wreck her new found happines. I'm an Emilie Loring collector and enjoy reading her books but this wasn't one of my favorites It was still entertaining and I appreciated the morals but the writing wasn't very clean The mystery was hard to follow and I found myself constantly wondering what was going on Also the craving for a title is not something we understand much any these daysBut it was still Emilie Loring and I like a uick clean sweet happy ending romance every now and then and that's what you get with her works

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The Trail of Conflict Free read ¼ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ In the wedding of the decade Geraldine Glamorgan's millions were united with Steve Courtlandt's aristocratic name Both young handsome vibrantly alive they found themselves for better or for worse bound in a glittering and empty marriage of convenienceThen tragedy In the wedding of the decade Geraldine Glamorgan's millions were united with Steve Courtlandt's aristocratic name Both young handsome vibrantly alive they found themselves for better or for worse bound in a. Story had aGray Cloudcast over itthat kept mefrom liking it1 Gloomy StarTTS ListenCleanMild Language