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Grape Olive Pig is a deeply personal exploration of a country where eating and living are inextricably linked As Anthony Bourdain said “Any reasonable sentient person who looks to Spain comes to Spain eats in Spain drinks in Spain they’re gonna fall in love Otherwise there’s something deeply wrong with you”Matt Goulding introduces you to the sprawling culinary and geographical landscape of his adoptive home and offers an intimate portrait of this multifaceted country its remarkable people and its complex history Fall in love with Barcelona’s tiny tapas bars and modernist culinary temples Explore the movable feast of small plates and late nights in Madrid Join the three thousand year old hunt for Bluefin tuna off the coast of Cadiz then continue your seafood journey north to meet three sisters who risk their liv. Fantastic storytelling coupled with the perfect contextualization of Spain through the country’s profoundly diverse food and regional cultures

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Grape Olive PigEs foraging the gooseneck barnacle one of Spain’s most treasured ingredients Delight in some of the world’s most innovative and avant garde edible creations in San Sebastian and then wash them down with cider from neighboring Asturias Sample the world’s finest acorn fed ham in Salamanca share in the traditions of cave dwelling shepherds in the mountains beyond Granada and debate what constitutes truly authentic paella in ValenciaGrape Olive Pig reveals hidden gems and enduring delicacies from across this extraordinary country contextualizing each meal with the stories behind the food in a cultural narrative complemented by stunning color photography Whether you’ve visited Spain or have only dreamed of bellying up to its tapas bars Grape Olive Pig will wake your imagination rouse your hunger and capture your heart. Many travel and food tomes avoid politics assiduously Avoid too much controversy so as to sell books Anthony Bourdain blazed a trail many years ago now in giving people credit for their ability to think and their curiosity about the societies in which travel cooking and eating take place Bourdain wrote books and made TV shows in which he travelled to various parts of the world including those that have been affected by war and violence and investigated what people ate He smoked talked politics even shared a piece of wild boar anus and an ostrich egg omelette with Kalahari bush tribes It is no wonder therefore that Matt Goulding counts Bourdain as a friend and a source of inspiration for the company he set up Roads and Kingdoms that meld travel food and politics together in book and travel app format The presentation of the book might lead you to think this is just another semi coffee table book but with words Yes it comes with pictures and plenty of words Goulding travels to the nine regions of Spain and brings the reader in depth essays on the food history politics and culture of each region focusing sometimes on one thing per region The ritual of tuna trapping wrestling and catching in Cadiz the cave and shepherd communities also including Goulding's Spanish family of Granada and the women goose barnacle collectors of Galicia are just some of the topics he delves into The lack of food in Spain in the 1940s leading to all kind of 'povertymisery cuisine' in the wake of the Spanish Civil War as well as the diminishing catch in the Mediterranean today are all topics that Goulding addresses Plenty to read about and learn in this book including a tapas taxonomy and how to drink cider in Asturias The Trip in Spain should have read this book first

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Read ☆ Grape, Olive, Pig 108 Ç Winner of the 2017 IACP Award Literary or Historical Food WritingGourmand World Cookbook Award Winner Culinary Travel Best Book of November 2016 Cookbooks Food and WineFinancial Times Best Books of 2017 Food and TravelGoulding is pioneering a new type of writing about food His last book Rice Noodle Fish took an immersivWinner of the 2017 IACP Award Literary or Historical Food WritingGourmand World Cookbook Award Winner Culinary Travel Best Book of November 2016 Cookbooks Food and WineFinancial Times Best Books of 2017 Food and TravelGoulding is pioneering a new type of writing about food His last book Rice Noodle Fish took an immersive approach to Japan that combined travel social observation and food lore His new book on Spain offers little cooking advice but an inuisitive foodie intellectual's experience Financial TimesCrafted in the same “refreshing” AP “inspirational” Publishers Weekly and “impeccably observed” Eatercom style that drove Rice Noodle Fish Roads Kingdoms again presents a book that will change the way readers eat and travel abroad The second in their series of unexpected and delightful gastro tourism books. A book like Grape Olive Pig should carry a warning level and that warning level should say something like Do not read on an empty stomach I would also be inclined to add Make sure you already have a future trip to Spain planned Unfortunately for me I do not have a trip to Spain booked yet but this book makes me think that Spain needs to be a little higher up on my list This book is a exploration of all of the delicious food that Spain has to offer The author lives in Spain and is married to a Spanish woman He is from the United States but fell in love with the gastronomic culture of the country and treats readers to a first hand look at what makes Spain such a rich food culture In the tradition of shows like Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain who put his name on this book this book explores in a way that will make readers feel like they're right alongside of the author as he eats delectable seafood for a late night dinner and steaming hot churros for breakfast in the morningThe writing is soooo very detailed in the book and all of the detail leaps off of the page This is exactly why you can't read this book on an empty stomach The book is broken down by regions which really made me appreciate how different the menus and food culture is throughout Spain where people are inclined to associate themselves with region rather than country In addition to just talking about delicious food I really liked that the author included tips for traveling to Spain as well as profiles of various people associated with the food world in Spain This book is travel writing done right Goulding fully immerses readers in a new world where the writing is so detailed that you can taste the food and picture exactly what the world of the Spaniards looks feels and sounds like This was a true treat for me This book is the definition of what armchair traveling should feel likeThis is the second book in a series from Roads and Kingdoms a website that brings together travel food and culture The first book was Rice Noodle Fish which was an exploration of food culture in Japan and after reading this book I'm very excited to read the first book