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review Nightshades (Nightshades, #1) é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ü Alex McKenna is the new Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago office of the Bureau of Paranormal Investigations—the division tasked with investigating crimes involving shadesOr vampires as they’re widely knownChildren have been going miAlex McKenna is the new Special Agent in Charge of the Chicago office of the Bureau of Paranormal Investigations the division tasked with investigating crime. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsIt's no secret that I don't like Dead Things ghosts zombies ghouls vampires Vampires are an exception freuently than other Dead Things but they're rarely something I deliberately look for when picking out a bookBUTOccasionally an author manages to strike a balance that is pleasing to mine eyes Someone manages to capture to undeadliness the bloodthirsty ruthlessness while setting apart an individual or small group of individuals who have tenaciously clung to their former humanity shunning the brutality of their old school counterpartstips hatMeet Lindy or Sieglind to not her friends who despite vampires coming out of the proverbial closet still lives and works among the humans Secretly of course Until the one vamp the government has managed to capture gives her up anywayBut rather than slaughtering the puny human who attempts to corner her then hitting the road she agrees to help him Lindy has a broader vision of the future than some of her vampire brethren She dreams of a world where her kind can coexist with the humans And in order for that dream to become reality a powerful vampire hell bent on teaching humans their place in the food chain must be stopped This is the story of how with the help of humans she begins to do just that And lemme tell you the obstacles encountered along the way kept me flying through the pages of my favorite Torcom short story to date FYI It's not a new spin on vampires but what Olson does with the well known creature is highly entertaining In a world where the existence of the supernatural is undeniably revealed there are a million ways humanity can respond to that knowledge and NIGHTSHADES is hopefully the first of many installments in Olson's version of that brave new world Highly recommended

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Ome unlikely allies to get to the bottom of the problem and find the kids before it’s too late Nightshades is a new gritty urban fantasy from Melissa F Ols. Reviews courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyMelissa F Olson has become one of my insta buy authors I haven't read anything of hers I haven't liked and NIGHTSHADES is no exception to that NIGHTSHADES is a gritty police procedural in an awesome urban fantasy worldNIGHTSHADES introduces a great cast of characters in what will hopefully turn into Olson's next series NIGHTSHADES is a shorter novel so it mainly focuses on three people in the newly minted Bureau of Paranormal Investigations Despite the length of the novel I still felt like I got to know those three characters and they were well developedVampire are overdone There are too many urban fantasyparanormal romance books out there revolving around vampires at this point so if you're going to use them you have to make them different I'm not guaranteeing that someone else hasn't done vampires this way before but I felt that NIGHTSHADES put a couple of different twists on vampires that made the story enjoyableMy only complaint about NIGHTSHADES is the same problem I have with lots of TV shows these days Why in the world do you go into a situation with vampires who can take a huge beating before going down in addition to being faster and stronger than you with only government issue 9mms These guys work for the FBI they have access to tactical shotguns that can shoot solid metal slugs many times the size of a 9mm bullet But it's a common mistake made by people who aren't familiar with gunsIf you're looking for a fun uick read pick up NIGHTSHADES If you enjoy watching police procedural TV shows and would like to see that mixed with your favorite genre urban fantasy pick up NIGHTSHADES If you just have 3 lying around pick up NIGHTSHADES you won't regret it I hope that Melissa F Olson gets the go ahead from TOR to continue this series because I'm eager to see what happens next

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Nightshades Nightshades #1S involving shadesOr vampires as they’re widely knownChildren have been going missing and agents are routinely being slaughtered It’s up to McKenna and s. 35 starsNeed to say this first Cliffhanger is EVIL How could you authorI am familiar with Melissa F Olson's other urban fantasy series and I like them very much so I don't really think twice of trying this new one of hers The opening was uite a punch scary and gritty Then the story rolled I liked Olson's portrayal of vampires or shades I liked the characters introduced as well Alex McKenna the new SAC of Bureau of Paranormal Investigations Chicago who has a chip on his shoulder trying to prove himself being his own man without the family name behind him Then there's Lindy a millenia old vampire who tries to cut ties from other shades and blends with humans They team up to catch Hector view spoilerLindy's brother hide spoiler