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Read ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Å Nicholson Baker Dult party line Finding each other's voice attractive they soon switch to a private one to. I’m sure this high rating probably reflects poorly on me but I don’t care I enjoyed the hell out of this smutty little book Perhaps it’s only modesty and some form of self conscious restraint that prevent me from awarding it the final star The structure and dialogue reminded me of Richard Linklater’s Beyond Sunrise Both have this awkward yet somehow too perfectly scripted flow but nevertheless possess an endearing unashamed honesty which despite the unrealistic nature of the fantasy manages to capture something essentially sweet and human – in this case the simple need to talk and to make an honest personal connection Both Linklater and Baker wonderfully capture those anxious beautiful moments of connecting profoundly and unexpectedly with someone for the first time Maybe I’m just a softie but this kind of thing just makes me effusively happy Oh and the sex stuff was pretty good too

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Review Þ Vox Author Nicholson Baker 102 ñ A man and a woman strangers to each other residents of distant cities have both called an adult party line Finding each other's voice attractive they soon switch to a private one to one connection Their seduction through conversation begins hesitantly and then becomes erotic One connection Their seduction through conversation begins hesitantly and then becomes erot. What surprised me about this book was just how boring it was I'd purchased it in college after having gotten to know as much as one can know someone you can't trust over several months of almost daily calls the random phone sex caller at my college And as happens in this book our talks ranged in subject from his religious views which I found uite odd considering how he'd found me to philosophy to my negative views of myself And so my expectations were very high when I found out about this book I wanted to relive the experience I'd had or come to a better understanding of it Instead I got tiresome and unlikely dialogue between two dowdy and poorly dressed adults I knew it was safest not to visualize In a book about a phone conversation couldn't Baker have paid attention to how conversations usually unfold Why did the characters go into monologues each time they spoke with the other patiently waiting their turn or transfixed by what I could not believe was transfixing This is a speech exchange between two very patient very boring individuals Good luck

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Vox Author Nicholson BakA man and a woman strangers to each other residents of distant cities have both called an a. Vox Sounds almost like an expletive It’s Latin for voice But also a US news website A children’s book I read to my then eight year old Vox pop Ultravox and so back to voiceThis short book reads as the transcript of the conversation between two strangers Abby and Jim who connect one to one via a sex line in the early 1990s The brain is the sexiest organ and the voice is a conduit from one mind to another pitch timbre accent and intonation determine the hearer’s response at least as much as the words themselves The right voice can raise one’s spirits heart rate and libido than any oiled six pack As Marshall McLuhan said “The medium is the message” But reading about voices talking about intimate things what’s that like“ It excites me uite a bit to tell you that I’m going to tell you”It is inherently prurient and voyeuristic but probably tame compared with Fifty Shades and everything is at at least one remove you read about the fantasy of hearing or reading about or watching other people talk about or act out their fantasies This is not my usual fare and I’m too conflicted for my star rating to have any meaning Hence two short reviews in contrastFeeble Smut for the Body“ When I come inside it feels mystical but muffled it’s as if I don’t feel the perimeter of my cock any because that’s merged with her it’s melted away and all I feel is the technical interior conduit structure of the thing and the bulb of come swelling and all that I lose a sense of outer boundaries” UghAbby mentions yeast infections four times in thirty pages How is that sexy And there’s a long list of things that Jim is not aroused by including poolside shots wet t shirts women’s feet Victorian style lingerie pigtails and having men nearby They both have a distaste for certain sexual words including breasts ass masturbation and horny for which they use alternatives fransKleins tock ditherfiddlestrum and pornygornyyornyMuch of what Jim and Abby do and the fantasies and past experiences they describe are both banal andor slightly strange but not necessarily in an arousing way The comical impracticalities of making an image of one’s cock on an office photocopier were diluted by the fact it’s such a cliché And passé too now that almost everyone has a smartphone with camera and SnapChatAt first I was a little frustrated at how slow it was Nicholson Baker’s obsession with tiny details is captivating in the largely non sexual The Mezzanine see my parody review HERE but in this context it is often of a distraction than an enhancement Things did heat up but towards the end I was feeling impatient again a little bored even I wanted Abby and Jim to hurry up so I could move onto something else Something better An oxymoronic anticlimactic climax And if anyone can explain or give me a link to “thin Europop electronic sex music” which is apparently “dimensionless” I’d be fascinated and grateful It might even be of a turn on Slow Build Steamy Thrill for the MindMost of the conversation felt natural and plausible by turns cautious playful intimate mundane jocular and erotic Abby had almost eual time and it crescendoed nicely with little dips along the way I enjoyed the shower scenes the oil and even the fringed blanket I’m not so sure about the circus elephants though There are interesting musings on porn This one made me smile dubbed videos are better “because you’ve got layers you’ve got the graphic stuff going on but you’ve got mouths saying Italian sex words and then American actors going ooh and aah”But better than videos is “written porn it gives your brain a vaginal orgasm it records thoughts rather than exclusively images Telepathy on a budget” Well in theory What I liked most was the recurring exploration of vicarious pleasure something Abby and Jim both indulge in many permutations And then there’s Jim relishing second hand romance novels“ They weren’t identical because every one of them had been read They looked handled All of their pages were turned Turned by women I felt as if I were lifting a towel that was still damp from a woman’s shower Hundreds of female orgasms could be inferred from the books themselves You didn’t need to invade anybody’s privacy It was all there in the pliability and thumbedness of the book”My copy is second hand pliable and thumbed but with no sign of intimate interaction before or after I read it Image Sources• Phone cable • Box of tissues • Phone with knickers • Used books