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Rude Boy USA Free download á 5 µ Say good bye to the era of godfathers The Chimera Group has put a new face on organized crimeMob boss Bernie Banks and his associates—John Ben and Jerome—differ from your ordinary Sicilian and Irish mob families Two white two black they style themselves after the Rude Boy culture made popular in JamaicaOperating aIly and they face internal strife when one of the associates begins dating a former Playboy Club waitress who wants in on the groupWill they make it to the top or will they fallReviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' FavoriteA story that begins with someone spitting in another’s face and getting tortured and killed for a secret he can’t reveal immediately raises a lot of interest and curiosity in readers but the grim fun is yet to begin Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton is a riveting story of an unuenchable thirst for power and terror featuring characters that will draw powerful emotions from readers Bernie Banks has slowly but surely established himself as a powerful gangster with unusual but ruthless methods of operating At a time he and his boys are sure to get on the top of the game a powerful rival joins the game and a waitres. When you read a lot you come to realize how rare a totally uniue voice can be in literature This realization first came to me a long time ago as I read The World According to Garp by John Irving I had that same feeling of discovering a truly uniue and compelling voice as I read RUDE BOY USA by Victoria Bolton I love these characters Gangsters are usually portrayed with a certain flair but I haven’t seen such interesting crime characters or such a descriptive narrative on their lives since The Sopranos The characters drive RUDE BOY USA This is a story about gangsters in the New York New Jersey and Philadelphia area so we know roughly how the story will go But the journey is so much fun with Victoria Bolton and this amazing cast of characters The core of RUDE BOY USA revolves around the Chimera Group Bernie the CEO and one of the four founding members chose the name to honor his Greek heritage and his obsession with Greek mythology Ben is the obligatory Italian American of the group Jerome Dexter the third group member is a slim light skinned black man John the last member of the group is also a light skinned black These men are an eclectic group by design and each operates in a different borough of New York This is the sixties and seventies When you mix the chaos and excitement of these times with the combustible nature of these characters and the gangster environment you have a great novel

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S causes a distraction that could break the solid Chimera Group The big uestion is who’ll make it to the top in this game of power where no one accepts defeatVictoria Bolton’s Rude Boy USA will take readers deep into the psychology of kingpins and the mechanics of the game of power Bolton writes with unwavering confidence and grace unveiling a plot that is laced with unusual turns and sudden surprises a pace that uickens with the reader’s heartbeat The characters are as real as they are compelling sometimes funny and at times very very nasty The language is blunt so blunt the reader can suirm at times at what they hear The dialogue comes off the pages naturally and draws readers in as the plot progresses to a rocket like climax This is a book I will gladly recommend to fans of thrillers and crime fiction An enjoyable read inde. Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton is focused around the mob in New York City in the 1960s and 1970s Normally I would not have picked up this type of book but I thought the synopsis sounded excitingBernie John Jerome and Ben were the big wigs in a companymob called Chimera With two white males one being Jewish and two black men many mobs of the city thought them to be wannabe Italian mobsters Through the course of the book the reader and other mobs find that they are just as capable as any other mob in New York The writing style throughout this book was a narrative that seemed very choppy to me I was not a fan of this style Sentences were uite short and made it seem cut up and almost child like For a mob book I'm not sure this was the correct approachThe story itself was somewhat sporadic and I'm not exactly sure what the plot was supposed to be Years passed but I have no idea how many years spanned the entire story It was nice to see the growth of the love between Celia and John though There were a few deaths throughout the story obviously and when this happened it was so straight forward it seemed fake It basically stated the character was dead Overall I rate this title with 3 stars I liked it but I didn't love it and the writing style was just too choppy for my taste

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Rude Boy USASay good bye to the era of godfathers The Chimera Group has put a new face on organized crimeMob boss Bernie Banks and his associates John Ben and Jerome differ from your ordinary Sicilian and Irish mob families Two white two black they style themselves after the Rude Boy culture made popular in JamaicaOperating as a shell investment company supported by illegal activities the Chimera Group hopes to become as powerful as other crime families and gain respect from the Cosa Nostra Bernie a war veteran of Jewish and Greek descent begins his business in his apartment and grows it into a multimillion dollar empire He and his crew resemble a sophisticated subculture of urban street gangsters with their Ray Ban sunglasses loafers and debonair style But they want fear and admirationTheir efforts draw the attention of the rival Ambrosino fam. Rude Boy USA by Victoria Bolton is a story about organized crime that is set in the 1960s in New York City It shows an underdog gang known the Chimera take on NYC and while getting noticed by the Ambrocino family who are top notch in what they do Its a story that grips you straight from the beginning and keeps your attention until the very end This book is filled with crime violence and drugs galore and lets not forget about all the sex Bernie and his Chimera crew dress nice appear to be highly sophisticated members and seem very respectable but they crave They crave respect of the other crime lords and mob bosses around as well as fear of those below them The story line flows very nicely and the writing style is done in such a way that it keeps your attention to the very end The plot is believable and the characters build very well throughout the story Given the level of violence drugs and sexual content throughout the book I would not recommend it for a younger crowd but would highly recommend it for adults readers that enjoy this genre It was a uick and easy read especially will how much it sucks you in I read the book in just 2 days not really wanting to put it down This was a first for me by this author but definitely not my last