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Rogue Economics review ✓ 100 â What do Eastern Europe's booming sex trade America's subprime mortgage lending scandal China's fake goods industry and celebrity philanthropy in Africa have in common With biopirates trolling the blood industry fish farming bandits ravaging the high seas pornography developing virtually in Second Life and games like WWhat do Eastern Europe's booming sex trade America's subprime mortgage lending scandal China's fake goods industry and celebrity philanthropy in Africa have in common With biopirates trolling the blood industry fish farming bandits ravaging the high seas pornography developing virtually in Second Life and games. Have you read any good Economics book lately The book is “ ROGUE ECONOMICS” and the author’s Loretta NapoleoniIt’s a tell all economic tale of what happens when ‘Economy’ breaks away from ‘Politics’ and how all of hell’s doors are opened If it were a movie it would be a mixed genre A bit on the Tarantino side and a lot on the Matrix trilogy with the rythm of a “Bourne Ultimatum”From the Russian and Chinese mafias the Italian n’dranghetta money laundering patents and corporations to paypal and e Gold and “Second Life” with its avatar inhabitants Linden dollars and surreal real estate transactions it’s a 21st century wild west story of international pirates both virtual and nautical fish sweatshops hooligans Plato politics and Football understand as soccer It’s also about the slums of Nigeria and about how Africa would be better off if ‘they’ just stopped paralyzing her with pseudo economic aid; Amazing figures and facts as well as statistical data that will keep your head spinning Guaranteed The book amasses stupefying numbers page after page shedding on the light in the darkest alleys of the globe The author brilliantly connects the dots in a most surprising highly ingenious and most unbiased and delightful manner The book is filled with fascinating statistics that will make you wonder“The notion that people today smoke less than twenty years ago is an illusion On the contrary Western tobacco multinationals have become richer than oil companies In 2005 Philip Morris whose best selling brand is Marlboro made 46 billion profits in the USA and 78 billion internationally higher than small countries’ GDP a 30 percent decline in cigarette consumption in the West can be offset by as little as a 2 percent increase in the Asian market” Here’s “ More people die in plane crashes caused by faulty parts than perish in terrorist attacks yet the trade in illegal parts is ignored by politicians” and also this “ Bananas are the single most profitable item sold by British supermarkets almost half goes to the supermarket 45 percent importers pocket 18 percent the plantation company garners 155 percent and the workers receive 25 percent “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg This economic thriller will keep you on your toes from beginning to end And what an end Insightful prophetic unusual and undeniable A uniue book that captures the immediacy of the global economic concerns with an unprecedented analysis of the facts It is not a freak economics view of the world nor is it one that claims the world is flat hot and crowded it's rich complex and simpler too ; A category by itself that shines with unadulturated sharpness lucidity and character Napoleoni combines extraordinary reporting skills and a most powerful analysis to create an adrenaline filled book about today's Economy And in the process she paints a picture of today's world with the most artistic angles and shades It's a thrill watching a maestro at work Her book is a satellite view from space but not taken by a satellite rather an unusually skilled photographer But I won’t spoil the surprise All I’ll say is that the epilogue has to do with “Magic markets” than “Matrix markets” not to forget ‘nanotechnology’ But as Loretta says “that’s a topic for another book” And the saga continues“ROGUE ECONOMICS” it’s a pure intellectual treat Adrenaline for your mindAn enlightened and enlightening treaty of today’s global economyCaution HIGHLY ADDICTIVE

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Like World of Warcraft spawning online sweatshops how are rogue industries transmuting into global empires And will the entire system be transformed by the advent of sharia economics With the precision of an economist and the narrative deftness of a storyteller syndicated journalist Loretta Napoleoni examines ho. While the book contained a lot of interesting and eye opening stories throughout the book I had two recurring problems that kept popping up One on a small scale and the other on a big oneFirst I encountered a few insignificant but obvious errors in small details that I happen to know about This always makes me wonder about he much bigger things I don’tThe bigger problem is the author’s tendency to connect all problems to the fall of the Berlin Wall even when sometimes acknowledging that before that event life might not always be rosy either This seems to ignore the fact that most people are better off now then they were a century ago That is not to say all is well today as the book makes abundantly clear but putting the fall of the Berlin Wall as the start of ‘when things went wrong’ feels at best arbitraryBut while these points were always present they never turned me off the book However near the end it really falls apart for me It might be easy to laugh with the full benefit of hindsight about the shining role in future economics the author assigned to Malaysia in the wake of the 1MDB scandal But already in 2008 it should have been clear that the Sheiks of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf would not uite turn out to be the champions of a inclusive economy The final theory suffers from the one that often described communism great in theory but completely disregarding the fact that it involves people in practiceIn all this is a book that is great in signaling problems but average in identifying the causes and terrible in its proposed solutions

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Rogue EconomicsW the world is being reshaped by dark economic forces creating victims out of millions of ordinary people whose lives have become trapped inside a fantasy world of consumerism Napoleoni reveals the architecture of our world and in doing so provides fresh insight into many of the most insoluble problems of our er. Very interesting and well written book about economic and social topics