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Ge's spirited kid sister Lizzie freshly booted from boarding school for a dalliance Throughout his cousin's uibbling footnotes to the text push the story into comedy nirvanaLionel and his friends encounter trapdoors duels anarchist fearing bobbies the social pressure of not knowing enough about art history and the poisonous wit of his poetical archenemy Fresh action packed and very very funny The Gentleman is a giddy farce that recalls the masterful confections of PG Wodehouse and Hergé's beautifully detailed Tintin adventur. Hilarious You know Murphy's Law Anything that can go wrong will go wrong That's exactly what happens to poor Lionel Savage after an encounter with the Devil occurs at the same time his wife goes missing At the same time his younger sister gets kicked out of school for performing indecent activities The story takes off from there with an introduction to a uirky cast of characters that join Lionel on his adventure to save his wife from the Devil he thinks he sold her to by accident You'll be laughing the whole way through from the uick fire banter to the ridiculous imagination that plagues our un lovable protagonist Filled with anything but Gentlemen except for the Devil of course this is a fun romp through Victorian England that you will want to take again and again

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The GentlemanA funny fantastically entertaining debut novel in the spirit of Wodehouse and Monty Python about a famous poet who inadvertently sells his wife to the devil then recruits a band of adventurers to rescue herWhen Lionel Savage a popular poet in Victorian London learns from his butler that they're broke he marries the beautiful Vivien Lancaster for her money only to find that his muse has abandoned him Distraught and contemplating suicide Savage accidentally conjures the Devil the polite Gentleman of the title who appears at on. Imagine for a moment that you're unhappily married and you meet the Devil who isn't a hoofed fiery horror but a gentleman You strike up a conversation with him in which you mention that you're absolutely depressed and unable to continue on because of your martial situation The Devil sympathizes with you for a time then when he's gone you discover that your wife has disappeared as well Time to freak out or celebrate This happens to Lionel at the beginning of this tale and it just gets better from there The Gentleman is written in Victorian England but with a slightly steampunk twist The style is very silly as if Terry Pratchett had written a historical fiction in our world instead of Discworld The author utilizes footnotes just like Pratchett to add layers to the tale and an outside narrative I enjoyed it a lotFirst of all Lionel spent a great deal of his fortune on books Who could fault a hero for that I don't buy anything except books You cannot possibly tell me I've suandered my fortune upon books Suander is not the word I would have used sir But it was the books that did it I believe Well there it was We were paupers pg 2 So like any self respecting Victorian gentleman Lionel sets about to find a rich wifeThough successful then he finds that he can't write a word worth reading I'm a poet and poets aren't meant to marry Poets are meant to dream and dance in the moonlight and love hopelessly pg 57Simmons the long suffering butler is my favorite character Throughout the madness and hijinks of the main characters he is a voice of reason and calm Take this moment after Lionel's initial meeting with the Gentleman Do you consider me morally reprehensible for inadvertently selling my wife to the devil 'I do sir' Simmons says I had feared as much I was feeling morally deficient but wondered if that was only because of my weariness pg 91The dialogue is snappy the characters are great and the whole thing is just silly fun The Gentleman would be a great book to read if you've been into a bunch of serious novels lately or just need an escape from daily woesIf you enjoyed this book you may also like Terry Pratchett's hugely popular series of books or Triumff Her Majesty's Hero

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FREE READ ☆ The Gentleman ✓ A funny fantastically entertaining debut novel in the spirit of Wodehouse and Monty Python about a famous poet who inadvertently sells his wife to the devil then recruits a band of adventurers to rescue herWhen Lionel Savage a popular poet in Victorian London learns from his butler that they're broke he marries the beautifuE of the society parties Savage abhors The two hit it off the Devil talks about his home where he employs Dante as a gardener; Savage lends him a volume of Tennyson But when the party's over and Vivien has disappeared the poet concludes in horror that he must have inadvertently sold his wife to the dark lord Newly in love with Vivien  Savage plans a rescue mission to Hell that includes Simmons the butler; Tompkins the bookseller; Ashley Lancaster swashbuckling Buddhist; Will Kensington inventor of a flying machine; and Sava. 5★Would that one might combine the fantastical flights of fancy of Monty Python's The Meaning of Life PG Wodehouse Terry Pratchett Flann O'Brien – never mind Forrest Leo has it all under loose control It is far fetched and funny In a word or two A HOOT Love it The introduction explains that this is “Set Down by Mr Lionel Lupus Savage Edited with Objections by Mr Hubert Lancaster Es Containing Nothing Either Allegorical or Metaphorical in Nature Never Deviating from the Truth” This “editor” HL is a cousin of Lionel’s wife He adds a running commentary in footnotes to show us what a dill the author really isLionel is a published poet who seems to have hit his prime in his teens and it’s been downhill ever since He blames his writer’s block on his recent marital status Lionel married for money—not to some old harridan no He picked a beautiful rich young woman and decided to marry her He also decided he didn’t love her Well how could he He married her for money so it stands to reason he doesn’t love her doesn’t itSimmons has been the family butler forever and he’s the only sane cool head He has managed the family’s affairs since Lionel and his younger sister Lizzie were little so when Lionel announces he’d like to buy a boat to sail the seven seas Simmons is the one who has to tell him there is no money left Why “ ‘ I don’t mean to be critical sir but you tend toward profligacy’‘Nonsense Simmons I don’t buy anything except books You cannot possibly tell me I’ve suandered my fortune upon books’‘Suander is not the word I would have used sir But it was the books that did it I believe’ Hence the need to find a wealthy bride Vivian Vivian holds parties galore while Lionel closets himself away to avoid her until who should appear at his study door but the Devil He has come to thank Lionel for sticking up for him in a conversation with a priest only to say don’t blame the Devil for everything Unsurprisingly the Devil has no friends nor does Lionel hence a friendship is established to their mutual surprise Lionel keeps planning to kill himself and this new friendship has interrupted him Something always interrupts him Life’s full of problemsLionel thinks if his wife were out of the picture he’d find his muse again so perhaps the Devil could help But the Devil is a kindly fellow who says he doesn’t need souls and in fact to make where he lives sound pleasant than “Hell” he calls it Essex Grove He’s not a bad chap really Just a gentleman from Essex Grove “‘There are times when I feel as though humanity misunderstands me’ ‘Sir’ I tell him wryly ‘you suffer the plight of a poet’ ‘You’re too kind’ he says ‘No but truly’ ‘Do you know’ he muses ‘Alighieri once told me the same thing’ I must have misheard It is too extraordinary ‘Excuse me’ ‘Oh’ he says off handedly ‘the fellow who takes care of my flowers Something Alighieri Don Donald something He once told me I understand poets better than most poets understand themselves’ ‘Dante’ I say in shock I was only just thinking of the man ‘Dante Alighieri’ ‘Yes that’s it’ says he‘Dante the poet’ ‘Yes Wonderful with the roses Less so with the rhododendron’ I can only repeat the name like an idiot ‘Dante Alighieri—is your gardener’ After dropping some names the Devil takes his leave and once the party is over it seems Vivian has disappeared as well Vanished Nary a traceLionel thinks he’s sold her to the Devil to regain his poetic muse and he’s now overcome with guilt Enter his wild 16 year old sister Lizzie who’s just been thrown out of school for dallying with a boy Lizzie is the mistress of all she surveys Nobody dares cross her – and she’s cute funny impetuous and fun A dare devil to Lionel’s cowardly poetically suicidal natureThere’s also an explorer a magic bookshop an inventor a flying machine enoughI think you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed the writing the style the humour what else Oh I forgot – illustrations They were fun too An old fashioned new fashioned ridiculous rompThanks to NetGalley and the Penguin Group for a copy for review