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review æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ó Julia Glass When a piece of her coconut cake is served to the governor of New Mexico he woos Greenie Duuette a Greenwich Village pastry chef away from the life she knows to become his chef – a change that sets in motion a period of adventure and upheaval not just for Greenie but for many others around herFrom the author of the beloved novel Three Junes comes a rich and commanding story about the accidents both grand and small that determine our choices in love and marriage Greenie Duuette openhearted yet stubborn devotes most of her passionate attention to her Greenwich Village bakery and her four–year–old son George Her husband Alan seems to have fallen into a midlife depression while Walter a traditional gay man who has become her c. When I plucked this from the sidewalk clearance area of my favorite US bookstore all I knew about it was that it featured a chef and was set in New York City and New Mexico Those facts were enough to get me interested and my first taste of Julia Glass’s fiction did not disappoint I started reading it in the States at the very end of December and finished it in the middle of this month gobbling up the last 250 pages or so all in one weekendCharlotte “Greenie” Duuette is happy enough with her life a successful bakery in Greenwich Village her psychiatrist husband Alan and their young son George But one February 29th – that anomalous day when anything might happen – she gets a call from the office of the governor of New Mexico who tasted her famous coconut cake sandwiched with lemon curd and glazed in brown sugar at her friend Walter’s tavern and wants her to audition for a job as his personal chef at the governor’s mansion in Santa Fe It’s just the right offer to shake up her stagnating career and marriageOne thing you can count on from a doorstopper from Dickens onward is that most of the many characters will be connected “a collection of invisibly layered lives” is how Glass puts it So Walter’s lover is one of Alan’s patients; Fenno the owner of a local bookstore befriends both Alan and Saga a possibly homeless young woman with brain damage who volunteers in animal rescue – along with Walter’s dog walker who’s dating his nephew; and so on The title refers to how migrating birds circumnavigate the globe but always find their way home and the same is true of these characters no matter how far they stray – even as Greenie and Alan separately reopen past romances – the City always pulls them backMy only real complaint about the novel is that it’s almost overstuffed with great characters and their backstories enticing subplots and elements that seemed custom made to appeal to me – baking a restaurant brain injury the relatively recent history of the AIDS crisis a secondhand bookstore rescue dogs and cats and much I especially loved the descriptions of multi course meals and baking projects Glass spins warm effortless prose reminiscent of what I’ve read by Louise Miller and Carolyn Parkhurst I will certainly read her first best known book Three Junes which won the National Book Award I was also delighted to recall that I have her latest on my Kindle A House Among the Trees based on the life of Maurice SendakAll told this was uite the bargain entertainment at 95 cents Two small warnings 1 if you haven’t read Three Junes try not to learn too much about it – Glass likes to use recurring characters and even a brief blurb like what’s on the final page of my paperback; luckily I didn’t come across it until the end includes a spoiler about one character 2 Glass is deliberately coy about when her book is set and it’s important to not know for as long as possible So don’t glance at the Library of Congress catalog record which gives it awayOriginally published on my blog Bookish Beck

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Read & Download È The Whole World Over ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ When a piece of her coconut cake is served to the governor of New Mexico he woos Greenie Duuette a Greenwich Village pastry chef away from the life she knows to become his chef – a change that sets in motion a period of adventure and u Her own As for Greenie living in the shadow of a charismatic politician leads to a series of unforeseen conseuences that separate her from her only child We watch as folly chance and determination pull all these lives together and apart over a year that culminates in the fall of the twin towers at the World Trade Center an event that will affirm or confound the choices each character has made or has refused to faceJulia Glass is at her best here weaving a glorious tapestry of lives and lifetimes of places and people revealing the subtle mechanisms behind our most important and often most fragile connections to others In The Whole World Over she has given us another tale that pays tribute to the extraordinary complexities of love. Some great characters strong moments and skilled writing but the whole never rose above or even eualed the sum of its parts Much of it just didn't hold my attention or interest I found the multiple narratives distracting and not particularly well done I felt like the characters got uneual amounts of narration but this might just be my perception because some were much interesting to me than others or illuminating The intention behind this seemed to be to represent the intersection of lives in a place like New York City and to elevate the story to one of universal themes but I found the lack of a central narrative thrust to be a great weakness I never warmed to Greenie which was problematic as she is pretty clearly meant to be the central figure in the book but I eventually just skimmed her sections because I didn't really care It was good to see Fenno again but he seemed uite different from Three Junes I found the dialogue throughout pretty stilted and inconsistent Glass's strength is definitely much in reflective interiority as opposed to dialogue I hope Glass's next book has one focal character as I thought both this book and Three Junes which I loved anyway would have benefitted from Glass just throwing herself into one worthy character and trusting that character to carry us through the narrative Or even just limiting herself to TWO narrators Less is

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The Whole World OverLosest professional ally is nursing a broken heartIt is at Walter’s restaurant that the visiting governor of New Mexico tastes Greenie’s coconut cake and decides to woo her away from the city to be his chef For reasons both ambitious and desperate she accepts and finds herself heading west without her husband This impulsive decision will change the course of several lives within and beyond Greenie’s orbit Alan alone in New York must face down his demons; Walter eager for platonic distraction takes in his teenage nephew Yet Walter cannot steer clear of love trouble and despite his enforced solitude Alan is still surrounded by women his powerful sister an old flame and an animal lover named Saga who grapples with demons all. bleh what an annoying pile of drivel what a disappointing read by the author of Three Junes a book I very much loved gah i was just so utterly disinterested in the characters in this book and even less interested in what they were going to do next probably nothing oh wait maybe they'll mull and think and wring their hands and still do nothing or maybe they'll actually do something and still nothing will happen as a result the real icing on the cake was my realization in the last 30 pages that the whole pathetic thing had been one long annoying preamble to 911 going for the hollow attempt at an emotional denouement that fell awkwardly flathad i not spent my own cash on this book i would have considered revising my i always finish a book policy