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In one moment Nicole Burns's life changes forever The sound of gunfire at an Anne Frank exhibit the panic the crowd and Nicole is no longer Nicole Whiplashed through time and space she wakes to find hersel. I read this after The Devil's Arithmetic and Anne Frank This is what I would recommend so that you can understand all of the plot points and references to these other books It is a fresh if not similar to Devil's Arithmetic view on the horrors of the Holocaust Great for kids who are interested in this part of history but would rather read fiction than textbooks It’s historical fiction with a twist and it deals with the subject of the Holocaust and World War II It is very similar to The Devil’s Arithmetic which is even mentioned in the novel a few times and of course The Diary of Anne Frank It is a book that ties into both of these so it really works well if you have read both of them before reading this one However you don’t really need to; it can stand alone This novel is about a teenage girl named Nicole whose life is filled with the usual teenage stuff; shopping dancing high school and of course sighing over boys Especially Jack who does not even really seem to see she exists However on a field trip Jack breaks her heart a little and she is thrust into the past; and it will change her life forever After all she is in the middle of the war What I liked about this novel was the way that it was written The idea was executed well and they used historical facts to really enhance the book one would hope they did anyway The character was believable and how she lived was also believable Which is nice becuase you have to be able to relate to the characters or else they seems to very distant What I did not like was the fact that is was so similar to the The Devil’s Arithmetic The idea was extremely close and some of the story line echoed Yolen’s novel I also do not like that the beginning is memorable than the ending Sometimes I even forget the ending altogether becuase it ends so mistily Overall though a great novel Nicole Burns is an average 10th grader in a normal high school where life is crazy She hates school but loves to dance shop and fantasize over Jackwho seems oblivious to her very existence But Nicole’s world get turned upside down when they go to the Anne Frank Museum as a field trip There is a crack of gunshots and suddenly life changes Because Nicole is no longer Nicole Burns She is Nicole Bernhardt of Paris France And she is living in the middle of World War II Filled with historical facts and the emotions of those trapped by War Anne Frank and Me is a novel to remember

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Anne Frank and MeF a privileged Jewish girl living in German occupied Paris during World War II No Internet diaries and boy troubles for Nicole now she's a carefree Jewish girl with wonderful friends and a charming boyfrie. I think this book will be nice

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READ & DOWNLOAD Anne Frank and Me ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub À In one moment Nicole Burns's life changes forever The sound of gunfire at an Anne Frank exhibit the panic the crowd and Nicole is no longer Nicole Whiplashed through time and space she wakes to find herself a privileged Jewish girl living in German occupied ParNd But when the Nazi death grip tightens over France Nicole is forced into hiding and begins a struggle for survival that brings her face to face with Anne Frank This is a powerful and affecting story KLIA. Daniela Medina Book Anne Frannk And Me Athuors Cherie Bennett and Jeff Gittesfeld Review #4Pages 352This was a pretty good book over all I really liked the concept of the book but i was really confused like i couldnt figure out they were speaking or if they were narratingI would recommend this book for people who are interested with historical fiction or with WW1 historical fiction Im still kind of wondering why is it called Anne Frank and Me if Anne Frank was only in two parts maybe three Im not going to lie i didnt really like the first forty pages because it was kinda boring but it got interesting when she hit her head and travled back in time I guess you can say i think I was a bit apprehensive about this book because it didnt really look interesting im going to be honest I only started to reading this book because i needed to read a historical fiction book for this class But it wasnt what I expected I was a very pleased with this book but like I said in the beginning i was uite confused although I would definitely still recommend this book but I kind of do wish that Anne Frank was involved