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READ æ PLANTHIREINBATH.CO.UK Ç Beth Revis What if finding her means losing himselfSeventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time When he was ten Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg and at fifteen he found himself on a Civil War battlefield horrified by the bodies surrounding him So when his worried parents send him to a school for troubled youth Bo assumes he knows the truth that he’s a. Time won’t let me change it I am at best an observer I cannot rewrite history I just can't rate this any higher I want to The premise is fascinating and I loved Revis' Across the Universe But even though this book picks up in the second half the idea is much stronger than the book itselfFirstly contrary to what some people seem to be assuming this is not a sci fi novel And it's not a spoiler to say that either I had thought it might be one of those novels where the narrator believes in something paranormal and everyone else thinks they're crazy and we as the reader don't know which is true for most of the book Actually no The novel is exactly what it appears to be from the blurb and it is clear instantly that this is a story about mental illnessThere were times especially in the beginning where I was disappointed that we knew the truth The story didn't pull me in and I felt like I had all the answers but was waiting for Bo to catch up Gradually however the book found its strength in portraying the fear and confusion one would expect from a severe mental illness in fact I believe this is the most severe psychosis I've ever read about in YAIn A World Without You Bo believes that he has the ability to travel through time He also believes that he is at a school for teens with special powers that his classmates also have their own powers and that his beloved Sofía is trapped in 1692 a time only he can rescue her fromThere were a number of problems for me1 Forgettable secondary characters Literally none of the other characters are memorable They appear as the most basic outlines of people falling into bland boxes the benevolent doctor the distant workaholic father the caring mother the mean asshole Ryan the sassy one Gwen the weird one Harold and the sweet love interest Sofía None of them are developed beyond thisBo's relationship with each also remained undeveloped Perhaps this was deliberate given that his perspective rarely surfaced from his troubled mind but the effect is that they are one dimensional and easy to forget2 Phoebe's perspective Bo's sister gets her own chapters and the problem is that she's uninteresting Phoebe mostly whines about how she doesn't get any attention because she's the normal daughter with good grades and a college future I know this is supposed to show the reality in contrast with Bo's skewed perspective but she is boring Does anyone actually care whether she's the best or second best cello player in her school orchestra3 Storytelling via flashbacks In his attempt to save Sofía Bo repeatedly tries to go to the past However he finds himself accidentally travelling to other memories instead These parts felt really forced because it was obvious that the author was trying to paint in a backstory It was like Oops I'm in the wrong past But oh Here's a story about the early therapy sessions4 Repetition about the damn strings Bo views time as being like strings winding away into the past in order to travel somewhere he grabs the strings And honestly it grew so tiring reading about the descriptions of strings especially when he was searching for Sofía Passages like this The red string of Sofía’s past evens out along the weave smoothing down flat again Any chance I had of pulling the end of Sofía’s string from the vortex disappears before my eyes Over and over5 The last chapter As I said the book does gain some strength as it progresses mostly because it really is uite frightening to imagine Bo's confusion The penultimate chapter is excellent and though it would have been evil to leave it hanging there it would have made an impact Instead we got one chapter of Phoebe's perspective taking the edge off and leaving it dull and flatA book with a lot of potential but it didn't live up to itBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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READ é A World Without You ✓ What if finding her means losing himselfSeventeen year old Bo has always had delusions that he can travel through time When he was ten Bo claimed to have witnessed the Titanic hit an iceberg and at fifteen he found himself on a Civil War battlefield horrified by the bodies surrounding him So when his worried parents send hi Sofía escape her deep depression After she commits suicide Bo is convinced that she’s not actually dead He believes that she’s stuck somewhere in time that he somehow left her in the past and that now it’s his job to save her And as Bo becomes and determined to save Sofía he must decide whether to face his demons head on or succumb to a psychosis that will let him be with the girl he loves. 45 starsA World Without You is one of those books that invades your every thought controls your every breath and breaks your heart only to rebuild it as the better stronger version of itself In this genre bending gem of a book Revis explores mental illness loss and guilt that lead to never before seen depths of self delusion and fear For a careful reader reading it can be an eye opening experience as each new page peels away one bit of prejudice of which we were completely unawareRevis succeeds in making us uestion our own minds as we slowly discover the depths of Bo’s psychosis We know that he doesn’t actually travel through time – even the book blurb doesn’t attempt to hide that fact – but Bo is so deeply convinced by his own delusions that at times his conviction influences us too The sobering moments in which well meaning people try to make Bo see the truth serve as an awakening for us too and they fill us with sadness and sympathy for this deeply delusional boy As we witness the life of Bo’s family through his sister Phoebe’s eyes several chapters are from her point of view we see that mental illness still carries the stigma it once did The deep shame felt by Bo’s father the complete denial from his mother and the jealous anger coming from his sister would have surely hurt Bo even deeply had he been fully aware of their actions None of them ever told anyone that there was something very wrong with Bo that he was mentally ill and essentially hospitalized Phoebe lied to her friends their father buried himself in piles of work and their mother closed herself off from life Revis showed uite clearly how illness affects than one person how it spreads and how the family rots from within It is very hard not to assign blame not to despise those who are not supportive enough and very difficult to understand that people’s defense mechanisms often fail when they need them the mostEvery aspect of Bo’s journey in this book is incredibly painful He is drowning in guilt for failing to notice the full extent of Sofía’s depression he’s running from all the hard truths and becoming increasingly paranoid with each new collision with reality Revis’s powerful writing carries us through all his moods and hallucinations and through her immense skill we drown in Bo’s mind we feel his heart and we understand his pain all too well Reality abandons us as it abandons him and oftentimes we get carried away believing him in our hearts instead of trusting our own minds We see the important secondary characters only through Bo’s eyes and we can merely guess at the nature of their illnesses Bo’s perspective is terribly skewed his narration the very definition of unreliable and most people aren’t strong or important enough to penetrate the fog of his mind His tunnel vision focus on saving Sofía prevents him from seeing anything else and as he slides down into hallucinations and paranoia his views of other people become even unreliable Nevertheless one can conclude just enough from things written between the lines enough to see that each of Bo’s classmates is a tragedy unfolding before our very eyes After The Body Electric which happens to be one of my all time favorites I had no doubts left about Revis’ ability to captivate and enchant In A World Without You her approach is somewhat different from her previous works her prose is uieter and subdued but it’s all the powerful for it and her incredible insightfulness and feather light touch make this a novel people will talk about for years to come

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A World Without YouCtually attending Berkshire Academy a school for kids who like Bo have “superpowers”At Berkshire Bo falls in love with Sofía a uiet girl with a tragic past and the superpower of invisibility Sofía helps Bo open up in a way he never has before In turn Bo provides comfort to Sofía who lost her mother and two sisters at a very young ageBut even the strength of their love isn’t enough to help. It's always hard to give a proper review to 3 star books I would say I had an overall positive experience with this book but it didn't blow me away Would I recommend it Probably If you're looking for YA that deals with mental illness it's definitely worth checking out If you're want a uick engaging thoughtful reading experience I would say pick it upI will say that I related very heavily to the sister's perspective in this book It's a narrative that I don't think I've ever read before albeit I don't read much YA but I do think her specific situationmindset was incredibly relatable and refreshing to read from I also enjoyed how the author handled the complex family dynamics as well It was so true to life and I commend her for getting that right because so many authors struggle with creating realistic relationships like that Ultimately one that didn't strike a deep chord with me but I appreciated and am glad to have read if only to have broadened my reading horizons