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Free download Web of Lies (Blood Bound, #3) 105 ↠ The love of Amelia’s life is deadbut is Ty really gone forever After Ty bled out in Amelia’s arms the disappearance of his body sparked an unlikely union between mortal enemies to uncover what happened and if the lycan hybrid is still alive—even though alive no longer has the same definiThe love of Amelia’s life is deadbut is Ty really gone forever After Ty bled out in Amelia’s arms the disappearance of his body sparked an unlikely union between mortal enemies to uncover what happened and if the lycan hybrid is still alive even though alive no longer has the same definition The Royal Vampire Council will take all necessary measures to protect Amelia their vampire Oracle The blooded daughter of a traitor she is forced into seclusion from the h. Took me a few late nights to get the uiet it reuired to read Was not disappointed at all I'm excited to see where the next one will take us

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Uman world to the Armaya the vampires’ hidden Alaskan complex where even those in power have a hierarchy to answer to The threat of the damned is escalating and no royal is safe from the growing danger With her loyal best friend Kendrick at her side Amelia will commit any act to uncover the story behind Ty’s disappearance The only chance Amelia has to save her lost love is by learning to control her secret abilities abilities gained through the engineered bloo. Warning Cliffhanger aheadLoved hated this book for so many reasonsBooks started where 'Made by design' book #2 ended with Ty dying in Amelia's arms Yeah and i cried too LolNow six months after that incident Amelia has been searching and pursuing all leads to find Ty as his body mysteriously finished Still trying to come to terms of loosing the love of her life Amelia has lost a peace of her heart to the point that she's been starving herself refusing to take blood from any other than human bottled blood that is definitely not sating her hunger but worse than the hunger she's been having this nightmare at least twice a week reliving the horrible incident and feeling as if she failed miserably to save TyRefusing to give up on Ty and her promise to himForced by the Royal Vampire Counsel Amelia is now staying at the Armaya in her 'traitorous' father's royal suit she loves the dark in her room not seeing all the things that reminds her of her attempted murderer Ty's killer Being The prized Vampire Oracle they want need to keep her as close as possible to prevent anyone from kidnapping or attempt in killing her againForging a truce with the Lycan's Amelia have been training with Ty's father perfecting her hand to hand combat and whatever she might need for the fight ahead once they have located Ty Defending and killing there self against the damned takes lots of skill and training to defeat them without being killed them self's but seeing Ty's father is difficult but she'll do anything and everything to find him even if it kills herAmelia has been sneaking out of the Armaya walls to hunt down possible leads to Ty and using Marika as her doubleganger Lol i know right the lycan that doesn't even like Vampires but as long as Amelia keeps to her promise they are willing to help her find TyAs the story goes further Kendrick Amelia's best friend and souls mate tries to get Amelia to move on from the painful loss of Ty but being a good friend and in love with her he doesn't push her to much Love these two together a perfect fit but Amelia doesn't want to cross that line even thou she does feel something for him but not as deep as what she is was felling for TyFeeling so sorry for Kendrick he is really such a awesome friend to Amelia it will break your heart I know i fell in love with this cutie too to experience the pain his going through everyday so close to her but yet so far and unreachable but all is not loss as the day's and months goes by they are getting closer to each other and there is a flicker of hope that Amelia might eventually get over the loss of Ty and give him a chance at loving him with all her heart the same that his been feeling for her for a very long timeOkay to pressing Issues For some time now Amelia has been feeling that she's been watched and a few times she was hoping that it might be Ty but one night she was looking out her patio's doors and her heart nearly stops someone is watching her and that person looks just as Ty but different but it can't be can it He's dead or is he WinkAs you've been noticing from the 2nd book there are Lots of Clues and subtle hints to what you might think is going to take place next Well think again ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS many surprising truths come to the surface Amelia finally figured out who her twin brother is and boy most of the puzzle peaces falls into place and things will then start to make sense even thou Amelia's ability's does give you a small glimpse into what's laying aheadThis book was exceptionally well written plenty of drama hot chemistry suspense hurt betrayals and you guess it WEB OF LIES perfect description to this book and this book will make you freaking silly CRY Seriously my heart hurts for Kendrick More on that i cannot say as it will spoil this book so you just have to buy books #3 #4Thank you very much JL Myers for allowing us to be part of your wonderful world and giving us awesome stories

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Web of Lies Blood Bound #3D in Amelia's veins But as her chances of finding Ty alive dwindle her feelings for Kendrick begin to grow Powers obligation budding love and lost love There are battles to be won but is the life Amelia’s fighting for already six feet under Other books in the Blood Bound Series What Lies Inside Blood Bound Series Book 1 Made By Design Blood Bound Series Book 2 Warning This book contains some language and sexual situations Coming of Age Vampire Paranormal Romance. Web of Lies had me hooked trying to figure everything out Not to mention all the feels this book has pulling your emotions every which way Every time I picked this book up I kept telling myself ‘Just one chapter’ but eventually 4 am and way than one chapter rolled around and I had to force myself to put it down But I really really didn’t want to especially when I got to the last 34ths of the book because things were set in motion and happening and I needed to know how it was all going to play out like I needed air to breathe Needless to say I immediately picked it back up the next morning and didn’t put it down until I reached the end I couldn’t help myselfWith secrets revealed like who the damned commander actually is Amelia’s struggle at the loss of her one true love and her hope that maybe just maybe there’s still a chance to bring him back the complications and feelings arising between Amelia and Kendrick as they grow closer and the one hell of a fight between Amelia and the damned that changes everything leaving jaw drops heartbreaks and sparks of hope that you can’t let go of in it’s wake makes for one of the best books I’ve read Fair warning though there is a major cliffhanger in all the best ways so be sure to have book 4 Born To Die on standby Well done JL Myers And now I’m off to sink my teeth pun intended ; into the final installment of this wonderful and addicting series