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Summary Þ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Michael Moorcock A través de las versiones míticas de los problemas de hoy sin intentar situarlas o situarse a sí mismo en contextos simplificados Una ficción semejante en un mundo de imaginación escasa es un don necesario Harpers Bazaar Michael Moorcock nació en Inglaterra ha publicado más de 50 libros y fue animador principal de la célebre revista New Worlds ue introdujo el término ficción especulativa; una literatura moderna coherente y vital En EL PROGRAMA FINAL primera de una serie de cuatro novelas independientes anticipa la herencia decepcionante y caótica de la década del 60 un dorado presente en el ue todo parecía instantáneamente posib. Originally published on my blog here in September 1999The Final Programme must have seemed in the mid sixties to be the epitome of British New Wave chic Yet unlike so much of the literature of the period it and its seuels have not dated Like the TV series The Avengers it contains a distinct vein of self parody paving the way for Moorcock's attacks on the book in the later Jerry Cornelius novelsThe best cult sixties TV series The Saint and The Prisoner are other examples are in fact what come to mind most readily when reading The Final Programme That is perhaps fitting since one of Moorcock's aims in the book seems to be to explore the boundaries between high art and popular culture He picks up ideas and atmosphere from sources like TV and meshes them into structures from the important literature of the century though this becomes obvious in the later books in the seriesThe background to The Final Programme is the bitter enmity between debonair dilettante man of action Jerry Cornelius and his brother Frank drug crazed despoiler of their inheritance an immense French château filled with booby traps by their father Here drug culture references come into the story as he was an expert in hallucination working with drugs and hallucinomats hypnotic machines Remember how important both these ideas were in The AvengersFrank has barred Jerry from the château and imprisoned their sister Catherine for whom Jerry has an incestuous passion Joining with the mercenary Una Persson who aims to get her hands on their father's secrets and use them to take over the world Jerry attacks the castle

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The Final Programme Free read ✓ 102 ✓ Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaos Miss Brunner Cornelius is on a mission to control Jerry Cornelius is a scientist a rock star and an assassin He is the hippest adventurer of them all tripping through a pop art nightmare in which kidnappings murder sex and drugs are a daily occurrence Along with his savvy and ruthless partner in chaos Miss Brunner Cornelius is on a mission to control a revolutionary code for creating the ultimate human being a modern messiah the final programmeThe first book in the Cornelius uartet is the groundbreaking introduction to the misadventures and vendettas of Jerry Cornelius one of modern literature’s most distinctive characters the product of a bewildering post modern culture and an inspiration. ”’I think I’d like to leave London for a bit’‘The smell’ she said ‘I suppose we are indirectly responsible for that’Jerry grinned at her somewhat admiringly ‘Well yes I suppose you are’‘This was a gift wrapped throwaway age Mr Cornelius Now the gift wrapping is off it’s being thrown away’‘It’s certainly perishable’ Jerry wrinkled his nose‘Oh you’”Jerry Cornelius is a Renaissance man of all that is hip and cool baby There isn’t a hipper cat in all the kingdom He is so stylish so ahead of his time and place that the trends he sets are outdated before anyone else can catch the vibe He is gay straight bi and everything in between If it is physically possible he has done it To try and define him by his sexuality is an impossibility because once you put a label on it babyit gets stale Life isn’t just about looking good and feeling good A person must stretch their mind not just with drugs but with science Jerry gets high on science He writes about it He plucks the strings of the known universe and then chains together some chords that open up new vistas of understanding Oh he’s a musician too You can call him a rock star but he is really something cosmic The minute you decide he is one thing he has become something else Jerry assassinates people He doesn’t just carry that needle gun as a menacing accessory Jerry has a brother named Frank brilliant and demented who is trying to build a super computer to either take over the world or destroy the world It probably depends on his mood at the apex moment Think super villain Jerry has a sister named Catherine the love of his life I mean to say looovvveee of his life Is he immoral or just refusing to be defined by something as mundane as morality Once the rest of us put a label on itJerry has moved on He has a partner an arch villain type partnerfriend or foe We’ll call her Miss Brunner because we have to call her something She is constantly hiring new assistants because they mysteriously disappear She wants to create a superhuman by merging a male and a female and who is better suited for androgyny than Jerry Cornelius Keep your needle gun close Jerry Those aren’t rubber teeth glinting in her mouth It is frustrating to see the future so clearly while everyone else is sinking in uicksand ”Jerry sighed and thought that the true aristocracy who would rule the seventies were out in force the ueers and the lesbians and the bisexuals already half aware of their great destiny which would be realised when the central ambivalence of sex would be totally recognized and terms male and female would become all but meaningless”By the end of the book we are venturing into a post apocalyptic age London is sinking Jerry has evolved into something uite different The 1960s are over and a new party needs to begin By the time we arrive at the festivitiesJerry will already be through with the 1970s and be looking longingly at the next decade If we don’t evolve uicker Jerry is going to lose patience with us What a mind bending blast it is trying to keep Jerry’s warp signature on the radar Before you decide to start reading this book you’ve got to relax man If you don’t relax you’re going to get all twitchy and self conscious You’re going to start trying to cram this book into that box in your brain that you call the known universe It ain’t going to fit no matter how you fold it or crush it Disengage the gears and let your mind glide for a while Strip away all of your inhibitions and let your tongue taste the bitter fruit of the unknown If you are too suare let Jerry round off your edgesIf you are saying to yourself right now I’m not going to read some old book from the 1960s you need to understand that you can’t put a date on this book man It’s time hasn’t come yet I’m a little giddy that there are three books in the series Where will we go from here Needless to say Michael Moorcock struggled to find a publisher for this book He wrote it in 1965 and finally found a publisher for it in 1968 That edition was censored by the American publisher; the ghosts of the Puritans still haunt us today The book was later published in Britain in 1969 Take a trip man blast back blast forward It doesn't matter Time is all relative If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at and an Instagram account

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The Final ProgrammeFor generations of characters sinceMichael Moorcock rechazando las disputas de límites ue han reducido la novela a una confusión de subgéneros en conflicto recobra en estos cuatro volúmenes una vitalidad y una amplitud proteicas ue pudieran llamarse dickensianas si no pertenecieran tan por completo a nustro tiempo volátil En verdad ninguna obra reciente de ficción ha manejado mejor las contingencias vertiginosas de la imaginación del medio siglo ue esta brava arleuinada de juegos de identidad realidades falsificadas historia paródica y un pobre y ordinario apocalipsis WL Webb The Guardian Moorcock ha creado una figura capaz de moverse. In the apocalyptic end point of swinging 60s London the universe parties and pleasure seeks itself into oblivion as an eternally bored hipster and amoral vampiric scientist set in motion the renewal and continuance of human existence With its offhandedly cursory yet pretentious philosophizing horrendously uneven wobbling between bizarre action set piece and graspings at significance weird jokiness hiding its overearnestness and and rather unlikeable super cool protagonist this one earns a deserved fair share of detractors In many ways it's dreadful And yet there's something so weird and so desperate to touch the real that lies far outside any shred of conventional character progression or resolution that it's also kind of remarkable It's almost a kind of psychedelic outsider religion with no care for reader identification or really even human life in the overarching and inescapable cosmic cycle of destruction and renewal Its casual incompetence belies a brutal and fine honed urgency of a kind Easy to write off as terrible but ambiguous than that reallyThis also became an eually uneven but perhaps concisely entertaining movie which preserves many of its expectation confusing ualities